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The Others

If any of you have read any of Christine Warren's "Others" books the additional were-"animals" will make more sense. This is a mix of the characters from Stephenie Meyer, Christine Warren and additional characters that I added to make the story more interesting. I hope you all enjoy it. :)


2. Daughter

Rating 5/5   Word Count 700   Review this Chapter

When the two lions returned to their home their 17-year-old daughter, Chariv, immediately attacked them. “What happened? Why were you all so late?”

“Calm down, Chariv. Nothing happened. We just met up with a pack of werewolves.”


“It was nothing. See? No injuries. Calm down. We’re fine,” reassured her father.

“That’s not ‘reassuring’!! WEREWOLVES?!” Chariv screeched.

“They don’t pose any threat to us as lions,” said her mother.

“So they didn’t threaten the lions. I’m not a lion – in case you’ve forgotten, I’m a JAGUAR so the unspoken threat wasn’t given to you. It was given to me,” she snarled.

Both her parents were silent.

A man walked in and looked smugly at Chariv. “Do you honestly think they care about a meager, little jaguar kit?” he asked

“What?!” Chariv turned to see the perpetrator.

“Michael. Of course it was you,” said Mariah in a dangerous, low voice.

Carefully Iain turned to his daughter. “Calm down.”

She ignored her superior and kept her eyes on Michael. Her usually baby blue eyes were dark as midnight and there were claws trying to find a way out of her sliver of control. Long canines began protruding from her upper lip, “Meager?”

Chariv finished shifting and pounced on the insulting excuse for a lion. She snarled and dove for his jugular – intending to rip his throat out. “Chariv Hité, STOP!!”

She ignored the call of her father and continued slashing at whatever she could get her paws on. Ripping and shredding the last ounces of her father’s control – he shifted. After biting through the man’s shoulders, arms and left leg – her father pounced on her and clamped his jaw on her throat. Immediately the smaller female froze.

“Chariv – it pains me to have to do this, but for the safety of the pride – you are banished forever from its hold. Leave this place at once,” demanded her adoptive mother.

I ran from the place I had once called home. My mother had banished me – just like she had promised she would never allow, yet she had been the one to do it.

As I reached a meadow – I scented a strange woodsy smell. It made me think of safety and love. I followed where it lead.

Keeping to the shadows as best I could – I followed the scent to an extremely thick patch of trees where it ended abruptly. But it shifted into a much homelier smell. Like a man’s scent – or even a mature teenage man’s smell. I peered around and quietly yowled – seeking a response to the quiet of the wood. There was a response but I wasn’t fully prepared for the ferocity of the growl that sent me up into the tree I had been standing near. “Who are you?” it was a teenager.

He didn’t look dangerous, so I took a risk and jumped back down. I knew he wouldn’t be able to understand me until I was human, so I tugged on his shorts and mewed softly. “Clothes?” he asked quietly.

I nodded surreptitiously, hoping he would go get me some.

When he returned – he had a shirt, some jeans and another man. “Go shift. Don’t run. We’ll catch you if you try.”

I rolled my eyes as I pranced around to the backside of the tree and shifted back into my human self. After pulling the clothing on – I walked around to where the two young men were standing. “I’m Chariv Hité. What are your names?”

“Seth Clearwater,” said the one that had gotten me the clothes.

The other shook his head violently before responding. “I’m Paul.”

“Nice to meet you Paul and Seth.”

“Sam did say this was going to get interesting. I just didn’t think he meant – this interesting. Come on Chariv, you’re going to have to answer some questions,” said Paul

“Ooh, goody. More questions,” I muttered as I followed behind Paul and in front of Seth.

Paul pounded on the door of the closest house. "Sam. Sam!"

When the door opened, they sighed breaths of relief,"This is Chariv. she's a jaguar."