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My Idea for Breaking Dawn: The Ultimate War

The werewolves refuse to allow Bella to marry Edward and become a vampire. They are willing to do anything--ANYTHING--to stop that from happening. More barriers threaten to keep Bella and Edward from acquiring their ultimate happiness and they must once again fight for what they want--what they NEED.


26. Chapter 26: Bliss

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As I was waking up, I could feel the back of Edward's hand tracing the length of my waist softly and his other arm was around my shoulder and his fingertips were trailing down the side of my neck, to my shoulder, down my arm, to my hand, which he held delicately in his own, playfully intertwining our fingers and playing with mine.

I opened my eyes and looked up to see him staring down at me, a slight smile playing on his lips.

"Good morning, beautiful," he said, softly, his smile widening as his lips brushed across my forehead, and he wrapped his arms tightly around my waist.

My head was still laying on his chest; one of my hands resting on his pec, right beside my head. I raised my hand to his face and caressed it softly, lovingly. "Hi," I said, still a bit groggily.

His fingers began tracing the line down my spine and back up again. "How did you sleep?" He asked me, his eyes still locked on mine.

"Never better." I said, truthfully, "I told you everything would be fine. Now who feels stupid, huh?" I was extremely smug that I had been right for once.

"You did not just call me stupid." He teased, pretending to be mad.

"Oh, yeah, I think I did." I said, enjoying this.

He narrowed his eyes, feigning ungraceful defeat, and began tickling me fiercely.

I cringed and began laughing hysterically, trying to get away, but failing miserably.

"What was that? What? What?" He said, laughing along with me, but not stopping.

I screamed my laughter and tried to roll away, but he surprised me by rolling me over himself and pinning me down.

"Make fun of me again," he challenged, "I dare you."

"I knew something you didn't know," I sang in a teasing manner, causing him to growl playfully and roll over again so I was on top of his chest.

"Fine, you were right; I'll admit it." He said, trying to sound disappointed.

"Mm-hm...and as punishment...I think...I'm going to have to...force you...to change me..." I said, kissing him in between phrases.

"A deal's a deal," he said, trying to hide his reluctance and frustration that he still felt towards the idea.

"Immediately." I added, trying to kiss him one more time, but he slightly moved his head, so I couldn't reach my lips to his. "What?" I asked, at his sudden hesitation, terrified that he would try to back out on me.

"Why are you in such a hurry, Bella? We still have a good week before you turn 19. Why don't you treasure what little time you have left?"

"We've had this conversation; nothing's changed. I get older everyday and we still have the Volturi keeping an eye on us to be sure we do it. If we don't do as soon as possible--"

"Nothing will happen."

"You keep saying that, but you can't really promise me that, Edward, and you know that. I don't care what you are or what abilities you have, you cannot guarantee that nothing will happen. Even you aren't powerful enough to do that."

"Okay, okay...enough talk about this for now. Let's just treasure the time we have given to us right now and this moment." He said, pushing my hair back from my face and pulling my face down to his and kissing me.

I was not going to say no to that; that's for sure. I deepened the kiss and allowed another one to form from that one, followed by another one, another, another, another...countless kisses, each one seemingly more amazing than the one before it.

His hand trailed lightly up my back to the nape of my neck. He softly massaged it before moving his fingers around to the side of my neck, up and down it several times, tracing the shape of my ear, down to my shoulder, down my arm, down my hand, around to the palm.

Our fingers naturally entwined with each other, caressing one another, tangling together playfully, beautifully. Suddenly, Edward brought our hands up, pulled away from our kiss, my parted, trembling lips only mere inches away from his face as I stared at him, watching what he was doing, breathing raggedly against his skin.

Edward examined our hands closely, as if memorizing the very existence of them together, and then brought them to his lips, kissed my hand, and trailed his lips up my arm, taking his time in kissing every inch of my arm.

He sat up slightly and in one swift motion, rolled me over and laid me down, as his lips reached my shoulder, and he kissed my shoulder and the side of my neck.

He brought his other hand around, moved my hair back, and began frenching the side of my neck, while he caressed the length of my waist with the back of his hand that was still holding mine.

He trailed his lips up to my ear and encircled his arm slowly around my waist from behind, keeping our fingers entwined, playing with mine as he continued his activities, and then whispered, "You know what I'm doing right now?"

"Being utterly amazing?" I guessed, knowing that even though I was right, he would say otherwise.

He breathed a chuckle against my ear and said, softly, "No. Right now...I'm holding the fortune that heaven has given to me....What would I do without you, my Bella?"

My heart literally melted at those words. I nestled into him, pulling his arms tighter around me, and caressing his forearms with my fingertips. I turned my back around slightly to look at him, smiled, and said, "I love you."

He returned my smile and said, "I love you," before lowering his lips to mine for another kiss.

Eventually, he pulled away and whispered against my lips, "Shall we be on our way?"

"To?" I asked, not understanding.

"Our honeymoon." He said, in an obvious-tone.

"Didn't we just have that?" I asked, confused.

"That was not the entire honeymoon. We still have so much ahead of us. You have no idea what else I have in store for us."

"Well, changing me into a vampire is top priority, I'm sure," I said, trying to hide my irritation that he was still making up excuses to postpone it.

His eyes narrowed, this time really in aggravation, and he said, "Don't worry, Bella, we'll get to that, I assure you. But, for now, let's keep this on the dull fun side of the honeymoon, okay?"

I rolled my eyes at his sarcasm and said, "I swear, if you even try to back out on me, I don't care what the hell you're made of, I will find a way to hurt you, do you hear me?"

