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My Idea for Breaking Dawn: The Ultimate War

The werewolves refuse to allow Bella to marry Edward and become a vampire. They are willing to do anything--ANYTHING--to stop that from happening. More barriers threaten to keep Bella and Edward from acquiring their ultimate happiness and they must once again fight for what they want--what they NEED.


17. Chapter 17: Torture and Rescue

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I felt increasing pressure on my arm as I was coming to. I could smell the potent, nauseating stench of my blood. My stomach felt queasy instinctively and I stifled a gag as a I forced my eyes open. I was lying on the hard, cold pavement. It wasn't soothing like being in Edward's arms; it was unsettling and I felt empty. I looked down towards my arm to see Jacob applying more pressure to cause my blood to pour freely out.

I was in pain, but it didn't matter. Was Rosalie okay? I searched my head, trying to remember what happened to her when I fell unconscious, but I couldn't remember anything.

I heard her whimper shakily and looked over to the source of the noise to see her bound and gagged, and she was shaking uncontrollably, stifling tearless sobs, fighting her internal desires with every ounce of strength she possessed. For once, she didn't look like the flawless goddess that I knew her as--she looked truly scared and weak. Why wasn't she breaking free and saving herself by now?

She looked absolutely awful. Even Edward at his hungriest, didn't look this bad. That scared me.

I looked back to Jacob and struggled not to hyperventilate, as I choke out, "Jacob..."

Jacob's head jerked up and he glared at me. "Oh, good. It wouldn't have been as fun if you were unconscious."

"Let Rosalie go," I begged, "Please."

He snorted, "Nah. I can't risk Chuck Norris coming to kick my butt."

"What?" I asked, deliriously.

"Her mate. Whatever you wanna call him."

I closed my eyes, "His name is Emmett. And, believe me, he'll be the least of your problems."

"I doubt that." He said, confidently, but arrogantly too.

"Why is THAT?" I spat back.

He lowered his face to a mere inches from mine and I could tell he was shaking with fury and his breath was hot, forced, and angry against my face. I cringed from the unfamiliarity of it and he snarled, through clenched teeth, "Rosalie's not the only girl we took, princess. Even if your beloved Edward has the same personality, he's no match for Emmett?--did you call him? Rosalie's across the border--she's free game. But YOU--" He took my jaw in one hand, jerked my head, and pointed to the invisible treaty line, "Are just out of his reach, I'm afraid."

The line was mere feet away. If I could escape his grip, I could cross it.

As if reading my mind, Jacob yanked my head back towards his and locked it into place easily against the pavement and the tips of our noses were touching.

I moaned and struggled to break free, pushing uselessly against his bare chest.

"How far is the bloodsucker willing to go...to save the woman he love? You see, I...I'll go all. the. way."

Before I knew what was happening, Jacob's lips were roughly pressed against mine and he was kissing me so hard that our teeth literally banged together and my teeth began throbbing in pain. I pushed harder against his chest, but it did no good.

I struggled to break free, but Jacob merely deepened the kiss and from beside us, I could hear Rosalie's muffled screams of disgust and horror.

Jacob pulled away and I spit on him, not knowing what else to do. Tears streamed down my face and I was trembling in anger. Jacob lookd over at Rosalie, irritably, who was screaming her wordless, dry sobs. She was rocking back and forth deliriously and I could tell her thirst was overpowering her.

"Rosalie..."My voice was so soft and trembling so much that I couldn't tell if I had really said it or not.

"Paul!" Jacob called, angrily, "Take out the bloodsucker!"

"NO!" I yelled, as Paul made his way over to her.

Rosalie was too weak to escape or fight back, so she merely sat there and glared at Paul, her anger clear in her facial features. It was weird: Rosalie Hale--the personfication of perfection and beauty looked nowhere near the vicinity of beautiful. She looked horrible; SICK!

I began hyperventilating in fear for her as Paul bodyslammed into her and pinned her down. I began convulsing and screaming so loudly, I was giving myself a headache.

Suddenly, so fast I couldn't quite be sure it had really happened, Emmett came in out of nowhere and threw Paul off of Rosalie, throwing him into a tree, knocking it over. He was growling in anger as he glared at Jacob, who merely smirked smugly, knowing I was out of their bounds.

Emmett approached Rosalie, broke her restraints with one finger, and then helped her to her feet, leading her away from my blood, and pulling her into his arms, releasing a sigh of relief.

Jacob climbed to his feet, pulling me with him, and began backing further away from the treaty line.

I was calmed down now that Rosalie was safe, but I tensed involuntarily as Jacob began backing us further away. "NO! PUT ME DOWN!"

"BELLA!" Edward was trying to cross the line to come save me, but Carlisle was holding him back. "LET ME GO!" He yelled, struggling to break free, "NO!! BELLA!"

"Edward!" I sobbed, reaching for him.

"No, Edward." Carlisle said, regretfully, "We can't cross the line."

Pain and rage filled Edward's face as he struggled against Carlisle.


"See!" Jacob hissed in my ear, "He doesn't even CARE enough to break the rules to save you. You were wrong!"

Paul was suddenly behind them and he grabbed Carlisle and threw him back, giving Edward the ability to break free and run across the line to come and save me.

The Cullens froze in fear as Edward crossed it and gasped simultaneously, knowing what would result.

Jacob and Paul were thrilled; inexplicable glee lighting up their faces.

My heart literally stopped beating momentarily and I felt numb with fear.

Edward was so focused on saving me that he didn't care what rules he was violating.

Jacob's heartrate accelerated with exhiliration and anticipation at what would happen next.

"Edward, PLEASE, don't!" I begged, hysterically, "Please...not for ME."

He ignored my pleas and pulled me effortlessly, but gently from Jacob's arms and set me on my feet.

I saw my opportunity and said, like a 5-year-old tattle tale, "Edward, Jacob KISSED me." I even pointed accusingly at Jacob and Edward looked to me and I stared at him, anxious for his reaction.

At first, he just stood there, absorbing it, but after awhile, he squinted his eyes, nodded angrily, and looked to Jacob--anger burning in his eyes. If his telepathic powers could extend to murder, Jacob would have been dead by now.

Jacob seemed cocky up until he saw Edward's face, then fear filled his eyes.

Edward clenched his teeth together audibly, before saying in his threatening yet still velvety voice, "Can't say I didn't warn you, DOG!" Again, so quickly that I couldn't really relish it, Edward pulled his fist back and thrust it into Jacob's jaw with enough force to make a cracking noise and to cause Jacob to collapse, letting out a yell of pain.

I stifled a snort and Edward said, pulling Jacob up by his hair so he could say it in his ear, "Next time this happens...you'll be losing a limb. LEAVE. BELLA. ALONE!"

Then, he threw Jacob onto the pavement, looked at me, smiled his crooked smile, scooped me up, kissed my forehead, and then, in a blur, we were running back to their house.