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Wolf's Girl

This is a sequel to A CHANGE IN MONSTERS, so I would suggest reading that first. Bella/Sam

Remember, No Emily.

2. Something Else

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Sam and I headed toward Carlisle’s office after we had finished in my room. I told Sam that Carlisle would need to hear that we can smell each other and are not repulsed any longer.

I rapped my knuckles on his office door quietly.

“Come in,” he said seriously. I walked in and pulled Sam in after me.

“Hello, Carlisle,” Sam said politely. Carlisle nodded and turned his attention on me.

“Is there something you need, Bella?” he asked politely.

“Well,” I started. “Sam and I figured something out.”

“And that would be…?” He motioned with his hand for me to continue.

“You know how vampires and werewolves think that the other smells bad?” Carlisle nodded slowly, and I could tell that he was wondering where I was heading. “Well, Sam and I figured out that we don’t have any issues with that any longer.”

“What do you mean?” Carlisle asked, leaning closer to us in his chair.

“We are not…repulsed by the others smell anymore. I can smell him and he smells like he used to. All woodsy and smoky,” I purred in Sam’s direction. He smiled down at me, but Carlisle started talking.

“And to Sam you smell…better?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Sam said, answering a question that was directed at me, while nodding.

“There is a simple explanation, Sam and Bella,” Carlisle stated.

“Really?” Sam and I said at the same time. “What is it?”

“It obviously has something to do with your imprinting on her, Sam. I guess that you or any of the rest of the pack would know about this because obviously none of you have had a vampire that you imprinted on.”

My eyebrows pulled down in confusion, and I turned my head toward Sam, but he did not look confused. He just sat there nodding as if he understood.

“I do not think that I understand, Carlisle,” I said, turning my head back toward him.

“Bella,” Carlisle started, “The pack would never have gone through anything like this because none of them have ever had one of us—vampires—as the people that they imprinted on. Do you understand that?”

I nodded weakly.

“So there will probably be more things that come up that have to do with Sam imprinting on you that are different. Obviously the imprinting will have drawn you two closer—” Sam pulled me closer to him and started rubbing my back “—so that would make sense that the imprinting would make it easier on you two. So now, I guess that it will be easier for you two to be around each other.”

I leaned into Sam and breathed in his smoky, woodsy scent just to make sure we were not just smelling things. It was still there and I got caught up in the smell until I heard Carlisle clear his throat.

“If you have anymore of these types of things occur,” he began, “please come to me. It is very interesting to learn about this imprinting that you werewolves do. Especially now, because you are imprinted on a vampire. Hmmm…” he trailed off thoughtfully.

“What?” I asked nervously.

“I was just wondering what would happen when Sam can step out of becoming a werewolf. You would start growing older again, would you not Sam?” Carlisle asked.

I frowned. I had never thought about what would happen when this came around. I guess, I just never thought about the future, always the now.

I looked up at Sam. His face did not give anything away. It was like a poker face: completely straight, not happy nor sad.

“Sam?” I asked quietly. He finally moved and tilted his head to look down at me.

“Don’t worry about it,” he said soothingly. I nodded, but I could not help but worry. I was going to live forever, and soon, he would start growing old. Just my luck.

“Thank you for coming and telling me about that,” Carlisle said, and it was obvious that he was dismissing us. I nodded and got up slowly, Sam’s arms still wrapped around my waist.

“Sam?” Carlisle asked tentatively.

“Yes, sir?” Sam responded, turning around to face him.

“Could you stay in my office for a few moments? I have something that I would like to discuss with you.” He looked up at me. “If that is all right with you and Bella, of course.”

Sam looked down at me as if waiting for me to give him permission. “Go ahead,” I said. “I’ll be down in the living room waiting for you. Just come down there when you are ready.” Sam nodded and gave me a chaste kiss on my lips.

“I will be down in awhile, Bella,” he muttered and then I turned and left. I heard the door shut silently, and I was debating whether I should listen in on them or not. I decided against it. Sam would tell me what they were talking about, would he not?

I slowly made my way down the stair and blocked my ears from listening in on Carlisle’s and Sam’s conversation. I could figure that out later, I kept telling myself.

I felt like I was in a trance like state as I finished walking down the steps. I landed gently onto one of the couches in the living room. I do not know what I was so worried about. Carlisle was probably just asking Sam some questions about imprinting. Nothing too bad. Just simple, basic questions.

I sighed.

“Bella!” Alice squealed as she plopped down next to me on the couch.

“Hi, Alice.” My voice was quiet and seemed very distant.

“What’s wrong, Bells?” she asked me, picking my hand up off my lap and holding it in her two small ones.

“Nothing,” I said, trying to convince her.

“Bella,” she warned. “I know you too well. There is definitely something wrong. What is it? Just tell me. You can trust me, can’t you?”

I nodded, and spoke softly. “Well, I can smell Sam and he does not smell bad any longer, and vise-versa.”

“What’s wrong with that?” she asked, confused.

“Nothing,” I said, and then sighed. “We went and told Carlisle, and then he said that it was probably just something that had to do with Sam imprinting on me. Then, he brought up how after awhile, werewolves can choose to become a human and never change into their wolf form ever again. I never had thought about that before today. If and when that happens to Sam, he will start to age again.”

Alice started patting my back gently. “Bella,” she began, “you know that when Sam starts aging again, it will not be your fault.”

“I know,” I told her, nodding. “But it is going to be hard for me.” I knew I was the still the old me—the human me—I would be bawling my eyes out right now.

“Bella, I know,” she said, wrapping her arms around my in a hug. “Believe me, I know.”

I sobbed tearlessly for awhile, and Alice did not complain one bit. I owed Alice so much. She had been helping me over the years. She helped me cope with Charlie’s death, and the fact that Renee was so miserable. She helped me threw the first week of being a vampire, and she was there for me when we found out that I needed human blood, and not animal blood.

She had been there for me always.

“Thank you, Alice,” I mumbled into her shoulder.

“For what, Bella?” she asked, pulling away and looking at me, slightly confused.

“For being here for me when I need you. You have helped me through a lot. I don’t think that you realize how much you have done for me, and how much it really means to me. Thank you, Alice,” I repeated.

“Bella,” she sighed. “I am always here for you. No matter what. You know that, right?” I nodded and thanked her again.

“Bella,” she groaned. “Please stop thanking me. I understand that I am being nice to you, but I do not need you to thank me at all, okay? Just let me help you when I can, all right?” I nodded.

“Bella?” I heard his husky, manly voice behind us, and I turned slowly around to face him.

“Hey, Sam,” I said, wiping under my eyes trying to wipe away the invisible tears.

“I have to go,” Alice said. “Remember what I said, Bella. It’s true. I’ll see you two around.” She walked up the stairs, and I heard her and Jasper’s door close loudly.

Sam stood there and looked at me, and I looked up at him from my position on the couch. We stayed like that awkwardly for awhile, and then eventually, Sam moved to sit down next to me. I leaned into his side awkwardly and he wrapped a stiff arm around my waist.

“So…” I trailed off and looked into Sam’s eyes.

“So…” he mimicked.

“What did you two talk about?” I asked him slowly, bringing my eyes down from his.

“Oh, just…stuff,” he answered me lamely. I sighed at his response and I felt my lips twist. He was hiding something from me. But, what could it be?