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Don't Bet Against Me

First and some of other chapters in ALICE'S point of view. Help with Youandmebelong. This is last minute......hahaha.

We (me and youandmebelong, AKA: Sierra my Bff) do not (sob) own any characters. But we did make up the idea for it.....

1. See Her

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She's squiring, screaming, the aching sound of it echoing in the small room. I clutch my ears but the sound penatrates.

"Edward!" the girls yells, her brown eyes bright and feverish, "Edward, please! It burns! The fire...fire!" She howls and grabs fretfully for the shadow of my 'brother', I can't see him, but when he speaks, his voice is small and weak with turmoil.

"Bella..." he whispers. Tears are making there way down her pale face, one I've become fimliar with over the past weeks. He looks as if he could cry himself, but its impossible.

The scene changes and shes there, her eyes bright crimson, a sign of the 'newborn' she has become. She smiles and sunshine flints off her, sparkling in her own way.

"Edward......." her voice was like a song, a lulliby. Her eys are like a bloodied vally of thirst. "Blood....."

"Alice...." a voice is calling me, it is fimilar, but I can't seemed to hold it. My mind is reeling, I don't know her, this girl that intrudes my visions, but my gut tells me she, her fate is intwined with my brother, Edward.

"Alice," it is Jasper's voice that awakens me. I gasp as if I needed the air. I shake my head, and let a small smile spread over me, it is tainted with a sudden sadness that Japser notes. "Alice," he says, concerned. I can't speak and I feel a cool, calm sensation seed itself into my head. I become instantly relaxed.

"It is nothing," I say fleetingly, though every bone iin my body protests to my statement. "How long have I been out?" I ask. Jasper gives me a look that tells me he knows it was more than I say, but then decides to drop it.

"No more than usual," he says calmly. I peck him on the cheek for reasurance, but when I pull away his golden eyes betray him with a look of worry. I smile, all trace of anxiety gone, but as I walk away it comes back like a wave, crashing itself upon me.

I am chasing a antelope through the wooden terrain, Edward close behind. We are a blur of flashing feet and teeth. He smiles triumphantly as he catches the thing, and I scowl, moving on to find other prey. I really hate when he acts so smug...Turning away I see a bear and smile myself. I am happy for the challenge.

A while later as Edward and I head back, I decide I coudn't wait. He looks the same as always, harden by the lonely years, the memories of before, before all of our exsistance.

"I have seen her again," I tell him. He looks at me for a split second and I know he only turns back to the road for the distraction. His lip curls and he revs the Volvo's engine in disgust. I can tell by the way he stares ahead that he can see it all, fallin, it seems from my head to his. His eyes narrow, but he regains his formar calm, controlled self.

"It dosn't mean anything," He says. He would like to believe it, but I know better.

"Yes," I say and he speeds up. I am not frightened, " She is coming, there is no stopping it, Edward," I almost regret it when a flash of pain crosses his uncommonly pale skin.

"But it dosen't matter. I wouldn't allow it," he growls and I shake my head. He refuses to see. But he will, he has no choice. His destany is coming, and it is her. I am certain.

He is gone, and she has come. He will not admit that I am right. I see her in person, she is not what I had expected. I see no fear in her eyes, no repulsion to us. Only curiusity. I find I am the same to her.

I smile a bit from the irony, Edward had stole Carlise's car, driving to Alaska when i sit here, watching his future. But it is not time, no I will have to wait, wait for when he's ready.

When I go home that night I find Esme reduced to worry, Jasper casting his gift, and the others have vanished. I have no wish to be privy to any of this. I flash, gabbing Jasper's hand, taking him with me. For now, I have no one else's worries but my own, and I have no one else but Jasper.

A while has passed When Edward returns. He is changed somehow, but still the aggrivating Edward I knew, so I am not worried. I can see him talking to her, to Bella. I smile, one fate taking care of itself. For me, for my past, blended with my forever going future, the world seems like a more predictable thing. I intertwine my cold fingers with JAsper's, who gives me a suddle happiness. I don't need it, not really, as long as I'm with him.