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Wolf's Girl

This is a sequel to A CHANGE IN MONSTERS, so I would suggest reading that first. Bella/Sam

Remember, No Emily.

21. Epilogue

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It was an amazing feeling to have all of us back together. Edward and I had become the best of friends, almost as if we were twins. It was nice to have someone to talk everything to. Not that I could not talk to my new hubby, though. It just felt right to have Edward with us. Back with us. I wondered where I would have been if he had never come back. Probably in a rut.

Sam and I had gotten married a few days after the fight, not wanting to wait for something else to happen to ruin the wonderful, magical event. Alice had apparently all ready ordered the dress, so that was taken care of. And for once, I was thankful that Alice had shopped. The dress was gorgeous! It was strapless and floor length. And very, very white.

The wedding was very small. There were not many people that we could invite anyway. It was just the Cullen’s, Jacob and some of the other wolves from the pack that were still around, and a few members of the Volturi who stayed.

It was a quick ceremony, done by Carlisle. But I had to admit, it was the best thirty minutes of my life. I would never want to go back. Sam was finally mine, and I had proof. Not that I needed it before. You just had to look in our eyes to tell that we were in love and weren’t planning on changing our minds any time soon.

After the wedding we went to the apartment. And, finally after about three weeks, the renovations at the Cullen home were done, and we moved back in there. I felt better and safer to be living with the Cullen’s again. All of them. They were definitely my real family.

Two years after that, I heard about Renee’s death. It was sad, but I had been expecting it. She died peacefully in her sleep. Sam, Edward, and I went the funeral and stayed under a tree in the background so no one would notice us. Phil was there, and I think that he might have noticed me, but we ran soon after that.

A couple months after we had returned to the Cullen house, a surprising visitor showed up at our door—Kate Denali. She had shockingly come to apologize about Tanya. Hey, better late than never. We accepted her apology and offered her a place to stay.

She informed us that the Volturi had taken care of Tanya. We knew what she meant. And I honestly felt better that I knew she was dead.

Another surprising thing: about a year after that, Edward and Kate married. I was so happy for him. Honestly, I don’t know how I would handle Edward being alone for much longer. It would be too heartbreaking and I would have blamed it all on myself.

Everything after that just got better and better. I honestly could not be any happier than I was now.