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My Idea for Breaking Dawn: The Ultimate War

The werewolves refuse to allow Bella to marry Edward and become a vampire. They are willing to do anything--ANYTHING--to stop that from happening. More barriers threaten to keep Bella and Edward from acquiring their ultimate happiness and they must once again fight for what they want--what they NEED.


42. Chapter 42: Caught

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Watching the wedding DVD was one of the greatest experiences of my life. It was so incredible and Alice had put so much into it.

She began with pictures of me and Edward when we had just started dating and went all the way to our wedding night, at the reception, ending on our first dance. She included music: using Claire de Lune and my lullaby, for obvious reasons, and other songs that she saw would fit us.

It was so incredibly beautiful...everything, the editing, the pictures, the clips of the wedding...although, it was so depressing to see me standing next to Edward when he was utterly flawless and perfect when I was just so...ugh. Even as a vampire, my supposed beauty could never come close to his. His beauty would always exceed mine more than he could ever comprehend.

Every picture, every song, every memory...it made me realize that I had gotten everything I wanted, and yet everything I didn't deserve. So, who was I to question Edward in his asking me to spend forever with him?

To be honest, I had no right to doubt him in the beginning and to turn him down like that. He deserved so much more than that. He deserved someone who wanted marriage as much as he did, but, no...he settled for me. Me. Of all the girls in the whole world of all his time, he chose me. I would never understand his reasoning for that. He could assure me that he loved me a thousand centuries longer, but that wouldn't make it seem any less real to me. That wouldn't make it right. Nothing would.

When the DVD finished, the end credits read in an elegant script: "EDWARD AND ISABELLA CULLEN FOR TIME AND ALL ETERNITY! WE LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH!" Then, in small print: "Welcome to the family, Bella! Oh, and P.S., don't kill Edward; this whole DVD was my idea. Love you tons. Your favorite sister, Alice".

I chuckled, "Does she really think I would kill you for this?"

"Well...to be honest, I had my worries as well. Putting you through the hell and formality of actually marrying me and then forcing you to relive it...I'm sorry, but, I just...couldn't help myself. It was the greatest day of my life and...I had to have something to remember it by...some kind of memory to cherish it." He avoided looking in my eyes.

I sighed and took his face in my hands, forcing him to look at me, "Edward, listen to me."

I waited for his eyes to meet mine before continuing on, "How many times do I have to tell you?...I'm glad I married you. I am. I have never been happier than I am right now. I know that I was so against it before, but that was then. This is now. And, now...I know...that I honestly don't stand a chance in this world without being married to you. I tried to put it off and put it off and put it off, but there came a point when it was inevitable. Did it come a little sooner than I would've liked; yes. But, does that matter; no. Because, whether it came at age 18 or age 45, it wouldn't have changed anything. Nothing...my feelings would've only grown stronger and stronger and we would practically be married anyway, minus the paperwork. I made a mistake trying to refuse you, but I know that my life...is nothing...without you there by my side. And, now that I have you...I wouldn't trade it for anything."

Edward simply stared at me, analyzing my words, before saying, "Bella, you don't have to say this just to make me happy...it's fine. You don't have to pretend to--"

"I am not pretending, Edward. I am truly...happy. I have been so blessed by having you as my husband."

He didn't answer. I scoffed and rolled my eyes, "Am I going to have to resort to time to show you what it meant to me?"

He smiled slightly, "I suppose so. No complaints here. You take as long as you need."

Eager to show him just what he meant to me, I lunged forward and kissed him as fiercely and passionately as I could, wrapping one arm around his neck and resting my other hand on his chest, leaning into each kiss more and more.

After a moment, he pulled away and said, with his eyes still closed, "Mm...shall we...see the rest...of the house?"

I kissed the tip of his nose and pulled his head down to rest it against my chest, playing with his hair as I did so. "I suppose we could..." I choked out, arching my back to be closer to him.

"Or...not..." he murmured, sliding up and kissing me again, clutching me closer to him, and moaning into my mouth.

I chuckled slightly and deepened the kiss. We spent the next few minutes simply kissing and it was about to lead to more, when he pulled away and said, breathlessly, "No, no...no...we've got to...see the rest of the house..."

"I can wait," I argued.

"No, you can't. Alice will be calling any minute now to see what you thought of it."

"I'll lie."

He snorted, as I began kissing his neck, "Please, Bella, we both know how well that'll go over. Besides, she can see us."

My eyes jerked open. I didn't want Alice spying on us. "She wouldn't." I said, "Would she?"

"Wouldn't she?" He challenged, "You know how Alice gets. She'll be in our heads every day until we finally give in. Trust me, I should know. She never lets things go. She's Alice."

I tried to think of another solution. "Well, I can do a quickie." I joked.


"I'm kidding!" I said, "Lighten up; sometimes, it's kinda fun to just...play around."

"Oh, is it?" He said, suggestively.

"You didn't know that? Funny, considering how much you loved to torture me with your damn games."

"Aww..." he trailed off, leaning in and kissing me, pulling away right as I was about to deepen it, "Okay...so let's do this." He said, smugly, walking away from me, with a smirk on his face.

"ARGH!" I yelled, in protest, "You...are such...a JERK! What did I do to you; did I hurt you in some way?"

He shrugged, "Not at all. Now our room is upstairs..."

"I don't want to see it now," I said, folding my arms across my chest stubbornly.

"Do you really want to do that to Alice?" Edward taunted, with a smug grin.

"To hell with Alice; you're pissing me off; I don't care what she says."

He made a face and said, "That's too bad, because Alice had a new shower installed...and we don't know if it works...we might have to...test it out."

