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Wolf's Girl

This is a sequel to A CHANGE IN MONSTERS, so I would suggest reading that first. Bella/Sam

Remember, No Emily.

6. Living Through It

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Sam and I did not talk about the situation on our hands for the first day that I knew. We hadn’t seen each other for about four days since then. It only made us get antsy and anxious. And, it put a big weight on my shoulders making me feel like me life was going to end. So, we steered clear of that subject.

It was only five days since Sam told me that we only had one week left until he started aging. I gulped loudly and waited on my bed for Sam to come up to my room. I sighed and closed my eyes tightly. Sam would be here any moment, and I would be forced to think about the amount of time we had left. I had to think of a plan. I had to think of something that could make him live with me forever. And, turning him into a vampire was completely out of the question.

I had thought about it before, but I knew that I would not want him to be damned like me. And, I didn’t know what would happen to him. I mean, with the whole werewolf thing, it could turn out pretty nasty.

Hmm…, I thought to myself, a werewolf turned vampire. I wonder what that would be like. I turned over onto my stomach, the light wind from my open window blowing through my hair.

I breathed in the scent of my pillow and recognized it immediately as Sam’s scent. I grinned to myself and laughed breathlessly.

And, that’s when I sensed it…

…Another vampire…

…in my room...

I had no idea who it was. It definitely was not one of the Cullen’s. I tensed and my nostrils flared. The smell was sweet and inviting. And, only slightly familiar. I stopped breathing all together and laid completely still. I don’t know why, maybe it was a protective instinct.

I prepared myself to fight, when I felt arms wrap around my waist. I squealed very unvampire-ish. I started kicking with all my might as I got lifted off my bed. My fists started connecting to whomever it was that was holding me.

“Get off!” I yelled loudly. I heard the door crash open and looked up to see Alice and Jasper there, their fists raised and ready to fight. They took in the situation, and then, ever so slowly, lowered their fists. Smiles spreading across their faces.

I glared at them. What was going on? I was going to die! Whoever this vampire was would surely kill me soon. Obviously they vampire wanted me. They had made that much clear.

“Help!” I squealed again. Much louder than the last time. Alice and Jasper started bursting out laughing. “It’s not funny! I am going to die!” The just continued laughing, their eyebrows rising.

“Do…you…even…know…who…it…is…Bella?” Jasper asked through his laughter. I furrowed my eyebrows. Who was it? Obviously, I should have looked at that first. I stopped kicking and punching and became limp. I tried to twist in the arms, but their hands were clasped too tightly around my waist.

“Let…go!” I moaned. I did not care who it was, I just wanted to see who it was. It was obviously someone I knew. I could tell just by looking at Alice and Jasper’s faces. The person dropped me down softly, and I immediately turned around and looked up at them…

…and froze!

What the hell was going on?! My smelling must be off. This could not be happening. This person was not a vampire. I spun around to face Alice and Jasper. My eyes were narrowed, and my nostrils were flared again. What had they done?!

“What did you do?!” I screamed loudly. I knew that Emmett and Rosalie had nothing to do with it, they were away in Europe. I knew that Carlisle and Esme would never do anything like this, they loved me too much. It had to be them. “What did you do?!” I repeated.

Their eyes grew wide and they looked shocked. Had they thought that they were doing something nice for me? Did they think that they were doing me a favor?! Because, they should know that what they did would just hurt me more! Did they not know that?!

My breathing started coming short and fast. I felt on the verge off tears that would never come. “How could you do this to me?” I whispered, and then I ran past them, making sure that I bumped both their shoulders.

I ran.

I ran and ran and ran! I did not stop once. Until I hit the Eastern border. I stared out at the raging Atlantic Ocean. I could run over the water, couldn’t I? I had never actually tried it, but I accepted that with my speed I should be able to make it across without falling in. Not that I would drown.

So I took a deep breath, and started running.

I would be able to find Emmett and Rosalie in Europe. I knew that they were somewhere in London. But, London was a pretty big city. I needed them now. I needed to be away from everyone else. I just wanted to be away!

I hit land again, and not surprisingly, I was not tired from running. It had only taken about five minutes at the most to run across the ocean. If anything, I felt energized! But, when I remembered why I was here, I became upset again. I swallowed in my sadness and trudged through the rocky beach.

I sniffed the air and I could immediately smell vampires. All right, so at least they were close. They had been here, too. I followed their scent as quickly as I could manage. Their scent led me all the way to a hotel door. It had to be them. And, if it was not, then I would just say that I had the wrong room.

I knocked on the door quickly, while my foot tapped impatiently. This had to be them. Just had to be.

After I almost left, the door swung open and I heard Emmett say, “Finally! Do you know how long we have been waiting for our massages?”

“I am not your masseuse, Emmett. I need to speak to you.”

“Bella?” Emmett asked definitely surprised.

“No, it’s Natasha! Duh it’s me!”

“Bella, you look awful!”

“Oh, thanks Emmett.”

“What happened?” he asked, gathering me in one of his famous bear hugs. “’What are you doing here? How did you get here?”

“Oh, Emmett,” I moaned wrapping my arms as far as they would go around him. “It is just dreadful!”

“Aww, Bells,” Emmett said sympathetically, pulling me closer to him and dragging me over to the hotel bed.

“What’s going on?” I heard Rosalie’s harmonic voice say. “Bella?” she asked softly. “What’s going on?”

I felt her sit down on the other side of me. I felt her arms wrap around my neck and her cheek leaned against my back. We stayed in that position while I tried to calm myself down.

When I finally did, Emmett asked, “Bella, will you just tell us what happened?”

“If you do not want to,” Rosalie added quickly, “we will not make you. We are just honestly curious. That’s all. I have not seen you this sad in a long time. It must be something pretty bad, huh?”

I nodded sadly and then told them. “Your siblings”—I sneered the word siblings—“decided that it would be best for me if they changed my boyfriend into a frickin’ vampire! They thought that it might help me, obviously. As you can well see, it did not.”

“They didn’t,” Emmett growled threateningly.

“Are you serious?” Rosalie asked, her eyes narrowing murderously as she pursed her lips. I nodded slowly. “Oh, my gosh! They can be so stupid sometimes. I am so sorry, Bella. Please believe me. I’m sorry that I’ve been being mean to you lately. And, I know that it seems like I’ve been apologizing a lot, but it’s only the truth.”

“Do you want to stay here with us?” Emmett asked politely.

“Aww, you guys. I don’t want to ruin your vacation.”

“You wouldn’t be ruining anything,” Rosalie told me. “You know what, we aren’t even going to give you an option. You are staying here… not matter what you want! And, that’s final!”

I smiled sadly at both of them and a then crushed Rosalie into a hug and then Emmett. “Thank you so much, you two! I love you guys.”

“I am so sorry about Alice and Jasper. I’ll call them later about it. I am sure that they know that you are sad and upset.”

“They could have killed him,” I told them. “He is a werewolf! They did not know what was going to happen to him when the venom started going through him. They did not even come to me to ask if this is what I wanted.”

“I am sure that they have your best interests at heart, Bella. They were just not thinking.” I nodded and smiled.