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My Idea for Breaking Dawn: The Ultimate War

The werewolves refuse to allow Bella to marry Edward and become a vampire. They are willing to do anything--ANYTHING--to stop that from happening. More barriers threaten to keep Bella and Edward from acquiring their ultimate happiness and they must once again fight for what they want--what they NEED.


4. Chapter 4: Hostage

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I pulled up to Jacob’s house and my heart was pounding so hard that I put my hand over my chest, afraid that my heart would literally jump out of my chest.

“Breathe, Bella,” I told myself, silently. I got out of my truck and began walking slowly towards his house.

“What are YOU doing here?” His voice asked, shortly, bitterly, from behind me. I flinched and turned around to see him standing behind my truck, glaring at me.

“Jake…” I shouldn’t have been scared of him, but the look in his eyes was pure anger and…hate. Oh, great! I was dealing with THIS Jacob. I came to see my friend, but he evidently had other plans.

He stalked away from me, “What, the sun’s out, so you can’t be with your bloodsucker? Settling for the next best thing, are we?” I sighed, “Jacob, please. Don’t do this. I came to apologize for yesterday.”

“You have nothing to apologize for, Bella. I don’t blame you. I blame that THING you deem worthy of calling a person.”

“Stop it!” I practically yelled, “It is not HIS fault either. He had my best interests at heart. And what were you doing there anyways? Ever hear of a doorbell?”

He stopped walking abruptly, causing me to bump into him and bounce off with a grunt. He clenched his fist and put it to his forehead, his body beginning to tremble in rage. “I was debating whether I should do the right thing or not.”

“The right thing? What are you—the right thing about what?” I placed my hand on his shoulder, which caused him to calm down immediately.

He turned his head to look at me and simply stared at me. “You’re even more beautiful than I remembered.”

He reached up to stroke my cheek, but I grabbed his hand and pushed it back down, “Focus. Jake.”

He smirked and straightened up. “I came to stop you from ruining your life by marrying your bloodsucker and joining him as one!”

I shook my head, “What happened to being supportive?”

“I decided you are too important to me to let you throw away your life and everything you know for that bloo—”

“EDWARD! His name is Edward!” I was struggling to control my anger now. “DO NOT call him that word in front of me again.”

Jacob rolled his eyes, “You don’t realize what you’re doing, Bella. IF you go through with this—if he turns you into a bl—VAMPIRE—war will break out. If that happens, it will be fight-to-the-death. Someone will die. Do you want that?”

Why does everything have to be so ridiculous?! I WANT this, Jacob! It is my choice to make.”

Jacob scoffed, “He’s not worth it, Bella!”

“YES, HE IS!” I yelled, “I love him and I will do whatever it takes to be with him. WHY do you have to make it so hard?!” I was struggling not to cry; I could not afford to be weak right now.

“It doesn’t have to be, Bella. It could be easy. If you chose me, it WOULD be easy.”

My head jerked up at those words. I snarled, “Excuse me.”

“It would be easy. Perfect. You’d be happy; you love me and I would never hurt you. It would be like…your own personal paradise.”

I flinched at those words. “Don’t lie to me. You cannot say everything will be perfect; it won’t be. There would always be problems.”

“Not with me, there wouldn’t be.” Jacob assured me.

“Edward would never lie to me.”

“Never lie to you; he DID lie to you!” Jacob sneered, as he glared at me.

“To PROTECT me!” I said, incredulously.

“That’s crap and you know it!”

I forced a chuckle, “Jake, can you do me a HUGE favor and deflate your head? You are such an immature little brat! I came here hoping to have a mature conversation with my friend—is he around?”

“No!” Jacob raised his voice, heatedly, “You don’t get it, Bella! You cannot have it both ways! And I cannot accept it! What the hell is so special about HIM?! Bella, he’s going to destroy you AGAIN. Why would you want to do that to yourself?”

“Thanks for your support.” I said, stifling a sob, as I stormed off towards my truck.

He followed me, “Bella, don’t do this! Just…for once in your life…be rational. He can’t give you anything you want! I can. You can’t have kids with him, but you could if you chose me!”

