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Edward + Bella = ?

So what happens? Everyone has a different opinion. This is mine.

I am going to skip around a bit in the story. I don't want to start something that's never going to end. I'll get all the important parts, don't you worry about that. And I am not exactly a review hog either. Not to name-call or anything of the sort. I'm writing for myself. If you like it, that's great :)

5. Epilogue + Author's Note

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Some could call this true love. Others, your soul mate. But Edward. Edward is much more.

He is what completes me, I am nothing without him. I cannot even imagine existing in a life without him. We have our faults, well more like I have faults. But Edward is everything to me. My sole reason for living.

Never before did I think I would find this kind of love. This is what happens in fairy tales and romance novels. But not to normal everyday people. And certainly not to me.

But love happens to everyone. And it is the most unimaginable and powerful thing. Yes, I know how love can give someone the power to break you. But it also gives them the power to raise you up to heights unknown, to find new things in life, to have someone to grow from and appreciate. Mere words cannot express what love is. To me, love is real.

And here we are. Together. Nothing else matters.

I tried to publish this once already. But my computer logged me out and I got really pissed. Previously, I had a wordy thank-you to every single one of my reviewers. But it's not too hard to re-do because I only had nine. But to each of you... thank you so much. I'll start.

Edwardluvsme and vampireluver1313 (I totally remembered those names from the last time) you were my first two reviewers. And those were the two I read, well I read them at the same time. So infinite thanks for that. Thank you, thank you. I'm aware that's not infinite. But still. Basically, I only finished the story because of the nice things you said about my lame story. And this was my first fan-fic in ever. I've never written one before. So again, thank you both!

perplexedcritic, Hissweetangel, Hakeber, IwanttobeBella, I_am_Switzerland (or YouAreNotLeavingMe... whatever you want to be called), LeechLover85 and gymnastbritt; thank you all for reviewing as well. It's really helped me write more to this and honestly, I wouldn't have finished it without all of you! I hope other new fanfic authors have such great reviewers like you. This story is indebted to my nine reviewers forever and ever.

As to the other 1108 readers that I haven't mentioned, thank you. That's a big number. And I honestly don't mind if other authors have a gazillion more than I do. I'm super gracious to all of you. Thank you to-the-power-of-onethousand, onehundred, eight.

Extra special thanks to Hissweetangel and IwanttobeBella for sticking with this story, and reviewing as I go along. Thank you, thank you!! And I apologize if I spelt any of your names wrong.

I had a little giggle while writing the line "This is what happens in fairy tales and romance novels" cause... yeah, you probably get it. I have no sense of funny. None at all. But Edward and Bella, in my screwed up mind, are much more than just characters in a vampire romance novel. Their relationship is pure magic. Something I know we'd all want out of life. And that's why we're all hooked. Not just because Edward is obscenely gorgeous and we'll all want him cause he's perfect. Common misconceptions. Gosh. Twilighters (that's the official name right?) feel that their magic is real. They refuse to accept that it stops at the last page. That's why we anxiously hunt down whatever we can about the movie and the fourth book. Don't worry, I'm a freak. I've got the movie trailer on my iPod. Honestly. I've probably watched every single interview out there. My ideal Edward isn't Robert Pattinson, unfortunately. He's an amazing actor, and I'm not complaining that he was cast as Edward. But now whenver I re-read the books, I picture Rob. Spunk Ransom? Kudos to whoever edited Wikipedia for that. Well, do I picture Kristen as Bella? Kinda. Not really. I have a different voice for her in my head, a bit higher than Kristen's.

Finally... my Edward. It's Caleb Lane. There's this one picture of him (it'll be the one that pops up the most frequently if you search him up) where he's sitting down without a shirt. The background is a sort of light-taupe-gray colour. I don't know how to describe it. But that was the picture that totally got me to freak. Except he doesn't have bronze hair. But other than that, he was basically who I pictured. In my opinion, much better than those people everyone pictured. Gaspard Ulliel was it?

So au revior. Which is literally translated as...

au - to

revoir - see again

Rearrange that to more English-making-sense words. Till we see again. It paid off to take French, didn't it? Now we'll have to see about Cantonese, German, Spanish, and Latin...

Well it turns out I haven't quite reached 500 words yet, and well, I don't want this to be rejected or anything simply because of that. So I'll revise my predictions of Breaking Dawn.

Well there was that spoiler that Stephenie Meyer herself released. That Bella and Edward would get married early on in the book. So. Yeah. That prediction was quite accurate. Obviously it doesn't go along well. Okay, so maybe it's not the Volturi who come along and ruin it. Might be werewolves, but I don't really see a reason for them to. So it might be Jake, since he was invited. I don't know. There are going to be complications involving warewolves and the Volturi. I am almost sure of it. Because the whole conflict didn't even finish yet, with both of them. Obviously I'm super excited. And I still think that Bella will be turned into a vampire. I think that's what the Breaking Dawn cover symbolizes. The white pawn is Bella the human. And the red queen is Bella the vampire. If that makes sense. I don't know how the red makes sense. Maybe it's the whole red theme going on in the series. Maybe it's something more. But apparently, it has some sort of meaning behind it. More than the 'ruffled tulips' on the New Moon cover at least. Those blasted ruffled tulips. But New Moon was my favourite book of the three (don't scream at me for that. I'm team Edward but it's still my favourite) and I'll explain. I really don't like Jake. I don't like him at all. Because in my mind, it's already set. Edward and Bella. Together. Not Jake and Bella. It's like... changing destiny. It doesn't work. So no. No Jake. But I like New Moon because we figure out who Bella really is. What she's capable of. We also see a whole new side of Edward. When Bella and Edward are reunited again, everything after that, my heart was just pounding. You could feel the love. And it was mushy. But still. Tasteful mush. I liked it. I don't get why other people like Eclipse the most. Okay, I've passed the 500 mark for sure now. And that's enough from my big brain. I can't say mouth because I'm not talking.