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Wolf's Girl

This is a sequel to A CHANGE IN MONSTERS, so I would suggest reading that first. Bella/Sam

Remember, No Emily.

14. Never Expected

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Hello, Bella,” someone said as they walked into the room.

What was he doing here?

My breathing started coming in quick, short huffs; my heart rate shot up exponentially; I suddenly felt faint. My life was screwed. Completely messed up… finished! Why did things like this always happen to me? Was there some orb of bad luck surrounding me that I was unaware of?

I gulped air and felt it pass through my now tight throat. I felt Alice’s arms circle around my waist. I could not move. I could not do anything but stare at the beautiful creature in front of me.

“Bella?” he questioned, his brow furrowing in as if he were confused. How could he be confused? Was it not obvious why I was having issues? I wonder… did the Cullen’s think it would be okay to have him be here when I got back? Did they expect us to return later, and thought that I would never have to find out?

I finally gasped out his name. “Edward.” A smile played at his lips when his name rushed past my lips. “Wh-What’s going o-on? What a-are you doing here E-Edward? He’s supposed to be dead.”

Then, I blacked out.


When I woke up, I pressed my hand to my head. Major headache.

“Bella?” a tiny voice squealed and suddenly arms were around my waist. “Oh, my gosh! I was so worried! When you fainted, the only thing I could think of was that something was wrong! I mean, vampires can’t faint! But, I guess you did, didn’t you? Oh! Everyone was so worried. And then Sam came barging into the house. And, oh, was he mad! He took one look at Edward and just blew up! You should have seen it! Or, maybe it was better that you didn’t.”

I groaned and Alice stopped talking.

“Bella?” she asked nervously. “What’s hurting? Is anything hurting? Let me know. Please.”

“Head,” I mumbled, massaging my temples. Alice let out a long breath and then yelled for Carlisle.

“What are we going to do with you, Bella?” she asked, her question rhetorical. “Every time something happens, something ends up happening to you! I don’t get it. Can’ you just try not to attract danger? I thought that once you were a vampire that you would loose this whole danger magnet thing, but no, you just get deeper into it!”

“Alice,” I said. “I tried to call you while Sam and I were in Italy.”


“Yeah, and we ran into the Volturi there.” Her eyes widened and she froze, turning to granite. “I gained a knew power there. I can have visions, too. In fact—”

Carlisle walked through the door to the bed, kneeling down next to it and pushing Alice out of the way.

“How are you, Bella?” he asked, going into his doctor mask.

“Better, I think. What happened, Carlisle?”

“I’ll tell you my theory in a moment,” he stated, probing my temples with his fingers. “First, I want you to repeat what you were just saying to Alice about Italy.”

Did he want what I had not yet gotten to, too? Or, just what I had told Alice? I hoped for the second one.

“Well, after Sam proposed—”

“Sam proposed!” Alice shrieked, reaching for my left hand. “Aww…. It’s beautiful! I love it! Well, it’s not as good as mine, but that is obvious. So romantic, how he proposed in Italy. So sweet.”

Carlisle shot a glare at Alice and then motioned for me to continue.

“So, after Sam proposed”—Alice squealed—“the Aro, Marcus and Caius showed up and invited Sam and I back to their castle. While there, I gained the skill of visions.” My thoughts traveled back to the vision that I had had. I shuddered.

“Vision?” Carlisle said, mainly to himself. “Fascinating. Simply intriguing.”

“Now, I need two questions answered,” I told them. They both tuned into what I was saying. “One, what’s going on with me? I passed out. Something is wrong, Carlisle.”

“Nothing is wrong,” he told me.

“What? You cannot be serious. Carlisle. Alice! Tell him!”

“Tell him, what, exactly, Bella?” she asked. “I do not know what you want me to say. If Carlisle says that nothing is wrong, you should definitely agree with him. He is usually right. Just let him explain.”

“Bella,” Carlisle began. “From what I am gathering, I am guessing that this is just a power that you have.”

“And, what power would this be, exactly?” I questioned.

“Well, it would seem that you are gaining some… human tendencies back. So far we have just seen you faint. But, you have bruises on your head.” He pressed his fingers again to my temples. “It is very unusual. They should be gone or going away.”

“Is this bad?”

“Not that I am aware of. Not bad at all. I do not see how it….” He paused, tilting his head to one side, suddenly in deep thought. “Well, I guess that you could…but that would not seem right. Would it?”


“I was just thinking. If you do indeed have this… power to have some of your human tendencies back, then, plausibly, there could be, technically, a way that you could die. If something happened.” I blinked my eyes a few times.

“What if this is not my power and something is just wrong with me? What then, Carlisle?” I asked quickly.

