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My Idea for Breaking Dawn: The Ultimate War

The werewolves refuse to allow Bella to marry Edward and become a vampire. They are willing to do anything--ANYTHING--to stop that from happening. More barriers threaten to keep Bella and Edward from acquiring their ultimate happiness and they must once again fight for what they want--what they NEED.


36. Chapter 36: War

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As we approached the house, the Volturi's thoughts became clearer and more amplified. I had never been more terrified in all my life.

We walked in briskly, Edward keeping me behind him, and we met everyone in the living room.

"Ah, Edward...Bella." I recognized Aro's overly cheerful voice and wanted nothing more than rid him of that awful sound by ripping out his vocal cords one by one for threatening my family.

"Aro..." Edward said, cautiously, tightening his hold unconsciously on me.

I tried to look past him, but I couldn't see anything. He must have been blocking me on purpose. I wanted to protest, but I was so angry and worried that I couldn't find the strength to do so.

"I see you have done as we have asked. May I see your beautiful bride?"

Edward snarled and Aro continued on, frantically, "I mean that in the best of ways."

I squeezed his hand to assure him that I was fine, and he slowly brought me forward. I could see Aro standing beside Carlisle, obviously he had been attempting to make up for lost times. For the first time ever, Carlisle looked angry...almost as if he...hated the Volturi for this.

As I saw in the premonition, everyone else was against the corner of the farthest wall; Emmett and Jasper both on defense in case something went wrong. Both ready to die for the women they loved.

Jasper was using his power to try to control the emotions of the Volturi, but it was clear that they eventually could override it.

Marcus looked bored with being here, looking around the room as if trying to find something to interest him. He didn't want to be here. Aro and him agreed that since we had done our part, it was done. They wanted no more.

But, they were outvoted by Caius, Demetri, and Jane; all of whom looked only too eager for the kill, practically trembling with delight as if holding back took every ounce of strength they possessed.

Caius looked simply as if he was feigning sadness at having to do the deed, but was really too eager for it to happen.

Demetri and Jane both looked only thrilled by the concept of our deaths, as if it was the kill they had been waiting for all their lives. Both were spiteful--loathing us for all we had gotten away with.

"My, my Bella..." Aro's eyes swept me up and down and he shook his head in disbelief, "Why, you're even more beautiful! I never would have thought it possible. I have seen from my wonderful sources--" he looked to Carlisle, "that you will make a fantastic vampire. I saw your power, your strength, and I've got to say...I'm impressed. In all my thousands of years, I have never met anyone like you. You will bring great things to pass in the vampire world, my dear."

Edward growled angrily and Aro started, "Edward...let's stay calm, shall we?"

"Drop dead!" I spat, seeing the same thing Edward saw, "I will never join you! I'm not leaving my family."

"That's right," Aro said, slowly making his way over to us, "I saw the wonderful news. Congratulations, you two. Once again, you've proven our knowledge wrong. Oh, and I brought a little something."

He reached into his robe and brought out a rattle. He tossed it to Edward, who caught it easily, and twisted it in his hand, confused. It had been so long since he was human; he clearly had forgotten what this was for.

Aro smirked, in a cheerful way that still managed to look menacing, as he said, "For Baby Cullen. This will be the most talented of children, I assure you. May I?"

He was mere feet from me and he made to touch my stomach when Edward kicked him and shoved me out of the way.

Aro was thrown through the window, which shattered with an earsplitting sound, as a vampire, considering the sensitive hearing, and this caused chaos.

"EDWARD!" Carlisle protested, causing Edward to hesitate before turning on Jane, who was the most anxious of all.

I was to my feet and throwing him back into Carlisle, making them fall back with the rest of our family.

"BELLA! NO!" Edward tried to run at me to stop me, but something kept him there. He literally could not come to me. "NO!!" He tried with all his strength to break the invisible force, but nothing could penetrate it.

What the hell was going on? Did I do that? I stopped breathing as I turned to face the members of the Volturi, terrified to death of what my fate was. But, that didn't matter, I knew that. Just so long as Edward and our family was safe, it didn't matter what it cost me.

The Volturi seemed thrilled at this concept. To them, I was a worthless newborn; an easy kill. Demetri advanced towards me when Aro was suddenly behind me, saying, "Ah, ah, ah, Demetri. Let's not be rash now. Edward was simply trying to keep the woman he loves alive. No harm in that. Back away."

"Are you mad, Aro?!" Caius boomed, "No. NO! No more chances. We do what we came to do."

"Now, Caius, it doesn't have to come down to this. There is absolutely no need to--"

"The hell there's no reason!" Caius protested, now turning to his other brother, "Marcus?"

Marcus simply stared from me to Aro, weighing up his options when someone I didn't know stepped out from the shadows and glared at me with such hate, such anger, such loathing that I felt as if I wanted to die.

Suddenly, I had the sensation I was falling through some sort of portal and then I was consumed by a bright white light, which consumed me.

When the light faded, I saw Edward emerge and I ran to him, eager to be in his arms. "Edward! Oh, Edward, thank God! What happened?"

