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Wolf's Girl

This is a sequel to A CHANGE IN MONSTERS, so I would suggest reading that first. Bella/Sam

Remember, No Emily.

9. Italy

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I rested my head down onto Sam’s bare chest while his arms wrapped possessively around my waist. He was so romantic—who knew?

Rosalie and Emmett had left London a few days ago with Sam and me promising that we wouldn’t stay too much longer. Then, on a whim, Sam suggested that we head off to Italy. I had agreed eagerly. I had never been to Italy and it had always been on my list of places I wanted to go.

We had actually taken a plane there, though, instead of running. I still hated airplanes, so I was gripping Sam’s hand tightly the whole ride there. He chuckled at me, but he did not let my hand go throughout the whole plane ride. When we had shown up at the hotel, they told us that they had no more rooms available, but Sam dazzled his way in. I had to smile at him learning so quickly.

And, then the next afternoon, Sam had blindfolded me and made me promise not to peek. He had guided me to wherever we were headed. When he slipped the blindfold off, there was a gondola. I had covered my mouth with my hand and leaned into Sam’s body.

“You did this?” I asked, even though I already knew the answer.

“Uh, yeah,” Sam said jokingly.

“Thank you,” I had murmured and Sam had helped me into the boat. And, that’s how we ended up with my head rested on his chest and his arms wrapped around me. The man controlling the gondola was humming a quiet melody.

Over the past few days, Sam and I had learned that he was in more control of when he would change into a werewolf. So, nowadays he mainly stayed in human form even though he still had the ability to change.

We laid in comfortable silence, and the man controlling the boat did not seem to think it odd in the position we were in. I wondered what else had happened in this boat.

My thoughts were interrupted, though, by Sam crushing his lips passionately onto mine. It took me a couple of seconds to respond, but when I did, I wrapped my arms tightly around his neck and brought my fingers up to tangle in his silky hair.

“Wow,” I breathed when we broke apart.

“Ditto,” murmured Sam as he brought his mouth down to my lips for the second time.

I pushed Sam away playfully after a couple of seconds. “Someone is in a good mood,” I pointed out.

“Well,” started Sam, “I’m with the most beautiful girl on the entire face of the Earth. Why wouldn’t I be in a good mood?”

“Hmm,” I dragged out. “That is true. I mean, it’s not every day that you get to spend it with someone as gorgeous as me.”

“Oh,” Sam said, his eyes widening. “You thought I was talking about you. I was talking about the fish in the water. It’s just simply amazing to look at.” I slapped him on the arm as he sat up and looked over the edge of the boat. I got up on my knees and kneeled next to him.

“Alright, Sam,” I said. “Introduce me to this amazing looking fish. I want to have a talk with her.”

“She’s right there,” he pointed to a patch of green in the water a little ways away. I narrowed my eyes and peered into the water where he was pointing. I felt Sam’s hands on my hips, but I thought nothing of it as I placed my palms on the edge of the boat.

And, before I knew what was happening, I was thrown into the water. The water hit me like a million needles piercing into my skin. It was colder than my skin was, which was saying something.

“Sam!” I yelled as soon as I hit the surface. “What the hell are you thinking?!” I looked up into the boat to see him doubled over in laughter. I looked over at the driver, and he looked as if he was trying his hardest not to laugh. I could tell that my face matched how I was feeling—furious.

“Sam Uley! You help me into that damn boat immediately or you’ll be sleeping alone tonight!” He was still laughing, but he knew that I was dead serious when I said that. Sam reached down as I reached up to take hold of his hand. As soon as our hands connected, I pulled Sam toward me out of the boat. I had caught him off guard and he tumbled into the river next to me.

I started cracking up instantly, and the gondola driver gave in, too, and laughed along with me. “Why Sam!” I exclaimed. “You’re all wet!”

“No, duh, Sherlock,” he muttered.

I turned toward the man who was still laughing. “You’re services are no longer needed,” I told him and threw some money into the bottom of the boat. He looked pleased at the amount and then took the boat away.

“You deserved it,” I said to Sam as we started swimming to the edge. “You should have known that I would get mad. I only pulled you in to get even. Are you happy with your little stunt now?”

Sam smiled mischievously and started swimming quickly toward me. “Uley,” I warned and I backed up in the water.

“Swan,” he mimicked as he quickened his swimming pace. I titled my head in hope that he would get the point. But, with him being Sam, he didn’t and when he caught up to me, he wrapped his hands around my waist and pulled me under the water with him.

I opened my eyes immediately when we were under the water. Sam pulled my body against his and brought my lips to his urgently. I responded, even though it felt a bit odd to be kissing underwater.

I wrapped my arms once again around Sam’s neck and threw myself into the kiss forcefully. When Sam finally seemed pleased, we broke apart and drifted to the surface quickly.

It seemed that we had drifted while we were kissing. Now, in front of us there was a small café and people sitting at tables outside of the café at tables. The waiters were giving us odd looks while the rest—tourists, I’m assuming—were taking out their cameras and snapping photos of Sam and I. Did these people really having nothing better to be taking pictures of?

I smiled sheepishly at them as Sam got out of the water and then pulled me out after him.

To them, I’m guessing that we were just some really attractive couple that was in the water for no good reason. I don’t know what they were going to tell their families and friends once they returned back to their homes.

I fell into Sam’s arms and we just stood there, breathing heavily. He tilted up my chin and smiled happily at me. I smiled back while looking into to his eyes. I sighed and fell back into him.

“I have something for you,” Sam whispered, his lips at my ear.

“Oh?” I perked. What did he have for me? He could not have gone out and bought something for me, we had never left each others sides. I looked up at him again and tilted my head to the side questioningly.

His smile was huge and pressed his lips to mine.

“Mmm,” I groaned into his lips. “If that was what you wanted to give me, I think I want more.”

He chuckled loudly and said, “Sorry, sweet pea, that wasn’t the gift. I think that one that I am going to give you is much, much better than any of those kisses.”

I frowned up at him and narrowed my eyes. What was the gift?

“Close your eyes, Bells,” he demanded. I raised an eyebrow, but did as he commanded. I moved my right hand over my eyes so he would get the point that I was not peeking.

I heard him chuckle in my ear quickly and I felt him back away. I pouted playfully.

“Open your eyes, Bells,” I heard Sam’s gruff voice say. I pulled my hand away from my eyes and opened them quickly. I was expecting him to be standing in front of me, but he wasn’t there. My pout turned from playful to the real deal.

“Bella?” I heard him say again, and this time I knew where it was coming from. A smile broke across my face and I immediately looked down… and my unnecessary breath caught in my throat.

“Sam?” I asked uncertainly. “What’s this?”

“My courage came back,” he told me steadily.

“Courage?” I squeaked out.

“Bella,” Sam warned. “Please just let me do this.” I nodded slowly and sighed.

I saw him take in a deep breath before he started. “Isabella Swan.” He paused and then said, “I love you, and I know that you love me, too. We are already spending every single day together, but I need to ask anyway. Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

This was the moment that I would have to give him an answer. Whether it be the one he wanted to hear or not, I would have to give him one of them.

I looked down at the ring in the velvety box he carried in one of his hands. I looked up at his face. It was pleading and anxious and happy and depressed all at the same time. I looked back down at the ring in the box. The diamond in the middle was sparkling even though there was no sun.

I took a deep breath ready to give my answer…