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Wolf's Girl

This is a sequel to A CHANGE IN MONSTERS, so I would suggest reading that first. Bella/Sam

Remember, No Emily.

7. Sun

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Twenty-four days.

I had been in England for twenty-four days.

Rosalie and Emmett seemed fine with whatever decision I decided to take: if I wanted to go back to Washington; or if I wanted to stay with them until they went back. Which, was in one month.

I walked around the crowded streets of London alone: brushing past people, scowling at them when they gave me weird looks, and thinking.

I tried to stay out of the hotel room as much as I could. I did not want to ruin Emmett and Rosalie’s vacation. Just because I was having problems, does not mean that I should force all my issues on them. They were here for fun, and, I should let them have their fun. Not pull them down with my agony.

And, I had realized that I should not be mad at Sam. It was not his fault. At least, it didn’t seem like his fault. It just seemed like Alice and Jasper had taken advantage of the situation.

I was not even sure if I should be mad at them. It seemed like they just thought that they were doing the right thing. They couldn’t have really meant to hurt me. That much I knew. They both still loved me as a sibling. And, I knew that they would not do anything that would intentionally hurt me. They weren’t that mean.

I did not pay attention to where I was heading while walking through the streets of London. It’s not like I needed to anyway. With my senses, I could tell if I was going to run into someone or something.

London was starting to get boring. I had done the same thing each day. And, I knew that people had started noticing. They now gave me weird looks each time I passed them by. Everyday. I ignored that, though. I wouldn’t let the folks of London get to me. I had more important things to worry about.

I decided to go away from my daily routine and head into a café. I knew that I obviously would not be getting anything, but I would do almost anything to get away from these people’s stares.

I quickly dashed across the street and swung the door open. I immediately chose one of the tables closest to the window. Surprisingly, I enjoyed the clouds now. They had become a companion to me these long years. I gazed up at them out the window. They were the fluffiest I had seen them in awhile.

Then, I groaned. I could tell that soon the sun will come out soon. That would mean that I would have to go back to the hotel or stay in this café—away from the windows—or find somewhere else that I could tolerate staying for the time being.

I blew my bangs out of my eyes, and slumped down in my seat. This day could not possibly get any worse…or any better.

“Excuse me, miss,” someone said to me. “Are you going to order anything?”

“Um…” I said quickly. “No, I’m just going to leave now. My ex-husband was out there, and I didn’t want him to see me. I think that he’s gone now.”

“I’m hurt,” the person told me. “You never told me that you were married.” I then looked up at who it was… and my breath caught in my chest.

He was more beautiful than he ever had been. His deep, black hair was shiny. And, his old black eyes were now golden. His skin was still the deep russet color it always had been, but, it too was shiny.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, not trying to disguise my emotions. I knew he could read all of my emotion, too. I was still the open book that I always had been. The pain, fear…agony. I hoped that he would not think that the fear was because he was here.

“You don’t want me here?” Sam asked, his voice filled with sadness.

I shook my head, and then bowed it down.

“Well,” he started. “At least you are being honest. Maybe I’ll see you around. We can talk later. When you are in a better mood.” Sam turned to walk away and a burning, aching feeling in my non-beating heart exploded.

Sam had misunderstood me. I was not shaking my head saying that I did not want him here, I was shaking my head because I felt stupid for running away from him.

“Sam!” I yelled, and everyone in the café looked at us. He turned back to me, though. “I don’t want you to go! Please stay! We can talk now if you want,” I said hopefully.

A ghost of a smile was on Sam’s lips. He hurried back over to me and wrapped me in a tight hug. I smiled hugely at how familiar this felt. It was great to be in his arms. Right where I belonged.

I felt like I could not get enough of him. I tried pulling our all ready close bodies, closer.

“Thank you,” Sam murmured in my ear. That made my smile even bigger. I forgot everything. I pulled back from the tight hug and pressed my lips to his. My eyes were closed. And everything was peaceful.

Then… I tasted something. Something…different. There was still a small hint of his old taste, but this taste… this new taste was good, but scary. I liked it, but it wasn’t my Sam’s taste. My Sam’s taste was woodsy mixed with Old Spice. This taste was sweet yet… tasteless.

I pulled back and looked into his eyes. They were golden. Like the rest of the Cullen’s eyes were. But, I stared deeper into them, past just the golden color of them. I wanted to see if I could still see my Sam somewhere in there.

Aha! There it was. It was the old Sam reflecting in them. My lips pulled up in a small smile. “There you are,” I whispered to him. His lips pulled down in a frown. I pressed my lips against his hard before he could say anything.

I pulled back again when I heard “Awws” erupting from around us. I looked around only to be reminded that we were still in the café.

“We have to go,” I said quickly, remembering that the sun was going to come out soon. And, there was no way that I was going to stay in the café until the sun went away. “The sun is going to come out soon.”

Sam’s eyebrows went down in confusion. I waited impatiently tapping my foot while he tried to remember what the sun meant.

When he did not say anything, I asked, “Have you ever been in the sun?” He shook his head no. “Well, I do not want these people”—I gestured at the people in the café with us—“to see what happens. Let’s go.”

I grasped his hand in mine and we ran out of the café at human speed.

“Where are we going?” Sam laughed.

“The hotel that Rose and Emmett are staying at. I’m sure that we can get a room for ourselves. We can make the time pass by quicker.” I raised my eyebrows suggestively. Sam’s eyes were filled with desire as we headed into the hotel.

“One room please,” I said the lady at the counter while staring into Sam’s eyes.

“Would you like one bed or two?” the lady asked politely.

“One, please,” I told her.

“All right,” she said, handing me a key. “Here you go.” After we paid for the room, we got into an elevator.

“I didn’t think that she would give us a room,” Sam told me.

“Why?” I asked.

“Well, you still look seventeen, and I look about twenty one. I would not expect someone to let us up in a room together. Especially when you said one bed.” I laughed loudly and wrapped my arms around Sam’s waist, pressing my head against his chest.

We walked into the room the lady had given us. I ran into it and plopped onto the bed, patting the space next to me for Sam. He grinned and sat down. I straddled him and began to kiss his neck.

He pushed me away gently and whispered, “Why did you run?”

I paused on my way to meet his lips. What? “What do you mean?”

“When you saw me in your room, you ran here. Why did you do it? You seemed pretty pissed, Bells.”

I bowed my head down and pressed it deep into his chest. “It just… surprised me that you were a vampire. I did not expect it. Or want it.”

“What do you think about it now?” he pressed.

“I’m not sure,” I answered truthfully. “I guess that I’m still in shock, but I don’t think that it’s bothering me as much as it did. I think that I could get used to this. I hope that I can get used to this. It would definitely make everything a whole lot easier.”

“Yeah,” Sam murmured into my hair.

“So,” I muttered, looking up at his face. “What’s it like? Being a vampire?”