I tried to hug him, but he pushed me away roughly and said, coldly, "Get the hell away from me! What is the matter with you?"

It felt as if I'd been slapped in the face. I winced before saying, "Edward? What are you--what are you talking about?"

He shook his head and tightened his jaw. "When are you going to get it, Bella? I never loved you. I never have; I never will."

"NO." I said, with some conviction, knowing without any doubt that he did. I would not make the same mistakes again by not questioning it. "No! Edward, you love me. I know you love me. Please stop and think about this."

"What's to think about? Look at you. How could I ever love you?"

"Edward, what the hell is going on?! What happened?! I don't remember--I--I only remember being at the house, the Volturi was there. Some member that I didn't know looked at me and then I'm here."

He glared at me, "You're delusional, Bella. Nothing happened. I'm just not pretending anymore."

"Edward, stop it! Tell me what happened! Did something happen to me; are you doing this to protect me? To protect our baby? You can tell me." I begged, desperately, not giving into my unconscious fears.

I tried to touch him, but he jerked away and said, through clenched teeth, "DON'T. TOUCH. ME!"

No. This could not be happening. Not again. What was going on? How could this be happening? "Edward..." It caused me such agonizing pain to say his beautiful name under such circumstances.

"Why would I want to protect you? I can't pretend to be in love with you anymore. Good-bye, Bella."

He suddenly vanished from before my eyes as I reached out to touch him again. I began trembling and struggled to not collapse as I replayed the scene in my head.

"Stop it now!" Aro's voice ordered someone from the void, "There is no need for this."

"BELLA!" Edward's voice practically sobbed, in concern, "BELLA, NO! Bella, listen to me. Listen to me, my love; I love you. I love you--only you. I'm not going anywhere. You have to know that. Bella, please! Come back to me. Bella! I love you."

"Edward..." I looked for the source of his voice and was suddenly being withdrawn from my personal hell, having the sensation of almost being sucked out of another world.

I heard familiar voices calling for me in concern, many familiar, some I couldn't make out.

Suddenly, I was back in the living room of the house and everything was fine. Everything was spinning slightly and Edward cried for me, trying desperately to get to me, but obviously my state had no effect on the force field.

"Nothing is penetrating this, Caius," Demetri said, both him and Jane using all their strength and both of their powers to try to get to my family, but they couldn't.

"Oh, you...useless...imbeciles!" Caius pushed past them and tried to do it himself, but I merely strengthened it and struggled to not lose it now. I had to do this for Edward. If I failed, he would die. I would not let that happen. Everything depended on me now.

"Let me do away with the girl then!" Jane said, eagerly, advancing towards me.

I grabbed her and tossed her into a coffee table, shattering it completely. Before she could get up, I ran and grabbed her by her shirt, held her up to mere inches from my face, and glared at her, channeling her power of torture to use it against her.

"Bella! Carlisle, do something!" Edward begged hopelessly, but I wasn't paying attention. I had more important things to worry about than my own life right now. This was my fight and I would no longer let them fight my battles for me.

Jane began screaming and convulsing in paroxysms of pain as I used her power. She was feeling all the pain she had inflicted upon every person she had used it on. Everyone who was tortured, killed, or hurt by her hand.

I suddenly channeled Emmett's strength and tossed her outside, not wanting Edward to see me do this.

I channeled the Volturi's power--thousands upon thousands of years of power built up--and used it against her.

Her screams were so awful; so painful that it hurt me to listen to them. But, after remembering all she had done to me, to Alice, to Edward...I felt no remorse. She got what she deserved.

Suddenly, she fell limp and burst into flames, right before my eyes.

I killed her. I killed her. How was that...how did that happen? I couldn't possibly have had the strength to take on a member of the Volturi and win.

I covered my mouth with my hands, which were trembling, and I struggled to not collapse. I turned to go back inside and ran right into Edward's arms.

"Bella!" He said, concerned, pulling me in even tighter, holding me as close as possible. "Oh, Bella. Bella, Bella, my Bella. I'm so sorry."

He held me and rocked me back and forth slightly, whispering, "My love...I am so sorry."

"I killed her..." I sobbed, except without the tears.

"You had to, Bella; she was going to kill you." He said, comfortingly, rubbing my back soothingly.

I tightened my arms around his neck and said, "Edward?"

"Hmm?" He kissed my hair several times before laying his cheek against it lovingly.

"I love you," I choked out.

"I love you, too." He replied, "So much, my love."

He scooped me up and said, pressing his lips to my jawbone, right beside my ear, "Let's get out of here."

I pulled away and shook my head, "No, we can't...We can't leave them--"

"Bella, it's okay. They can handle it now. They have it under control. Because of you. You saved us."

"I did?" I asked, still trying to remember everything.

He smiled his crooked smile, "Yes, love...you did. You're my hero."

I smiled and nestled into him. "Get me out of here."

"Where do you want to go?" He asked, staring at me.

"Anywhere," I replied, "I don't care...so long as I'm with you."

He planted a soft kiss on my lips, lightly rubbed his nose against mine, and then took off with me in his arms.