The thought made me shudder. I turned around forcefully, “I would rather die a thousand deaths than to live ONE MORE DAY without HIM! If I can’t have kids with him, I don’t want kids with anyone else! I refuse to leave him. If you WANT me to not marry him, you’re gonna have to KILL me. Because I swear to you: NOTHING you say will change my mind. And if you do kill me, I promise you, you will pray for death. Because Edward will make death seem glorious if anything happens to me!”

Jacob struggled to control his temper, “I would never kill you, Bella.”

I approached him and said, angrily, “Then, deal with the fact that I am doing this. I’m marrying Edward in a week and shortly after, he will change me. And nothing you do will change that fact. Hate me if you want, I don’t care!”

I turned around again to leave, but Jacob was suddenly blocking the door of my truck and glaring fiercely at me, “I will NOT let you go through with this, Bella.”

I reached for my keys, but they were gone. I furrowed my eyebrows and looked down in my pocket.

Jacob dangled them in front of me and I made to snatch them away, but he held them up above his head.

“MOVE. JACOB!” I snarled, reaching for them, but not getting even close to getting them. He merely held them higher effortlessly, and I growled, “What are you gonna do, hold me hostage here?! Because I refuse to stay of my own free will! I’ll walk if I have to; you can KEEP your damn truck!” “If that's what it takes to stop you, yes. Bella, you have NO idea what you are doing!” Jacob said, acidly.

I clenched my teeth, “GET. OUT. OF. MY. WAY!” I yelled, my teeth beginning to hurt with the force of my voice.

“I am not letting you go through with this. And EDWARD can’t stop me! We’re out of his jurisdiction.”

“If anything happens to me, do you REALLY think a pathetic treaty line will stop him? He will not stop until either I am SAFE or one or the other of you is dead.” I said, bitterly. “And if Edward hurts you, I won’t do a THING to stop it.”

A look of pain flickered across Jacob’s face, but I felt no guilt whatsoever.

He threw my keys into the forest and grabbed my wrists, roughly, and yanked me towards his house.

“No! Jacob, you can’t do this!”

“The hell I can’t!”

I struggled uselessly against his firm grip on my arms and let my feet drag. “LET. ME. GO. JACOB!”

He ignored me, continuing to drag me effortlessly.

“I swear, I’ll scream!”

“Go ahead!” He urged, not stopping, “I dare you! Even HE can’t hear you and no one here will stop me! They all agree with me.”

I screamed through sobs, “PLEASE STOP! Jacob, I’m SORRY you got hurt! But, don’t do this! I love Edward and if being with him means giving up something as MEANINGLESS as my life, so be it.”

“I can’t let that happen, Bella.” Jacob was dragging me into his house, but I grabbed the doorframe with my hands, clinging desperately to it.

“NO!!” He pulled me up so my face was level with his and he said, angrily, “I love you, Bella. And if locking you up temporarily means your damn BLOODSUCKER FIENDS can’t change you, I have NO problem doing it!”

“YOU SON OF A BITCH!” I yelled, trembling with rage and fear and pain, “How DARE you?!” I struggled against his hold on me.

We glared at each other and I finally closed my eyes, “Jake, please…if you truly love me, you’ll let me go. You don’t want to do this. I know you want me to be happy. Let me be happy.”

From the distance, a voice called, “Jacob?! Jacob!” Jacob’s eyes widened and he set me down.

I stumbled back, tripping over the first step and rolling down, landing face first in the dirt. I let out a strangled yell and scrambled to my feet, pathetically.

Without looking back, I ran with all my strength and might, not even caring if he was following me. I had to get away from there; away from HIM.

Tears streamed down my face and I was sobbing hysterically as I clumsily ran away from him, as fast as I could.

Sweat drenched my back and beads of sweat were now forming on my forehead, but I didn’t care. My body was pleading with me to stop—my knees weak and my legs trembling as they struggled to support all my weight.

But, I refused to stop. It was only a matter of time before Jacob caught up with me and forced me back, kicking and screaming.

What had become of us? He used to be my best friend—how could that change so quickly? Now, he hated me. I never thought I would see the day my life would be ruined by Jacob Black.