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My Idea for Breaking Dawn: The Ultimate War

The werewolves refuse to allow Bella to marry Edward and become a vampire. They are willing to do anything--ANYTHING--to stop that from happening. More barriers threaten to keep Bella and Edward from acquiring their ultimate happiness and they must once again fight for what they want--what they NEED.


34. Chapter 34: Training

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I heard the crash as I flew into the tree and knocked it down, but I felt no pain whatsoever. If anything, I only felt sorry for the tree.

I stood up in one swift motion, spun around on my heel so quickly that if I was still human, I definitely would have collapsed from the dizziness, and I closed my eyes to listen for Edward, to anticipate where he was coming from.

I heard some rustlings in the trees and tried to pinpoint what was just animals and what was Edward attempting to surprise me.

I finally caught his scent and opened my eyes. I made to turn towards it when he suddenly grabbed me from behind, bent me over his knee, jerked my head up with one hand, and lowered his bared teeth to the side of my neck.

One flinch and he could have easily killed me right here. I froze up and glared at him. "All right, you made your point, let me go!"

In the blink of an eye--for a human, that is--he was on his feet, pulling me to mine and he said, "See how easy that was? See how distracted you were by everything else? Bella, when you are fighting, especially with the Volturi, nothing matters but the fight itself. Nothing else exists. Nothing else can exist. You have to be 100% focused on it or else, with one slip up, one second of distraction, they can have you. Don't you understand?"

I nodded, "Okay, I get it, let's go again."

"I don't think you do get it, Bella." He protested, jerking away from me, "I think that you have the insane idea that you are invincible. I know it feels that way. I know how exhilarating and...liberating it can all feel. But, that does not mean that you can take on a fight such as this."

"I'm not doing this again," I said, grabbing his wrist and pulling him back to me, "You will teach me to fight right now or I swear, I will not hesitate to--"

At that moment, he lunged at me as fast as he could, sending me flying into the air. I felt nothing beneath me, nothing but his arms holding me.

When we finally crashed down to the earth, making a huge crater in the distorted shape of our bodies together, he had me pinned down, my hands pinned up beside my head, his face inches from mine.

I chuckled, "If you wanted to be on top, all you had to do was ask."

He growled, half-playfully, half-angrily, and rolled us over three times so I was now on top.

I raised my eyebrows, "Or that'll work too." I lowered my parted lips to his throat and began frenching it as he flipped me over and slammed me to the ground.

He was straddling me and he said, angrily, through clenched teeth, "Knock it off, Bella! Stop playing around; we don't have time for this!"

I brought my knees up and thrust them into him, pushing him off of me and then I lunged at him, landing on his bare chest.

I pinned him down and then channeled his power to read his mind:

"She will never understand this. She doesn't stand a chance, but she'll never accept it. Okay, focus...make her think you're going to play passivist, but surprise her..."

I smirked and rolled us over, kicked him effortlessly into another tree and watched as it collapsed on top of him.

Seconds later, he pushed the tree off of himself and surprisingly staggered to his feet, using a branch for support.

He smiled his crooked smile, "You won that battle. But, the war...is nowhere near over."

"Yeah, you got that right." I teased, slowly approaching him, finally embracing the true instincts within me, allowing them to take over me.

He tilted his head to the side slightly, narrowed his eyes, trying to anticipate my next move, and watched intensely as I made my way over to him.

I finally reached him, placed my trembling hands on his pecs, traced them lightly down his stomach, up to his chest again, and then down to his stomach. I looked into his eyes, staring at him intensely as I ran them back up, and traced my right middle finger down the line of symmetry in his chest all the way down to his belly button.

I smirked, placed both my hands on his abs, and slammed him into another tree behind us, knocking it down, but kept him in place and pulled him closer to me by his belt loops, which I looped my index fingers through. Then, I leaned in and touched my lips to his.

He eagerly returned it, picking me up immediately and wrapping my legs around his waist. Then, he leaned me against one of the trees we knocked down, tightening his arms around me, deepening the kiss and allowing another one to form from that one.

I arched my back against the trunk and whimpered as Edward began massaging my thigh through my jeans.

