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Wolf's Girl

This is a sequel to A CHANGE IN MONSTERS, so I would suggest reading that first. Bella/Sam

Remember, No Emily.

18. It Starts Here and Now

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Sam and I both pulled away at the same time and I quickly turned in his arms. Sam tried to pull me closer to him as if trying to protect me, but I just threw him a dirty look over my shoulder and pried his arms away.

I heard another crash and gave Sam terrified look and started leaping down the stairs as quickly as I could. I could hear Sam following me down the stairs.

The first thing that I saw when I got the bottom was Edward. Edward with his fists raised as if he were defending himself. He looked like a true vampire. His top lip pulled up over his teeth, nostrils flared, and I could see the hairs on the back of his neck raised.

“Edward!” I screamed. “What did you do? Sam and I heard the crash and we thought something was terribly wrong. Are you still angry? Because, you really don’t have to be. I am here if you need any—”

I cut off once I saw strawberry hair glistening right in front of Edward. I gasped and one of my hands immediately shot up to my mouth.

“Tanya,” I whisper-screamed. “What are you doing here?”

A snarl escaped her. She had the exact same expression that Edward had on. I was deathly terrified. I had never ever in my whole entire life been this afraid. And, I really should not have been. They could not be too angry with each other. I mean, they did not really get into a fight, right?

Tanya’s head shot up and her gaze met mine. “Isabella Swan,” she sneered. “What a wonderful surprise. Oh, and your fiancé is with you. Fabulous.”

“How do you know that—?”

“That Sam is your fiancé? Oh, you’re little werewolf friend told me.” I gulped. She loved Jacob, right? “Of course, he is here, too.”

Just then, I heard another crash as a window was broken. So that was what the crash was. Tanya must have come threw a window, too.

“J-Jacob?” I stuttered. He turned from facing Tanya to me.

“Bella?” he said, surprised. Then, he whirled back to Tanya. “You said she would not be here! I do not want her hurt. I only came to help you with Edward. I didn’t even ask why you wanted him dead! Tanya, we can’t do this.”

“Oh, you’re only saying that because she’s here. If she was not here, you would have to problem with helping me kill Edward, would you?”

“Well,” Jacob growled. “I would not have come if I knew that she and Sam were going to be here. Might as well leave now, Tanya, before you humiliate yourself.”

A sultry smile was placed on her lips and she moved as close as she could to Jacob, placing her hands on his chest, and looking up at him. She jutted out her bottom lip. “Oh, you don’t mean that, do you Jacob? You would do anything for me, right?”

They stood there for a few minutes. All of us seemed to be trapped into looking at them. Jacob seemed just the same, though. I was able to walk around them so that I was behind Tanya and looking at Jake’s face.

His gaze was intent on hers and he looked like he never wanted to move from where he was. I tried to look closer into him. I wanted to really know what was going on.

And, that’s when I saw it. The glint of regret and wanting escape. What was Tanya doing to him? Something was going on. She was doing something. Possibly using her power?

“What the hell are you doing to him, Tanya?” I finally managed to get out before it was to late.

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” she scoffed.

“So,” I heard Edward growl. Sam had come up behind me and then placed his arms around my waist protectively. I shot him a look, but he just tightened his grip. “So, Tanya, this is your power? Hypnotism? Are you serious? Wow! Must have come in handy when the dog found you, and you needed backup just in case someone caught onto you.”

I gasped again. Sam said, “Ha! Tanya, you seemed to have not been able to get a man on your own. So it seems that you had to resort to your hypnotism to get a servant. How nice. And, ah, it happened to be a werewolf.”

“Well, of course, it did,” she said, turning away from Jacob and facing Sam. Jacob was let out of his trance and stumbled around a bit before fainting. I ripped myself once again out of Sam’s arms and kneeled next to Jacob.

“Don’t worry about him,” Tanya informed me. “That happens every time I get him to do something. He’ll wake up in a minute or two.”

I whipped my head around to face her. “You are going to kill him soon if you keep doing that. He may be strong, but he’s not that strong, Tanya. If Jacob was any normal human, he would already be dead.”

“Oh, I have tried on normal humans. You are correct. They never lived past the second time I hypnotized them. Such a pity. But, when your dear friend here showed up, I knew that there were…possibilities. It was perfect.”

“You bitch,” I screamed. “You are an arrogant bitch.”

“Ha, ha, ha,” she laughed. “Yes, that I am. No doubt about it.”

While Tanya was busy laughing, Sam snuck up behind her and right when she was about to turn around to face him, he punched the back of her head… hard.

“Gah!” she screamed, falling forward and hitting the ground. Edward smirked and bumped fists with Sam.

“Nice,” he murmured.

“Oh, you are going to regret that, Uley,” she barked. Sam took a step back.

“Don’t you dare threaten my fiancé that way, bitch,” I snarled. “Anyway, how would you beat us? There is only one of you, and three of us. I’m sure there will be four right when Jacob wakes up.” As I finished saying this, Jacob’s eyes started blinking rapidly.

“You are so wrong about there being only one of me,” she barked, venom flying out of her mouth. “Just you wait. They’ll be here soon.”

I shot a quick glance at Edward uneasily who did the same to me.

“Who exactly do you have coming, Tanya?” Edward asked, his voice a bit lighter.

“Just some old friends and my family. I am sure that you know who the old friends are. But, you’ll just have to wait till they get here, which should be at any moment.”

My bottom lip started shaking uncontrollably, but I turned back to Jacob and helped him get up.

Once he was up, I kept an arm around his waist just in case he was going to faint again. Sam, Edward, Jacob, and I all formed a line in front of Tanya. She had a smirk planted on her lips, and it looked like it was not going to go away for awhile.

I glanced back and forth between Edward and Sam. “If we kill her now,” Edward began, “Her family and the others will still come. It will be worse if we kill her. Just wait. It will all turn out alright.”

Tanya’s smirk started to become more pronounced. “It starts here and now.”