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When Dead Hearts Beat.

Basically, if the plot was twisted; Alice with Jasper, Rosalie with Emmett, Carlisle with Esme, and Bella with Edward. But what if Bella was the vampire.? Will it still be the same Edward + Bella relationship.? Okay; my first fanfic. Be nice, please. :)
Critism is appriciated.!
& I'll try not to make this one like other Bella-Vampire + Edward-Human fanfics. haha. But I'm writing this as I go. *The "Teen" rating is a precaution - I don't know what's going to happen later on.

*Writing as I go. *First Fanfiction Ever.

2. Silent Thoughts.

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I closed my eyes and inhaled again. He had such a sweet scent; better than any cologne I've smelt when I was human. I couldn't get enough of his scent. He inhaled and exhaled like he was getting up the courage to talk to someone. He inhaled again and sighed, like it he had just smelt the most wonderful thing. Me.

Then his scent hit me full on and my eyes burst open. Bloodlust almost took me over completely. Almost. I felt my eyes shift from the normal butterscotch to black, dead black, from sudden thirst. Why does this boy smell so much sweeter than all other humans?

Where have I heard about this from? Carlisle. So those silly stories he told me were true? I always thought that they were just stories he told me to get me through my transformation.

"I met my singer. Her blood scent was so much sweeter than others were to me. 'La tua cantante,' Aro told me, 'Why give that up?' But i refused. I didn't want to steal a human’s life. So I ran full speed into a forest and drank and drank. I knew then that I couldn't stay here for fear that I would accidentally run into her again and that time, not be able to resist. Even the memory of her smell was enough to make me thirsty. This pushed me further to be 'vegetarian.' Being the newborn I was, I couldn't risk going back for a few days."

My singer? I had found him. Oh, no. I immediately felt sorry for him. Who was I to endanger his life so much? I really am a monster, aren't I? The world's best predator. Everything about me tracks him in; my voice, my face, even my smell. But it's not like I need any of those. I could easily crush his skull, so easily outrun him – as if he could outrun me, as if he could fight me off.

As if.

He seemed to be completely oblivious of this inner battle inside of me.

“Hello. I’m Edward Masen.”

Was he really talking to me? My God, the boy looks gorgeous up close. Almost as gorgeous as a vampire. I wonder what he would look like if he was one… NO, NO. I would not think like that. That would mean that I would have to bite him. And Alice’s vision would come true.

“Bella. Bella Swa-Cullen.”

I almost slipped – I’ve been holding onto my human life so much, I’ve taken to my old last name. But I wasn’t human anymore. I wasn’t a Swan anymore. I’m a Cullen now. The second of many – I owe Carlisle so much.

“I was wondering if you know where Mr. Banner’s biology class is – it’s my next class.”

Damn. Looks like he has my next class. Would I be able to resist his smell? One way to find out…

“Uh, yes, it’s my next class too. Why don’t you walk with me?”

“Sure.” He threw a gorgeous crooked grin, seemingly happy of my offer.

As we walked to bio, the silence was a little bit awkward. I was glad when he decided to start the conversation. I was still a little bit shy despite my years.

“So have you always lived here or did you move here?”

“Oh, no. I moved here two years ago with my brothers and sisters.”

“Ah, that would explain why I’ve never seen you around here before.”

This confused me. Didn’t he just move here?
“I thought you just moved here from Phoenix?”

“Oh, my parents are divorced so I used to spend summers up here with my mom and the rest of the time with my dad back in Phoenix.”

“Used to?”

“I finally put my foot down and refused to come here – about two years ago. Since then my mom has come with me to Cali. How’d you know I was from Phoenix?”

Whoops. Shouldn’t have let that one slip.

“Oh, people here talk a lot.”

“I guess I’ll never get used to small towns. Too many people. Too little air,” He chuckled.

I laughed at that too. I felt my eyes widen – when was the last time I laughed in public? I was briefly aware of the people staring at us. Bella Cullen? Laughing? What did Edward think? Then I realized – I can’t hear his thoughts? I’d never run into this before - a human with silent thoughts. I found it only made me more intrigued with him.