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Wolf's Girl

This is a sequel to A CHANGE IN MONSTERS, so I would suggest reading that first. Bella/Sam

Remember, No Emily.

19. War

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Tanya’s smirk started to become more pronounced. “It starts here and now.”

Just as she said this, glass was shattered and spread all across the room. Wood splinters were catapulted at us. Although I knew that they would not puncture my skin, I still raised my arms to protect my face from the shards.

“Irina,” I heard Edward growl. “Go home. Don’t do this. Just take Tanya back with you, and you will not have to deal with us again. If that is what you want.”

“No,” Tanya answered for her. “The only thing that I want right now is your head, Edward. And all of your friends’ heads, too.”

“But, why?” he persisted. “What did I do wrong?”

Everything,” she muttered murderously. Irina, Kate, Carmen, and Eleazar lined up on both sides of Tanya, crouching down into fighting stance.

“Not yet,” Tanya ordered. “We must wait till the others show up.” She was mainly talking to her group. “If they try to attack us, we defend ourselves, but otherwise, we wait.”

Eleazar snarled in response, looking eager to take a bite out of one of us. Weren’t these vampires vegetarians like the Cullens? I would never have thought them to be this…deranged. To me, it seemed like Tanya was just going insane along with her family, and wanting to “shed blood” just for the hell of it.

I glanced carefully at Edward who was on my right and then past Jacob who was on my left to Sam. Sam was watching the five vampires in front of us uneasily.

“Why wait?” Edward asked. “It is all ready an uneven number. Five against four. And one of the four might not even be able to fight.” He motioned to Jacob, who I was still holding up. “It seems a bit unfair that you would get more to come against us when the odds are all ready on you. Must we wait for these others?”

I glanced back at Edward, and whispered extra quiet, to be sure that the five of them would not be able to hear, “I think you are just making them angrier, Edward. I would stop if I were you. I would rather they not attack us at all. You are only aggravating them.

Edward sighed and gave me a weary look. “I’m just trying to figure out what’s wrong; why Tanya is doing this?” I shrugged. It made no sense.

Suddenly I was on my knees as another vision filled my brain. It seemed that, unlike Alice, I could not have my visions whenever I wanted to. They came on their own accord.

It was the same vision that I had had before. The one where Edward and Sam were fighting. I gasped for unneeded air and felt hands on both of my arms.

“What’s wrong?” I heard Jacob asking. “What happened to her? What are those bloodsuckers doing to her?”

“Hey!” I heard Sam bark. “I’m one of them, too. Don’t you dare say anything like that.” Jacob shut up after that.

I was helped to my feet.

“Bella?” I heard Edward whisper. “Come one, Bella. We need you.”

“What did you see?” Sam asked, understanding right away that I had had a vision. I shook my head quickly and muttered, “Nothing.”

When my eyes opened, I turned to Sam and saw that he was giving me a look that told me that he did not believe for one second that I had not just had a vision. I sighed and shook my head again. I did not need to bring up what I had seen again. I didn’t need to put those thoughts in their minds to be fresh.

“I’m fine, Sam, Edward,” I told them, glancing at them both quickly. “We need to be prepared to fight. How are you feeling, Jacob?”

“Better,” he told me. “I am feeling a bit confused, but those vampires in front of us look familiar. Have I seen them before, or maybe met them?”

I opened my mouth to answer when there were crashes from the floors above us. I jumped and moved closer to Sam, who was now positioned next to me.

I glanced over at Tanya—big mistake. Her face was twisted into something that I assumed was supposed to be a smirk, but really looked like a grimace. Her hands were placed on her hips. Her whole stance screamed arrogant.

That was, until there was stomping coming down the stairs. Her face changed quickly from that awful grimace/smirk, to a face of shock. I didn’t know who was coming down the stairs. I thought it was whoever we were waiting for before we started fighting…

…until I heard a booming voice that belonged to none other than Emmett Cullen. “You were going to have a fight with them without me?” His voice shook the house. “Come on, Edward. You know I’ve wanted to get my hands around Tanya’s throat for ages! I can’t believe you were going to let me miss it. You are just damn lucky that you have a sister that looks into the future before a werewolf shows up.”

Edward chuckled softly as the rest of the family lined up in the line.

“We can take them now, Edward,” I whispered, meaning it only for his ears. “We have more than enough to kill. And, Sam and Jacob can go into their wolf-forms. Come on.”

“No,” Edward said stiffly. “We wait.”

“But why?” I whined back. “Come on, Edward—”


I huffed and crossed my arms over my chest. I knew that I was being stubborn, but Edward was being a complete and total idiot! I mean, we could just take them now and it would all be over with… but nooooooo!

I felt Sam’s hand come up to my shoulder to try to calm mew down. But, that was just before the amount of vampires in front of us doubled…no, tripled. Maybe even more than that.

“Ah,” I heard one of the new comers say. “You never told us it was the Cullen’s that you wanted dead, Tanya. I cannot believe that you would make up excuses to get them killed. I know them personally. Everything that you said about them is not true.”

It was Aro and some other members from the Volturi. I sighed. They would not fight us, would they? They would not kill us. Aro had just said that Tanya had made up excuses for them to come.

“Tanya,” Aro started, “I am very disappointed in you. You are coming back to Volterra with us for awhile.”

Two of the Volturi members were coming toward Tanya. She noticed and leapt toward our group. More specifically, me.

Her hands were wrapped around my throat and I was thrown to the ground quickly. I struggled to get her off, and I heard the ruckus around us.

The rest of Tanya’s family was getting grabbed by the Volturi, but some managed to slip by and attack the Cullen’s.


I managed to kick Tanya off me and she flew backward hitting a couple of Volturi members who grabbed hold of her arms. She thrashed about, and bit the one to her right. I flinched and turned to assess what was going on.

Sam and Jacob were both in wolf form. Edward was fighting Eleazar in a corner where no one would notice. Emmett and Jasper were fighting off the Volturi members trying to stop the Denali clan. It was obvious that they wanted a fight. Rosalie looked scary fighting off Kate, while Alice—who was behind Rosalie—was fighting off Irina and Carmen.

Carlisle, Esme, Aro, and Caius were nowhere to be seen, and I assumed that they were off discussing how to stop this madness.

My attention was grabbed by some Volturi members taking Tanya out the door. I sighed. At least one of them was gone.

Then, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye.

I whipped around quickly.

It was Edward.