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My Idea for Breaking Dawn: The Ultimate War

The werewolves refuse to allow Bella to marry Edward and become a vampire. They are willing to do anything--ANYTHING--to stop that from happening. More barriers threaten to keep Bella and Edward from acquiring their ultimate happiness and they must once again fight for what they want--what they NEED.


15. Chapter 15: Parting

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I could feel familiar, cold fingers lightly tickling my face and my eyes involuntarily opened, in search for the beautiful face I longed to see. I may have been lost in a wonderful dream about him, but my dreams never did him justice. No one's dreams had that kind of power.

Once I found his face, I smiled and reached out to touch his face. "Hey." I whispered, my voice still groggy from having just woken up. I cleared my throat and said, "Charlie didn't try to kill you."

He smiled his crooked smile and shook his head, amused, "No....We actually had a very good talk."

"Define good." I said, doubtfully.

He tapped the tip orf my nose with his index finger and then bent down to plant a soft kiss on my lips before saying, "Really, really great!" I still wasn't sure so he chuckled and said, "Everything's fine, Bella, I promise."

"What did you talk about?" I asked, needing more assurance.

He shrugged, "You; what else?"

I moaned in irritation and he pulled me into his arms, "Oh, Bella...I already said it was a good talk."

"Where's Charlie?" I asked, stiffening up in his arms.

He hugged me closer and said, "He had to get to the station. Will you relax, Bella? You're not even 19 yet and you're gonna get wrinkles already." He lightly brushed his fingers across the corner of my eye and then he leaned down and kissed my eyelid.

I loosened up in his arms and said, "Edward, please...it probably doesn't mean that much to you, but I need to know...what happened?"

"It doesn't matter, Bella." Edward protested, in a soft and kind voice.

"It matters to me."

He sighed and said, "He told me he was wrong to try to keep me from you and that it is very clear that the way we feel about each other will not be changed. He told me about Renee leaving and how heartbroken he was and in that moment, it was like seeing my life without you. He really loves her. He wasn't the one not ready for commitment....It was Renee."

"You don't have to be telepathic to know that." I said, sourly.

He kissed my temple and said, "Maybe not...but you do to know that Charlie has completely accepted me. He didn't say it, but I am the son he never had, but always wanted. He knows that we belong together and he will no longer stand in the way. He doesn't want to lose you; not because of his prejudice against me. And he's going to try to be more civil."

I breathed a chuckle, "That sounds familiar."

He furrowed his eyebrows and, though he did well to hide his frustration from his facial features, I knew him well enough to know that it was still there.

Before he could asked, I answered his unasked question. "Rosalie...and I had a great talk. She told me that I am her sister just as much as Alice is, she apologized for her behavior towards me, and she said that she loved me." I couldn't keep the smile of relief off my face.

"I know." Edward said, without expression, but I could tell how much he appreciated Rosalie's efforts, "And she's right. I would never bribe her with a car for a reason as ridiculous as that. You just have to realize that she was speaking from her heart...ironic as that is...and she really does see you that way. We all do. You are the only person to ever earn their way into this family as a HUMAN." He chuckled at that.

I smirked, "Ah, the irony!" I tilted my head to look in his eyes and he smiled back at me, like he was ready to argue his point if I dared take him up on his challenge.

His eyes, still utterly hypnotizing and beautiful as ever, were fading rapidly to their onyx shade--showing his need to hunt and very soon. The purple bruises underneath his eyes were darkening as well as we sat there in silecne simply staring at one another. I ran my thumbs habitually across the bruises and then reached my lips up to them, running them across the hollows beneath his eyes, while caressing his face simultaneously.

He placed his hands over mine, interlaced his fingers with mine, and then said, "About that--" he blinked and I knew what he was referring to, "I have to go hunting...soon. The only one who has gone recently enough is Rosalie. Emmett, Jasper, Carlisle, and I really do have to go."

I nodded, trying and failing to hide my disappointment.

He planted a soft kiss on the tip of my nose and then traced his lips delicately and lovingly up the bridge of my nose to my forehead and then down to my lips, which he kissed softly three times before saying, against my lips, "Will you be okay?"

"Yes," I answered too quickly, "I'll be fine. Go on; take your time."

He smiled, "Bella, now that I know that I have you at home waiting for my return, I can't 'take my time', it's impossible. I have to hurry back to you. Every second we spend apart is utter agony...I can hardly stand it."

I rested my forehead against the bridge of his nose and then said, "I know what you mean. Just think: next time you go, I'll be going with you."

He grimaced, "You're supposed to be making me feel better."

I chuckled softly, "You should. Then, we can literally spend 24/7 together. I won't need sleep or food and I'll be able to go with you. I have such a beautiful future in front of me."

He changed the subject immediately, "I'll come back as soon as I can. But, with everything that's going on...with the werewolves and the possibility of the Volturi coming...I don't want to leave you alone. Alice and Esme are gone. Rosalie's the only option left. Are you okay with that?"

I nodded, "Absolutely. We'll be fine."

He stared at me for a second and then nodded, "Okay. You'll stay here then. I don't want you at your house. Not unless I'm with you."

"That's fine. Edward, stop trying to explain yourself to me. I understand. Just go. Please don't be so worried about me."

"I do, Bella, ESPECIALLY leaving you with Rosalie." He protested.

I smiled, slightly, "You heard our conversation. No matter how awkward it may get, I completely trust Rosalie. I know that I'm safe with her. Edward, you're her brother. She loves you. She won't let anyting happen to me because she knows how much it would hurt you."

He shook his head, "Don't believe a word she says; it is a very rare thing to have Rosalie admit to being wrong. She hasn't actually APOLOGIZED for being wrong since the '20s when she found Emmett and realized she was meant for him, not me. She apologized for treating me so coldly and for hating me because I wasn't in love with her like every other man. Even THAT apology was a little rough."

I tilted my head down in a reproaching manner. "That is not true. What about after Italy? She was DEFINITELY sorry for that."

"Hah!" He snorted, "More like the family made her apologize. If there's one thing you'll learn becoming a Cullen, it's that Rosalie is not the most repentant of people."

"I beg to differ." I protested.

He simply stared at me and then breathed a chuckle, "You never cease to amaze me. You always look for the best in people; it's such a beautiful trait....Rosalie doesn't deserve it."

I shook my head, "Even Rosalie deserves her second chance. Give it to her. Please?"

He stroked my cheek, kissed my lips once, and then nodded, "Okay....I'm only doing this for you....Promise me that I'll still have you to come home to."

I smirked, "Even the Volturi couldn't take me away from you." I said, placing my hand over his.

He growled softly, "Don't make me more nervous than I already am. You're not helping."

I chuckled, " I promise. GO. Think about it this way: the sooner you go, the sooner you will get back."

He lightly pressed his lips to my jawbone and lightly traced it with his delicate lips. Then, his lips found mine and he kissed me passionately yet fiercely. "I love you," he said, against my lips, "Please...don't be reckless." He kissed me again, "Do not leave Rosalie's side." He kissed me one more time, this time longer, caressing the side of my neck with the side of his left hand.

He pulled away and when I found my voice, I said, "I love you, too," before lightly touching my fingers to his lips and caressing them with my fingertips.

I never could get over how stunningly beautiful he was. He smiled his crooked smile, kissed my fingertips, and then chuckled softly, before closing his eyes and exhaling shakily.