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The Others

If any of you have read any of Christine Warren's "Others" books the additional were-"animals" will make more sense. This is a mix of the characters from Stephenie Meyer, Christine Warren and additional characters that I added to make the story more interesting. I hope you all enjoy it. :)


3. Chase

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I followed Paul into the house and saw a lot more werewolves.

<Aha! *whimper*>

"Everyone - this is Chariv. Chariv - you already know Seth and Paul, this is Jared & Kim, my wife Emily, Quil & little Claire, Jacob, Leah, Embry and Colin."

Each of them nodded when their name was called - except Claire, who giggled and reached out towards me. "May I Quil?"

He didn't answer until his Alpha asked,"Can she hold Claire, Quil?"

Quil snapped to attention. "I -- suppose so."

He handed her over and watched me carefully. Claire giggled hysterically as I unmercifully tickled her. "Twil help! She tickle! She tickle!"

When she was handed back to himthe stress in the room had been lost and the rest of the werewolves - minus Sam and Paul - were grinning from ear to ear.

I glanced around the room at them and noticed they were all looking at me as if judging how far it was to get to me. "Hey, hey. No. Tickling ."

Before I had even finished my sentence - they had started for me. Leah rushed forward, grabbed my hand and started out the door with me in tow.

We heard shouts of complaint from the guys, but we still heard their pounding footsteps behind us.

"Why are they trying to tickle me?" I asked Leah.

"You're a girl. You're cute. And Paul impri--crap!" Leah saw Paul just ahead of us and veered sharply to the left.

Too sharp. I lost my grip on her hand as I tumbled to the ground. Leah ran back towards me as I scrambled for traction on the rocky ground. "Come on!" she pulled me forward and into the trees.

"Do you want to shift?" I asked as we dodged trees and ducked under low-hanging branches.

"Yes! Go!!" she started stripping.

I lost the clothes I'd been given and lept into the air - almost in a dive. I'd gone up human but in the middle of my jump I'd shifted into my beautiful form of a black jaguar.

We kept running but we heard laughter - except we heard it as the boys were shifting. "Get up a tree Chariv! Now!"

But even as I jumped for the tree nearest me, they were all ready half-way through the clearing - and gaining.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a blur of silver fur rush at me - then hit me.

We fell to the ground. Me on my belly and he standing tall over me. Actually - he was towering over me with his hackles raised as he snarled at the others until they'd left - except Leah. She'd apparently gotten permission from "King" Paul to stay and was laying on the ground waiting for anything further to happen.

It was while he was catching his breath that I realized I was tired; so I calmly rested my dark, blunt nose against his left foreleg and eased into a quiet and contented sleep.

Eventually Leah left, then came back with a pair of jeans, a dark t-shirt and a zip-up hoodie. "Char?"

When I didn't stir, she smiled faintly and set them beside the clothes that had been left for Paul.

Sometime during my nap Paul had, inconspicuously, lain next to me and curled himself - as best he could - around my sleeping form.

I woke to find his tail lain over mine and his big head over mine - it took a bit of effort to get out of under him.

When I had sucessfully done this, I grabbed - sort of - the clothes that were apparently for me and shifted behind the tree. The clothes fit great and I soon became greatful for the hoodie, because it started to rain.

"Paul. Paul. Paul! Paul - wake up!" I tiptoed to his side and kept out of biting range as I poked his head.

His eyes snapped open and he eyed me suspiciously. "It's raining. Can we go?"

Cautiously I put his clothes by his head. "Please?"

He didn't acknowledge me but shifted and pulled on the jeans.

I had walked to the other side of the clearing and was walking out when he caught my elbow. "Where are you going?"

"Um. It's raining really hard. I'm cold. And I'm still tired," I snapped.

"Why didn't you say so?" he grumbled.

Before I knew what was happening - his arm was underneath my knees and, before I could fall, behind my back as well, "Put me down!"

"But you said you were cold!!" he exclaimed loudly.

"Ouch. That was loud," I complained as I stuck my fingers in my ringing ears.

"Sorry. Did - did Leah get around to telling you?" he asked quietly.

"Telling me what?" I asked.

"That I imprinted on you," he said in a low, quiet voice.