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Edward + Bella = ?

So what happens? Everyone has a different opinion. This is mine.

I am going to skip around a bit in the story. I don't want to start something that's never going to end. I'll get all the important parts, don't you worry about that. And I am not exactly a review hog either. Not to name-call or anything of the sort. I'm writing for myself. If you like it, that's great :)

3. Post-Pre-Wedding

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“What just happened?” I whispered softly.

“What do you think just happened?” Edward replied harshly, like it was blatantly obvious, and I was a dimwit.

I was infuriated by him. “Well, I don’t know,” I snapped back. “Why do you think I asked you?” There was a scowl on my face whether Edward realized or not.

“When you’ve got sparkling hooded creatures emerge from the shadows of a vampire and a human’s wedding, who on Earth do you think they are? Take a wild guess Bella!” He was obviously angry, enough not to bother to try and control his temper.

“Oh." That was all that could escape from my lips. How could I not have known? It was the Volturi.

We came to a stop at his car. It was routine; I’d get in the passenger side, and he would drive. This time, we sat in silence. After all my near-death experiences, I think I should be used to it all by now. But that was far from the truth. I bit my lip to try and control the fear.

Edward turned around to look at me for the first time. He had a hint of regret in his complexion; he meant to say that he was sorry. He wanted it to be perfect. He wanted to blame this all on himself like usual.

I gave a long sigh. “Edward, it’s not your fault. There’s nothing you could have done.” My eyes glanced sideways and I placed my hand on his.

He quickly turned look back towards the road. We were there, at the Cullen’s house. I unbuckled the seatbelt and turned around to open the door, only to find Edward already there, holding it open.

“Thanks.” I struggled to conform a slight smile on my face. Edward held my hand, like the perfect gentleman, to help me out of the car. The big dress was in the way of everything; I couldn’t see my feet.

As we neared the door, it flew open as Esme popped out from behind it. She heard us coming. “Oh my, darling I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry.” She reached over to hug us both as she sobbed tearlessly. She walked solemnly over to the couch where we all sat.

Edward held his head in his hand. “You’re right, it’s entirely my fault. Why was I so stupid? I should have known that they were coming.” He looked down at the floor like he was about to break down.

“Shh, Edward, don’t let it get to you. It’s not your fault, don’t worry about it. The rest of the family is there to take care of everything.” She was beside him in a flash, her long graceful arm around his shoulder, her hand rhythmically patting his back.

Edward peered up, but his body remained stationary. He began in a quieter tone. “Esme, it is my fault,” he threw her a quick glance before looking back down again. “I should have seen this coming, I should have been more careful. This is my responsibility. After all, Bella is only human. But me, I’m not. I could have done more. Do you understand my frustration?”

She straightened up and took her arm off him. Her maternal instincts were taking over. “Don’t you go blame yourself now. I’ve had enough of that. As much as you’d like for it, you can’t be ubiquitous. We will take care of them; and you will take care of Bella. Got it?”

Nothing seemed to click in my head. We, them, you, me? “Edward, what happened with the Volturi?” My curiosity got the better of me.

“It’s nothing you should worry about. If I had been more careful and less stubborn, then there would be no them.” He growled through his clenched teeth.

“So what exactly are you worrying about?” He looked very hesitant. “Come on Edward, you can tell me, I can handle it.” That was very true. I wasn’t anxious at all. I was surprisingly calm. I felt like a therapist or a guidance counselor. How odd.

He sat up straight and pulled me to his chest, his arms tight around me. I was pinned there. Perhaps he was afraid I’d go insane. He tilted his head ever so slightly to look at Esme, who then rose gracefully and disappeared from the room. Edward looked back down again at me and buried his face in my hair. It seemed like he was tearlessly sobbing.

He leaned down to my ear. “I’m afraid you’ll be angry with me.”

“That’s just silly. I could never be angry with you. Now tell me before I actually am.”

“This is truly my fault. I’m so terribly sorry. I didn’t… change you because I was selfish. I was only thinking of what I wanted, and I wanted to protect you. But now I see that has caused more trouble than if I did. Your wedding was absolutely ruined,” Edward lifted his hand to cup my face. “I don’t see why you could ever forgive me, let alone fathom any interest in me to begin with.”

His eyes were a deep gold, and it looked like he was waiting for me to get angry. How ridiculous can he get? For such a smart person… was it not clear enough? I had to close my eyes to form coherent sentences.

I looked up to flash him a little smile before I began. He still looked too apprehensive. “My love is forever, as long as forever entails. I thought you knew that already. I don’t blame you for anything; I can’t blame you for anything. That’s how true love works. I don’t care about a fancy wedding or anything else. You’re perfect in my eyes. Don’t worry about trying to make me happy, you’ve done more than enough.”

Edward looked at me with wide-eyes. “You’re absolutely incredible.” He held me even closer and rested his cheek on the top of my head. “I love you too, so much. I really wish I wouldn’t have to change you though.”


“The Volturi are here Bella. I have to change you. Unless you want them to.”