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When Dead Hearts Beat.

Basically, if the plot was twisted; Alice with Jasper, Rosalie with Emmett, Carlisle with Esme, and Bella with Edward. But what if Bella was the vampire.? Will it still be the same Edward + Bella relationship.? Okay; my first fanfic. Be nice, please. :)
Critism is appriciated.!
& I'll try not to make this one like other Bella-Vampire + Edward-Human fanfics. haha. But I'm writing this as I go. *The "Teen" rating is a precaution - I don't know what's going to happen later on.

*Writing as I go. *First Fanfiction Ever.

1. Emerald Green Eyes and Tousled Bronze Hair.

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I pulled up the hood of my black parka. It was pounding rain. I was really missing the sun these days. Stupid global warming. Stupid overcast weather. Stupid vampire skin casting rainbows.

Even in the downpour, I could clearly see my two sisters and two brothers practically dancing inside gracefully. I wondered if I looked like that.

They say that I was rather clumsy in my human life, I wouldn't know; I barely have memories of Charlie and Renee from back in 1920.

Apparently that clumsiness somehow got partially carried into my new life. I was always bumping into tables or tripping over a small rock. It's a good thing that I don't have blood anymore, or my shins would be covered in bruises.

I made it to English in a bored daze. Unlike my brothers and sisters, humans weren't repelled from me, but rather towards me. I was somewhat popular in the small Forks school, and I know how much Rosalie is upset by that. I was so bored that I started filtering through kids' minds - (something I try not to do; it's so irritating) - Another thing from my human life - I was always conscious of what people around me thought, and apparently now I can read minds and send messages too. Nothing too exciting in these kids’ minds, a new boy with bronze hair, green eyes was new here though. People seemed to be fascinated by him; guys already jealous and girls swooning, already picturing them in love with him just because he's something new to look at.

"Hey Bella, have you heard about the new kid, Edward Masen?"

Mike Newton. Of course. He still hasn't gotten over that little obsession with me. I'm trying to decide what to say. I don't want to be mean; he seems like a nice kid. But he's been getting a little annoying. I decide to play dumb.

"No, I-"

Then the teacher decided to start class. I sigh, relieved and buried myself in work that I've been doing for eighty-some years.

By lunch, I'd heard hundreds of thoughts and whispers of the new kid.

"I hear he's from Phoenix!"
"He's really gorgeous!"
"Maybe I should go talk to him."
"I wonder how he does his hair like that - it’s sick."

Nothing I would care about. I only care about three things - my family, my music, and my car. But it seems like these days I've been missing out on something. I look at my Esme and Carlisle, Jasper and Alice, and Emmett and Rose and think that that's something I'd never want. I'm happy enough. But I can't seem to find something. I've been wanting it. Not really looking for it. I wonder if the others have noticed something different happening. I feel different. But everything/everyone seems the same. Maybe it's just me? Am I seriously the freak of the vampire world? Wow. I can't believe I just thought that. I'm already enough of a freak. I'm so caught up in these thoughts that I don't realize someone is calling my name. I realized i was in the lunch room surrounded by my other sibling.

Well, more like screaming.

"Bella! BELLA!" shrieked Alice.

"Whoa, what?!" I questioned back. What could be so important that she needed to attract my attention and the humans too?

"I've been calling you for like five minutes! Well, not five minutes, but still, long enough!"

"Okay - what's so important then?"

"We're going shopping after school. You in?"

I contemplated it. I don't really enjoy shopping, but I had no other plans, no excuses. I could just let her buy me clothes and think all the way there. Just then I got an excuse.

But Alice beat me to it. Stupid-two-foot-tall-psychic.

"And don't bother telling me that you need to go hunting. Your eyes are butterscotch today. You're coming."

Demanding. This almost has me refusing. Right then, someone walked passed me with a delicious scent. Someone with emerald green eyes and tousled bronze hair.

Edward Masen.