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The Morn of

What happens the morning before the Transformation. What does Bella do in her few final hours of being human?


1. Chapter 1

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I woke the next morning in a very drowsy state. My entire body ached from a night of tossing and turning, I could not sleep. It was almost like I was a little kid again, anticipating Santa’s arrival, I was too excited to sleep and too afraid that I won’t get the “present” I’ve been waiting for. I rubbed the sleepers out of my eyes, and attempted to sit up. I looked out the large window—it was still pitch black. The moon was nestled so far behind the clouds, not even its light could penetrate through. I turned my head towards my digital alarm clock, 1:00, it read. I sighed deeply; I had only gotten two hours of sleep. My arm still showed remnants of my crimson blood. At least it the pain had finally stopped. I rubbed my hand over the wound, just another proof of the present I had created.

I reluctantly tried to get ready to greet the day, mostly because I couldn’t get back to sleep--It didn’t turn out as planned. I tried to get myself into the shower. I ended up only retrieving my puppy dog slippers (Edward still doesn’t approve of them) and placing them on my cold feet. I then walked down the wooden spiral stair case. My hand ran along the wooden railing, its smooth, intricate surface greeted my hand with a warming friction. The wood under my feet creaked as my feet transferred my weight onto it. I reached the bottom of the steps with an exhausted motion I got myself comfortable.

Within ten minutes I was sitting on the leather couch, deep into a Elizabeth Taylor movie, Lucky Charms in hand (well bowl actually…but the bow was in my hand). It was almost like what most girls do after a huge break up, but in my case it was the exact opposite. I was happily married, and now Edward and I were about to prove our love for forever. The only thing we didn’t get to do to prove our love (yet) was to go on our Honeymoon. It was decided that we would go to Hawaii a year after my transformation. I for one could not wait!

The movie became more and more of just a background noise to me. My thoughts raced through my mind, like a million bouncy balls were suddenly let loose inside my brain.

What if something goes wrong?....what happens if I don’t love Edward anymore?....What if I am never myself again?

I finally decided to do something more productive with my time—plus the movie had ended. I walked up the steps into the room Edward and I were sharing. He hadn’t been in there with me last night because he was talking tactics with Carlisle. I tided it up; then again Edward kept it unusually clean so there wasn’t much to clean. I then moved on to tidying up myself.

I stepped into the tile shower, the steam engulfed me in a warm embrace, and so did someone else. I turned around to see the grinning face of my husband.

“Good morning Love,” he cooed.

“Good morning,” I replied, in a raspy morning voice.

“You know what day it is don’t you?” He asked, in an abnormally happy (for him) voice.

“Yes,” I replied. “Why are you so happy today?”

He didn’t answer; instead he hopped out of the shower and walked out. I could not fathom what just happened, why did he leave so suddenly? Then I understood, and I couldn’t help myself but start to laugh. Obviously Jasper was near. I heard their shouting through the walls.


“I was just trying to make you relax,” said Jasper calmly.

“THAT WAS A PRIVATE MOMENT BETWEEN BELLA AND I!” Then the door to our bedroom was slammed shut and the noise traveled down the hallway.

I stepped out of the shower and wrapped my warm fuzzy bathrobe around me. I then dried my hair, did my makeup and headed into the bedroom. I picked out my favorite outfit—my dark wash skinny jeans, black boots, and my baby blue sweater. It made me feel normal for a moment.

I walked downstairs, and it was now ten o’clock. Everyone was sitting around the living room, a fire roaring in the fireplace. All of a sudden all eyes were on me. I quietly sat down next to Edward. The room was awkwardly silent.

“So” Esme said, breaking the silence. “Bella how was your morning?”

“Good,” I replied.

It was silent again, and then Carlisle spoke up.

“Bella, we need to discuss the minute details of your transformation.”

“O-Okay,” I stuttered.

“First of all,” Carlisle started, ”It will take place at Twilight tonight. As you know that’s when we, as vampires, are at our strongest. It will take place in your bedroom; we will set up all necessary provisions needed. The final thing we need to do is…” He paused, and my eyes started watering. “Your parents need to think your dead.”

I couldn’t help myself, I started balling. The tears flowed like a waterfall down my face, and Edward opened his arms in a “warm” embrace. I buried my face into his shirt, and let the tears flow. Esme came over to my side and rubbed my back.

“Bella,” she cooed. “You know that it is essential if you want to be a vampire, to you know…die.”

“B-B-But,” I sobbed. “I thought we could keep in touch through email or something.”

“Oh Bella,” sighed Esme. “It cannot be done. What if they want to see you? If you keep turning them down, it will break their hearts.”

“And dying wont?” I shouted through my tears. My entire body was shaking and my head was pounding.

“Bella,” said Edward. “One way around it is that…is to not change at all.”

“No,” I sobbed. “I have to do this.”

“Well it can’t be sickness,” piped in Alice. “perhaps a late night car accident?”

“How will we create a funeral?” I got up the courage to ask. Suddenly the whole room grew silent.

“Bella,” Edward started. “We could always pull a Romeo and Juliet.”

“Edward,” everyone gasped.

“Allow me to clarify,” stated Edward. “Remember Bella when you were obsessed with Romeo and Juliet?” I nodded. “Well, how did Romeo and Juliet insure that they could always live together?”

“Juliet drank a sleeping potion, and Romeo caught up later, but it didn’t really work out all that well, they died in the end.”

“Bella,” he chuckled. “By the end of tonight you will already be ‘dead’.”

“Oh,” said Carlisle. “That could work; I would just need to give Bella some type of potion that wouldn’t be destroyed in her vampire veins and that could last twenty-four hours. Then after the funeral and good-byes we will lead everyone out of the room, and quickly take Bella, and close the casket.”

“Well, then it’s settled,” stated Esme. “Bella I do think it would be nice if you gave them each one last call.” I gave a quick nod.

“Well I for one am tired of this subject and feel that we should try another subject,” Interjected Alice. At least she always has my back.

I went to my room and picked up the phone, the dial tone filled my ear. I dialed Charlie’s phone number.

He answered in a gruff voice, “Hello, Chief Swan speaking.”

“Hi Dad,” I started. “It's Bella.”

“Oh, hi, Bella!” His voice instantly lightened.

The conversation went on about marriage, and the University of Alaska, after an hour of trying to hold back tears, the conversation was coming to an end.

“Well Bells,” Charlie said. “I've got to get going, but remember I am always proud of you and I love you.”

My eyes instantly filled with tears. “I love you too Daddy. Bye.”

Next came Renee’s phone call, that conversation was pretty much the same. When I hung up the phone, I cried my eyes out for over an hour. The only think helping me make it through this morning was the thought of what was going to occur tonight.