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Edward + Bella = ?

So what happens? Everyone has a different opinion. This is mine.

I am going to skip around a bit in the story. I don't want to start something that's never going to end. I'll get all the important parts, don't you worry about that. And I am not exactly a review hog either. Not to name-call or anything of the sort. I'm writing for myself. If you like it, that's great :)

1. Wedding Morning

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The light shone through my eyelids. It was morning already. There was something special about today; I just could not put my finger on it. A wedding. A wedding? Yes, a wedding! Finally, a wedding. Did it not seem strange to me, that I was hours away from being 'Mrs. Isabella Cullen' and married to only the most perfect creature to ever roam the face of the Earth? The sheer thought of that sent shivers all across my body. This was supposed to be the happiest day of my life. I scoffed at the thought of that; soon I would be a soulless monster. Yet somehow, I was not afraid. Why should I be afraid?

There was absolutely nothing to worry about. Not the fact that I could never face Charlie or my mom again, not the intense pain that came along with this, not even the urge kill every single person I came across. None of this could rival my undeniable love for Edward. What a selfish being I am.

“Morning, sleepyhead!” the flute-like voice exclaimed. Sigh, Alice always knew when I’d be up. Then again, I couldn’t expect anything less from her.

“If you don’t look alive in the next five seconds, I will personally drag you out of your room. You have a big day planned ahead of you!” There was a tone of seriousness in her voice, but it was nothing I wasn’t used to.

I moaned as I contemplated whether or not to get up. “Alice, you could wait five years if you had to. Let me sleep.” Another long sigh as I rolled over, underneath the covers.

Her footsteps were quickly approaching. “Normally I would. Today, not so much. Come on, nothing to worry about!” I felt her cold hands reaching for me. She was going to get her way no matter what. I finally opened my eyes. Her delicate face was right above mine, with frustration written all over it.

Alice held my arms in a firm grasp. “Why do you have to be so difficult? It must be Edward; he’s rubbed off on you, hasn’t he? Come on silly, you should be excited.” Clearly, she isn’t the most patient of the bunch. Alice was preparing to heave me off the bed. I wasn’t going to let her do that, even though I knew that petite frame of hers was perfectly capable to.

“Alright, alright, I’m up,” my voice was still groggy. Unwilling feet began to shuffle mechanically across the floor towards the bathroom. “Be right back, I’m too un-presentable at the moment. If you could sleep, you wouldn’t want to…”

Something stopped me in my tracks. More accurately, someone. “I disagree. You look rather lovely.” Soft chuckles followed soon after.

I grudgingly glanced towards the voice. “Edward!” My eyes flew open at the sight of his heavenly face. I ran towards him, my perfect angel. Oops, might have been too caught up in the moment. The short sprint had ended with a thud. The laughter started up again, and I could feel myself blushing as I let out a little giggle.

“Nobody could ever look as perfect as you do now. You know that don’t you?” Edward smiled as he brushed my hair to the side, behind my ear. His butterscotch eyes met mine, and I was lost for words as usual. I could feel his arms wrap around me, and we just stood there. All of my insecurities were erased, all my worries, gone. This was true love, oh how wondrous is really is.

This was going to be more than just a wedding. It was the start of a picturesque new life. I would be Isabella Marie Cullen, the vampire. And I would have a wonderful vampire husband, Edward. Yes, I knew what I wanted. Edward has done so much for me, doing this was the least I could do. Besides, it is what I wanted.

The moment could last forever, but at the same time, it couldn’t. Alice was growing impatient again. “Bella, hurry up! Honestly, for once, I cannot wait all day. And it’s not just me. Everyone else is waiting for you too.” She wasn’t about to give up anytime soon, I knew that for sure.

“Mm, in a moment Alice.” I looked up a final time. We were getting married. Yes. Edward looked down at me, beaming. Oh, how I never wanted to let go of him.

“I love you Edward. More than anything and everything. I just wanted you to know that,” I whispered. “Don’t you ever underestimate that. Ever again.” I was being perfectly serious.

“Yes sweetheart. I promise, from the bottom of my cold dead heart, I will never leave you again. I love you too, Mrs. Cullen,” His crooked smile re-appeared. “Now go my love, I will be waiting too.”

He let go of me and gazed as I walked towards the bathroom. Will he ever cease to daze me? The door swung open with ease, and I shut the door behind me, ever so slightly.

There I stood with my back on the door. A grin spread across my face. No, he wouldn’t.