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The Others

If any of you have read any of Christine Warren's "Others" books the additional were-"animals" will make more sense. This is a mix of the characters from Stephenie Meyer, Christine Warren and additional characters that I added to make the story more interesting. I hope you all enjoy it. :)


1. Interesting

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La Push, WA

The Pack gathered together in the early morning at Jacob's house prior to their monitoring 'duties' for the day. Jacob and Quil were to head East, Leah and Embry to the West, and Sam, Jared & Paul for the North.

After hitting their 3 mile mark Sam, Paul and Jared all smelled something different and...strange. Something. . .feline. They 'called' for Jacob, Quil, Leah & Embry to come to where they were at.

"Do you smell that?" asked Sam.

"It smells like a...cat. But why in the world would a cat be way out here?" asked Jacob.

"That doesn't smell like any ordinary housecat, though," pondered Leah.

"Jacob, come with me. The rest of you - stay here while we check if Leah's right." ordered Sam.

The two top dogs - no pun intended - loped closer to where the "cat" wat at. When they reached the clearing the 'cat' was in, both 'wolves nearly lost their bottom jaws.

A full-grown lioness was laying down, soaking up the scarce sun. "Jacob -- go get the others. Make sure they're quiet, though." murmered Sam.

Slowly and quietly, Sam approached her. After moving into her line of sight he watched for any subtle sign that she was going to move. She didn't move but quietly purred. "Are you a real lion?" Sam asked her.

The lioness blinked and Sam could've sworn he heard her murmur, "One second" but he wasn't sure.

She stood and began to walk towards the trees, but Sam would have none of that. He intercepted her and growled ferally. The lioness stopped and looked as if she was scowling. Then she, quite loudly, snarled and lowered herself to the dewey ground.

"She looks like she's going to pounce on you, Sam," chuckled Jacob.

A loud, dominant roar of a male lion surged into the clearing just before the lioness pounced. Immediately following she assumed a submissive stance, by lowering her head and closing her eyes.

"What the hell?!" screeched Leah.

The male lion walked into the clearing and made his way over to the female. When he rubbed his nose over her neck, she purred in delight and, just as he had done, rubbed her nose over his neck as well. There seemed to be a private concersation going on; until she purposely looked at Sam, then curled her lip in obvious irritation.

Both lions then walked out of the clearing and just as quickly were replaced by a tall, broad-shouldered man and a small petite woman - who was very much pregnant. They stood with no space between them as they waited in an eerie silence. "Shift." ordered Sam.

The pack did as they were told and quickly men (and a woman) appeared before the two shifters. Soon the two leaders stood across from each other - unmoving and unspeaking.

"What are you?" asked the female among the 'wolves.

The female "lioness" looked for permission to speak and found that she had it. "We are werelions. You're werewolves."

The leader of the wolf pack smiled grimly, "Well, this could get interesting."