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Parting gifts

When Edward and the cullens leave, Edward leaves Bella a parting gift.. she's pregnant. Alone, Bella has to raise her children, But would happen if 12 years later she was killled by a group of thirsty nomad vampires and her children are sent into foster care, only to meet the Cullen's five years later.

hey guys. no beta yet but i hope you all enjoy my story. dont foget to read my other ones

1. Parting Gifts

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Another morning with my head down the toilet puking my guts up.

Another morning I deny what my body is telling me.

Another morning I think of him.

It had been two months since the they left, and one month since I had started vomiting every morning. I knew what it meant, but I couldn’t let myself believe it, I kept telling myself that Vampires cant have children, that they cant reproduce, but as usual I have to be the weird one I have to be the one to brake all the rules…and now here I am PREGNANT WITH A VAMPIRES CHILD.

I knew I would have to tell Charlie sooner rather then later, but how was I going to tell him, the man who left and destroyed me has left me with a parting gift by accident. He isn’t going to take it well.

He didn’t take it well. I can still hear him downstairs yelling and throwing things around. I don’t think Edward has been cursed so many times in all his existence. I told Charlie about an hour ago about the baby. He seemed calm and collected until I left the room.

“Dad, can I talk to you for a moment” I asked, as I walked down the stairs and into the TV room.

Charlie looked at me funny, he knew how much I hated being in this room, he picked up the remote and turned off the TV and motioned for me to sit down. “What is it Bella”

“I don’t know how to tell this to you dad” I looked at the floor, not wanting to see the ashamed look in his eyes “I’m pregnant”

“Excuse me” he said, his tone was far too calm for Charlie

“It’s Edward’s” I added quickly. I was never good at my emotions and this was not an exception…I started crying. I was shocked when Charlie moved over and pulled me into his arms whispering soothing words in my ear.

“Its ok sweetie” he said “I’m here for you; what ever your decision will be I will be here for you”

I was shocked, no that was an understatement I was stunned, I would have never imagined Charlie to be this understanding.

“I want to keep it” I mumbled into his shoulder

“Bella” he said pulling away from me and looking at me in the eyes “I will help you what ever you decide but I think you should tell Edward”

“I cant find him” I said quietly “for the last month I have been trying to contact him but I cant seem to find him anywhere, the Hospital in LA wont give out their doctors numbers and I have called so many times they even refuse to put me through to Carlisle, they think I am a stalker.” It was true, I had been trying to contact him but every attempt has been brick walled so I gave up.

“Ok, well go get ready for bed” He said giving me one last hug before pushing me off the couch and towards the stairs….

The moment I had turned on the water I heard the first of many things smash down stairs. I knew he took it too easily but I also knew he would support me just like he said he would. I wonder if he would tell Renee for me… Doubt it.