My trembling hand desperately went searching along my leg until it found his hand and my fingers intertwined with his and I pressed his hand against my leg more intensely, bringing it up to my hip.

Without warning, Edward bit my bottom lip and then trailed his lips down to my neck, the kisses intensifying with each one.

My other hand was on his neck, my fingers playing with his hair, and I pushed his head further against my skin, desperate to feel his lips on every inch of skin.

I rolled him over and traced the length of his waist with my hands as I slowly slid up, my body against his, reaching my lips to the triangle shape in between his pecs, frenching it all the way up to the hollow of his throat, taking my time in doing so.

He tilted his head back and laughed as I did this, sliding his hands into my shirt, tracing the skin of my back with his fingertips, tracing them up my spine, toying with the idea of unclasping my bra.

I traced the column of his throat with my lips and then reached my lips to his and immediately deepened it.

He rolled us over and without warning, ripped my shirt open, without breaking off any of the buttons, and he lowered it off my shoulders, letting it fall to the ground.

He trailed one hand up my arm, lowered my bra strap with his thumb, as his thumb lovingly caressed the edge of my shoulder and then he began frenching my bare shoulder, pulling me closer to him as he did so.

Involuntarily, my mouth dropped open and as usual, I couldn't breathe properly. I struggled to get a decent breath, but didn't care if I did or not. "Edward--"I finally managed to gasp, but after that, I lost all sense of awareness except for him. Where his lips caressed my skin, where his hands touched me, and how amazing he made me feel.

Suddenly, he grabbed me by my waist and thrust me away from him, sending me slamming headfirst into a boulder, completely destroying the boulder.

Out of confusion, I simply laid there, still trembling, waiting for him to come and explain himself.

"You're weak, Bella," he accused, but I couldn't spot his voice, "You let your emotions rule you. That's not the way it works. You might have the same abilities and powers that we do, but you haven't the skill to defeat anyone right now. If you can't even win a fight with me when I'm holding back, how the hell are you going to beat the Volturi. This is your death sentence."

I gritted my teeth in anger, mad that he refused to admit that I had to do this. Why was he so bent on me failing? Why couldn't he just accept my fate and teach me? Why did I have to fail?

Now, his voice issued from so many different areas that I couldn't pinpoint his exact location:

"You. Will. Die. if you do this. I know it seems like you can handle this, Bella, and you have no idea how much I want to believe that's true. But, I just can't. In order to have the slightest chance of winning, you cannot continue to run on human emotions. You cannot be a human anymore."

"But, I'm not a human anymore!" I protested angrily, looking desperately around for him.

"Maybe not...but you're no vampire either."

At that moment, he landed on top of me, jumping from some unknown location. I started and closed my eyes, in shame. I should've seen that coming; I knew he was close.

He smirked and said, shaking his head, "I rest my case. Now, I have nothing more to teach you."

He stood up and helped me to my feet. It wasn't until then that I realized that my shirt was still off. I looked around for it and he smiled, handing it to me.

"Looking for this?"

I snatched it, put it on, and said, "I'm not through with you. I will not stop until you think I'm ready. We don't have time for games."

"Thank you for the lecture, kettle. The pot agrees. Which means Emmett better get his butt out here and start his lessons now. He will be so thrilled."

I smacked his arm at his sarcasm and said, "You're a jerk."

He smiled and said, seriously, turning me to face him, "Just...promise me you will be careful. You're not just carrying your own life in your hands you know."

He placed his hand on my stomach and reached down to kiss it softly before saying, "I need to meet my son."

I furrowed my eyebrows and he answered my unasked question that was written on my face: "Alice told me. In her premonition, we had a boy."

I nodded and placed my hand over his, "We'll be fine. We both have too much to live for."

Then, I placed my other hand on his cheek and kissed him softly on the lips before whispering: "We love you...Daddy."

He smirked, "Any names in mind?"

"Well, we know it's a boy. How about Edward Carlisle? After the best two fathers in the history of the universe."

He smiled at that, nodded, and caressed my face one more time before leaving to go get Emmett.