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Edward + Bella = ?

So what happens? Everyone has a different opinion. This is mine.

I am going to skip around a bit in the story. I don't want to start something that's never going to end. I'll get all the important parts, don't you worry about that. And I am not exactly a review hog either. Not to name-call or anything of the sort. I'm writing for myself. If you like it, that's great :)

2. Wedding

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“Step, another step, another step, another step, another step.” I chanted in the slightest whisper. I had to be careful not to trip, especially with the big puffy dress in the way. It was so inconvenient.

The wind danced around my face and swirled my hair, around and around. I squinted as I peered out over sheer perfection. Alice had chosen a little clearing with an uncanny resemblance to Edward’s meadow. It was secluded from the outside world, from reality. She was the perfect wedding planner, I’ll be sure to give her credit for that.

The guests were all seated on their seats, draped with fine white lace. There was a buzz of chatter amongst them. Flower petals adorned the aisle, which was a delicate light blush of pink. The party planner, who also happened to be a meteorologist, had chosen the perfect day. Wait. No, this isn’t good. No good, no good. Had she forgotten that there were going to be vampires in attendance?

“Bella, there you are! What are you doing here?” My bridesmaid was smiling radiantly. She was absolutely beautiful. I lost all place in thought and just stood there, gawking.

She gave me a puzzled look. “Earth to Bella, hello, anyone in there?” she questioned with a mocking smile. Her expression softened as she peered up at me, her hands finding mine with a soothing comfort.

“You’re going to be alright. Everything is set; I’ve taken care of absolutely everything. Stop worrying about others for once. Today is a day for you. Honestly, you are the most selfless human being I know. Just how do you manage it all?”

She was being sarcastic, the usual Alice. But for some odd reason, I believed her. Yes, everything was going to be alright. Nothing will go wrong, it simply can’t. It would not be permitted. I glanced away to look down at my guests once more.

She was right, but at the very same time, she was not. “Alice, this is not a day for me,” I let out a long sigh. Here we go again; I’m going to be unbearably sappy.

“It’s just as big for Edward, maybe even bigger if possible. I know I worry too much, but only because I am nothing without him. My personal desires are not going to satisfy me if Edward’s not happy. He is my everything and more.”

A smile spread across Alice’s face. She understood what I meant, every single word of it. “Fine, fine, fine. Exemption granted. But you are going to enjoy yourself and I will make sure of that.” she pranced around the balcony, finally to stop at the edge of the stairs.

“Come on Bella, you’re going to be late. Charlie will be at the bottom of the stairs, he’ll be waiting for you.”

It didn’t hit me yet. This was supposed to be the best day of my life. One of the best days of my life, at least. Why was I nervous?

I looked up sheepishly. “Alice, can you escort me down the stairs? I’m afraid I’ll trip or something embarrassing of the sort.”

She held out her arm and waited for me to drag my feet over to where she was standing. “Of course Bella, we wouldn’t want any accidents, would we?” She smiled again and we linked arms, my confidence suddenly restored.

As we descended down the eternal flight of stairs, I saw a dressed-up Charlie beaming with pride. Everything was perfect. There was not a worry in my mind for once. All I could think about was me and Edward, forever.

Step, another step, another step, another step… We stopped our descent abruptly and the arm around mine tensed up in a flash.

I looked up at Alice’s face. It was blank and staring straight forward. My head spun around towards the trees where she was looking. There was nothing there.

The arm did not loosen its grip. Instead, she bent down to whisper in my ear. “Run Bella. Get out of here. Now.”

Alice flew down the stairs as I was left standing there. What now? What could possibly get in the way of my wedding?

Anxiously, I looked into the trees again. There were swift shadows in the woods. I rested most of my weight onto the handrail as I stared some more. I was already on my damn tippy-toes.

Out of the darkness emerged brilliant creatures. Extravagant, almost. Somehow, I couldn’t look away. I was awestruck, like a dumbfounded child. My legs wouldn’t move.

Then, I was overcome with brute force. Everything became a blur. I looked down and saw bronze hair; it was Edward. He was running.

He was running away.

Running away, from what?