He chuckled and shook his head. "I'm not backing out, I promise. I would never do that to you; I promised you. After what you did for me, you will be getting absolutely everything I promised you, no matter what it costs me."

"And...what does this cost you?" I asked, curiosity getting the best of me.

He shrugged, in a nonchalant manner, "Besides the indescribable pain and agony that I will feel for you, nothing at all."

I narrowed my eyes, irritably, "Don't even think that will sway my decision. I love you and I don't ever want to see you in pain, but what the hell, if I'm going through pain, misery loves company; I'm a sharing person; you'll get over it."

He laughed, half-forcefully, half-amused at my bluntness, "Well, I have to admit, I never thought you capable of it. If you're okay with it, then so am I."

"That's not going to work either." I told him.

"What work? I'm not trying to get anything to work. I'm serious."

I stared at him, still not believing him. "Okay..." I said, after a minute, "Then, know that I will not stop bugging you until you decide to do it. So the sooner you do it, the sooner my torture for you stops."

"What torture? You can't torture me." He said, smiling at my feigned conviction and strength.

"Wanna bet?" I challenged, rolling us over twice and then kissing him as deeply as I could manage to do without laughing.

When he pulled away, he said, surprisingly breathlessly, "Okay...you win...fine."

I smiled and said, "Okay. So, what's next?"

He shrugged, "I don't know. I hate this."

"Hate what?"

"Having to leave...this bliss. Every minute I spend with you is beautiful, no matter what we're doing, but now...it seems as if any time spent together having had you...is in vain."

"Wanna explain that to me?"

"I thought maybe it would make me feel like I do deserve you, but if anything, it me to even more shame."

I rolled my eyes, "I'm not doing this again. You will never see yourself the way I do."

"I know. I just wanna know what it is you see in me. It's so irritating that the only insight I have for you is what you decide to give me."

I lightly touched my fingertips to his lips and shook my head in disbelief, "How can you not see it?"

I sat up, pulled him up with me, and pointed to his mirror. "What do you see?" I asked, looking to him for his reaction.

"The most beautiful girl to ever exist." He said, looking to me and smiling.

"Okay, easy...flattery means nothing to me right now. I meant you. What do you see when you look at yourself?"

He honestly considered it, staring at his reflection, before shrugging and saying, "Just me."

"Not who. What, what do you see? Come on, Edward, I'm being serious."

"I see the same person I've seen for the past century. The same person I've always been. I see a vampire who is given way too much credit for someone he never deserved. I see the same monster I've always been, no matter what you may think."

I looked at his reflection and shook my head. "No. That is not at all what I see. I see my angel, my hero--the one who saves my life unconditionally and who never lets me down no matter what,; I see my friend--the one who offers me a shoulder to cry on when I need one or who encourages me and praises me when I succeed; I see the only man I could ever truly love. You are...everything to me. From the second I fell in love with you, I knew that I could never find happiness anywhere else. My happiness is within you; it begins with you, it lives in you, and it can never die. As long as I have you, it will never be able to die. No matter what threatens to destroy our happiness, I asssure you nothing can succeed. Every ounce of happiness I have ever felt has been because of you. Do you realize how powerful that is? Do you realize how powerful my love for you is?"

He looked at me, analyzing my words and my expressions, before saying, "I don't doubt that power, Bella. That is the same power that caused us to succeed. Our love, in itself, is the most powerful of anything. I don't care how strong Emmett is or how fast I am or how beautiful us vampires appear to the human eyes; nothing is stronger than that. Nothing. But, after I destroyed you, how can you still see me as such a perfect, flawless person? How can you see me as a person at all? Only a monster could have the capability to destroy you like that. Don't you see that?"

"That is exactly my point. Being in love with someone is giving them the power to ultimately destroy you to where there is absolutely nothing left, but trusting that they won't. Knowing that they wouldn't do that to you."

"And you trust me after what I did to you?" He asked, sounding utterly appalled.

"No. I know you. I know you better than anyone. And, I know that you will stand by your word. Even if you do break my heart again, it's your call. You said that yourself. I don't care; it's not my heart to break anymore. It is yours. It can never belong to me or anyone else ever again. I have one necessity in life and that is that you are completely happy. I've already said so long as you are happy, I don't give a damn what pain I have to endure. It's worth it. You're worth it."

He hung his head, looking ashamed, "What did I do to deserve you? Why? Why couldn't you have fallen in love with someone who deserved you? Why'd you have to fall for me; the one person who is far beyond unworthy of your love?"

"Edward, I never wanted anyone else; I've only ever wanted you. This has absolutely nothing to do with who's worthy of who. This has to do with the fact that we fell in love and cannot live without that love. It's too late; it's done. It can never be undone. I wouldn't have it any other way. You never wanted this life for me, but this is the only life I've ever wanted. And now, I not only want it; I know that I need it in order to remain alive."

He shook his head, "What have I done to you?"

"You've given me everything I have ever wanted. I couldn't ask for more than you. You are the best person to ever exist; there has been no better person and there never will be. I have the absolute best choice. You say you wanted me to fall in love with someone better, but you are unaware of the fact that that is impossible, because it is impossible for anyone better than Edward Cullen to exist. You are the ultimate perfection. There is no better."

"Sorry about that." He laughed.

I knew he was being sarcastic now, so I merely chuckled along with him and shook my head, "And you call me stubborn."

He smiled, cupped one hand around my shoulder, leaned in to kiss me, and deepened it while laying me down and lowering himself on top of me.