“No, Bella,” he told me. “ I know for a fact that this is what it is. It is, I must admit, a very, very strange type of power, but if this be what you are given… then…”

I sighed, taking in everything that he had said. Then, I looked back and forth between Carlisle and Alice. “There is another thing that I need to know.”

“Yes?” Alice asked, obviously already accepting Carlisle’s theory.

“What the hell is Edward”—I growled his name—“ doing here? And, how the hell did he come back? He was dead for crying out loud!” I screamed.

Carlisle did not saying anything he just nodded his head and left the room, shutting the door behind him.

“Well?” I prompted Alice.

“He just showed up here today. A couple of hours before Sam and you showed up.”

“How is he still alive, Alice? How? It should be impossible to come back! Nay, it is impossible!”

“Bella!” Alice scolded. “If you want answers, you must let me explain! I won’t be able to get anything in at this rate!”

“Sorry,” I mumbled after a couple of seconds and then waited for Alice to start explaining.

“Edward came to our house just hours ago, and you can imagine how shocked we were that he was here—actually here! At first, we were all happy: giving him hugs and kisses. The fact that he was supposed to be dead had not come to our attention yet.

“Then, after a few minutes, Emmett remembered. When he reminded us, we all froze, not knowing what exactly to do.

“Rosalie then said, ‘Obviously this thing is an imposter. There is not way that this is Edward. We all know that he is dead.’” Alice’s voice was a perfect imitation of Rosalie’s.

“We all turned toward him,” Alice continued, “Ready to pounce if necessary.”

“‘But,’ Edward told us. ‘I am Edward. I swear!’

“We asked him to prove it. He didn’t know how. It was actually quite amusing watching him think of something that only we would know. He started listing off things that anyone could know: we are vegetarians, I am in love with Bella”—I flinched—“and other things like that.

“After a bit, I just looked into the future to see if it was him. Obviously it was him. So, we took him into the back room so he could tell us how he was back.

“‘The Volturi cleaned up my remains that were left so carelessly in the middle of the street,’ he explained. ‘They were just doing their job—cleaning up after mistakes were made.

“‘But, somehow they found out who I was. They fixed me up; took care of me; brought me back to my original state.’ I could not tell if he was happy that they brought him back or if he was depressed. He went on, though, his story not yet finished.

“‘They kept me in their castle, not letting me out, afraid that someone might recognize me. Aro eventually, though, thought it safe for me to head out, with Caius and Aro as my company—Marcus being away for business.

“‘They were just showing me around while they went along their business for the day. While walking, we landed upon two other vampires. Aro and Caius had never met them before. So, they were going to introduce themselves, but they could not leave me alone. So, they used a power to transform me to look like Marcus.

“‘And, who should we happen upon other then Bella and Sam. Aro invited them back to the castle and therefore I was forced to stay in my ‘Marcus’ form the whole time. Bella. Bella was… hard to avoid. She always seemed to be everywhere. And, apparently Heidi was unaware that Marcus was away, so I had to keep up that charade as well.

“‘Then we had this gala and when I saw Bella, I could not breathe. She look stunning. During the get together, Sam left to go hunting. Bella went inside, and I couldn’t help but follow. I swear that there was a magnetic pull pulling me toward her.

“‘I rounded a corner, and there she was,’ Edward said. ‘I don’t know what I was thinking when I went up to her and kissed. God! I have not idea what was wrong! And she didn’t even know that it was me! She thought that it was Marcus the whole entire time!’

Alice paused letting everything she said sink in.

“Wow!” I breathed out. “I would have never guessed. That’s… wow! And, he could not tell me anything the whole time. That must have been so hard for him. I still don’t know if I understand how he was brought back.”

“Neither to any of us,” Alice said, a bright smile on her face. “But, we all love Edward dearly. He’s a brother to us. You can’t feel bad toward us because we let him back in the family.”

“No, no of course not, Alice. I would have done the same, I think.”

Alice smiled at me and I frowned.

“Does that mean that Sam and I have to move out of his room now that he’s back?” I asked.

“Well, it would be the right thing to give him back his room, I think. But, technically, you don’t have to give your room back if you don’t want to. Either way, we’ll have to make a new room.”

“No,” I said. “Edward and take his room back. And you really don’t have to build another room for Sam and I. We’ll just rent an apartment close by.”

“Bella! That will make me feel like we are kicking you out! Not happening!”

“Fine,” I told her. “How about Sam and I rent an apartment just while you’re adding the new room? Does that sound reasonable?”

“Yes,” she said, smirking. And then she frowned. “Bella, you have to be extremely careful now. You are way more fragile than you have been, and I don’t want you getting hurt. So, do not go running. Please. And hunting, you may want Sam to go out and bring you back something.”

“So, what? You want me to become a hermit?”

Alice smiled and nodded.

Then, there was a knock and the door.