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Parting gifts

When Edward and the cullens leave, Edward leaves Bella a parting gift.. she's pregnant. Alone, Bella has to raise her children, But would happen if 12 years later she was killled by a group of thirsty nomad vampires and her children are sent into foster care, only to meet the Cullen's five years later.

hey guys. no beta yet but i hope you all enjoy my story. dont foget to read my other ones

2. An unexpected surprise

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“AAAAHHHH” I screamed as the contraction ripped through my body.

“Its ok sweetie, we’re almost there” my mother soothing voice whispered into my ear “Charlie, cant this thing go any faster”

The pain was unbearable, I wanted the meds and I wanted them now. But Charlie being Charlie refused to give me anything until we got to the hospital which was a bloody hour’s drive from the picnic spot. Renee, who had come down 4 months ago with Phil from Phoenix to take care of me during the pregnancy, was sitting next to me while Phil was in the passenger seat next to Charlie trying to calm him down while he was driving the car.

“Make it stop” I whined

“Just think, this time tomorrow you are going to be a mother” my mother whispered excitedly

“How wonderful” I gasped then screamed as a new contraction hit.

It felt like years had gone by, by the time we arrived at the hospital, Phil quickly ran inside to tell the nurses and doctors what was happening while Renee and Charlie were helping into the a wheel chair provided by a young woman who was smoking outside.

“I AM GOING TO TEAR HIM APART IF I EVER GET MY HANDS ON HIM” I yelled as the worst contraction hit.

“Miss Swan” a doctor called “Get her into room 245 and prep her”

My head shot up at the words, Prep me. Prep me for what…

“MUM” I called and before I knew it she was holding onto one of my hands.

“Its ok hunny, everything is going to be ok” I could tell she was nervous, but I didn’t care, I just wanted to get the pain to sto- “AAAAAHHHHHHHH GET THIS THING OUT OF ME”

“Miss Swan, we are going to need to do an ultrasound before we do anything” the Doctor in the room said calmly. I couldn’t tell what he looked like as I had my eyes closed and I refused to open them “Just hurry the fuck up” I gritted out between my teeth, I didn’t care about my language at the moment, I swear this hurts more because it me… Clumsy danger magnet Bella.

I felt the cold jelly being spread over my enlarged stomach but I couldn’t care, I just wanted it to end. “Drugs” I gasped out “Give me drugs… I WANT AN EPIDURAL...NOW”

“Miss Swan, please keep still or I will have to do this again”

“Sorry” I mumbled, I bit my lip as the next contraction hit, it was hard not to move but I think I broke Renee’s hand, I was pulled out of my thoughts as the doctor spoke.

“Oh my” he sighed before looking at me.

“What is it” I turned around to face him, tears pooling in my eyes at the thought of my child being in danger.


ere is nothing wrong” he assured me “just a development”

I was going to hit this guy any moment; I was not in the mood for riddles “WHAT. DEVOLOPMENTS” I hissed out

“Miss Swan you are having twins” he said joyously.

I froze, two, two of them. I wasn’t sad at the news but I wasn’t happy either.

“Daddy” I whimpered slightly and I felt myself being pulled into large arms of my father.

“Its ok sweetie” he said “We are all here for you”

“He’s not” I spat out bitterly

“No he’s not” Charlie sighed in defeat “But that’s his own fault”

“What am I going to do” I whimpered again as a contraction hit, this one wasn’t as bad as the last “I can’t do this alone”

“You will never be alone” he pulled away from me “look at me Isabella Swan”

I reluctantly looked up and I saw the tears in my fathers eyes and the love “I will always be here for you and your children, you will never have to worry about being alone”

I knew my father would always stick by me and for once it gave me strength. I looked up at the doctor and spoke “What Is the bset thing to do”

“Miss Swan-”

“Bella” I interrupted “Call me Bella”

“Bella, your best option is for a C section as having twins at your age and body size may cause it to be a difficult birth.”

I looked up at Charlie “Do what the Doctor suggest hunny”

“Will you come in with me” I asked.

The shock and happiness on his face made me smile “Yes” he said hugging me.


“What will you name them” My mother sighed as we watched them through the glass window.

I had a son and a daughter, both were beautiful a mixture of both their parents but to be honest, I couldn’t see much of him in them, just small traits. The maternity wards nurses had voted them to have the most beautiful eyes ever, both having the beautiful shiny butterscotch colour their father and his family each had.

“Rosalie Renee Swan” I said looking at my mother “and Jacob Charlie Swan”

“Oh sweetie there both lovely names” she smiled “your father will be so happy and Jacob, well he would be happy if he cared”

I huffed angrily, I knew Jacob was a werewolf, I knew Sam and the other were werewolves, I hung around them for a few months until they realized I was pregnant, pregnant with a vampires child. Paul called me a disgusting whore and Jacob told me he wished I was dead and that he never wanted to see me again, it was Sam and Emily who had to get me out of La Push before Paul ripped me to shreds. The last words Sam ever said to me were ‘Get rid of it or never step foot on La Push land ever again”

“Jacob would be horrified if he ever found out mum, we both know it” I said sadly before walking away and back to my room.

It would be a few days before I was released and a few days after that the twins were able to come home.