He came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me, trailing his lips up and down my neck, smiling as he lightly bit the curve of my neck.

"I think you're right; I think we should go test it out." I said, turning around and jumping on his waist with such force that he staggered back, falling into the wall, knocking off a picture of us, catching it with his foot to stop it from breaking.

Then, he spun us around, pressing me into the inside of the closet door, which was somehow opened now, and I grabbed onto the top of the door, and shifted myself upwards, wrapping my legs around Edward's waist, and resting my weight on his hips.

He pressed further into me and shifted me even more upwards, causing my hair to fall over my shoulder and spill onto him.

I reached out to wrap my arm tighter around his neck, but missed and wound up punching a hole through the wall. I hit the electric wires and they sparked as I touched them, but they didn't electrocute me, considering I was no longer human.

It did cause a power outage, though, and the lights flickered on and off as Edward slammed me even harder against the door, breaking it off its hinges.

I pushed him into the closet, where there was barely enough room for the both of us, and slammed him against the wall, before ripping his shirt open, and burying my face in his chest, memorizing it with my lips and tongue, memorizing his very taste, his very scent.

He spun us around, pinning my wrists against the wall, and locking my body in place against the wall, propping me in between his legs, and using his own body weight.

He began kissing me, tracing one hand down the length of my waist, beginning on the side of my breast and going down to my thigh, which he caressed, before grabbing my leg and locking it passionately around his hip, pressing his body weight further and further against me, sighing and moaning in delight.

I traced his back with my hands, his muscles rippling against the palms of my hands, making me tremble against him. I brought one hand back, searching for something to support myself on, but wound up elbowing a hole through that wall, and then kicking another one.

Edward laughed--a low, seductive, husky, gutteral sound--and then managed to gasp, "Vampire strength obviously agrees with you."

"Hm." I said, though I barely heard what he said, and I shoved him out of the closet, knocking him onto the floor.

He propped himself up on his elbow and stared up at me, with his beautiful, intense, smoldering eyes, inviting me in with his mere stare. His chest heaved as he struggled to catch his breath, and I walked slowly towards him, not even knowing myself what I would do next, but knowing that whatever it was, I would definitely enjoy it.

I climbed slowly into his lap, taking my time in wrapping my arms around him, and then lowered my head to his for a kiss that began as sweet and tender, but then grew to intense and passionate, as he swiftly slung me around his side, lowered me to the ground, and then immediately began kissing me again.

I groaned as he began shifting his weight against me, resting his hand beside my head, as he struggled to support his weight, though I merely pulled him closer and closer.

I dragged my nails down his bicep, tightening my hold on his arm, as his other arms tightened around my waist, pulling me closer to him.

I made to tilt my head back, but wound up breaking through the floor with it, underestimating my strength yet again, and I grabbed the leg of a nearby table, but broke it off, sending the table crashing to the ground and the vase with the flowers shattered.

I had just undone Edward's pants and made to remove them when his phone rang.

"Damn it!" He yelled, rolling over onto his back, and pulling his phone out of his pocket to answer it. He struggled to catch his breath as he answered, irritably, "What, Alice?"

Now, that I was a vampire too, I could hear Alice's side of the conversation as clearly as if she was right next to me. But, I didn't pay a speck of attention to her. I was too occupied with Edward.

I trailed my lips up and down the middle of his chest, repeatedly, as he tried to have his conversation.

"No...Alice, I'll show her later...Not now...Will you get the hell out of my head, please?...Forget it, Alice...No, don't even think about it...Alice!...Alice, I--" He broke off as I began removing his jeans.

"Bella, no! Not now, not now, not now...I'm on the phone. Bella." He warned, "Bella, Bella, Bella." He mumbled deliriously, struggling to maintain his concentration.

"BELLA!" I heard Alice yell at me, through the phone.

I picked it up, and said, "Alice, honey, we love you, but if you don't give us some privacy, we might have to kill you."

"But, I--"

"Ah, ah, ah! Bye-bye, Alice."

"Bella, no, wait!"

But, I had already hung up. "No privacy." I said, appalled.

"Not in this family, no, not so much." He said, with an apologetic shrug.

"She's not--" I gestured to us, to ask if she was watching us.

"No! No...she doesn't do that. We have...rules...in our family. Carlisle never allows us to use our abilities to invade privacy."

"And, this doesn't fall under that 'rule'?" I asked, incredulously.

"Oh, no, it does. Carlisle will be hearing about it, believe me."

I sat against the now destroyed wall--oops--and pulled my knees up to my chest, resting my cheek against them.

Edward approached me and began stroking my arm, "What's wrong?"

"Well, I can't do this now!" I said, matter-of-factly. "I feel like I'm being watched."

Edward shook his head, "No, Bella, Alice would never do that."

"Well, what the hell was that?" I asked, gesturing to the phone, "She obviously saw something."

"Bella, when you have powers such as ours, sometimes you do see things you don't want to see and hear things you don't want to hear; that's just the deal. But, you can't help that. She didn't do it on purpose. When that happens, all you can do is apologize and move on."

"Okay, great...so when she apologizes, I will be ready to move on."

"Bella, please...don't be like that. I swear to you, Alice didn't mean anything by it."

I rolled my eyes, "Of course she didn't. But, still, this is incredibly embarrassing for me."

"And, I'm sorry about that. Believe me, I know exactly how you feel. But, I cannot tell you how many times I caught Rosalie and Emmett doing private things. All we could do was forget it happened. Come on, Bella, you have to get past this."

"I don't...know. I wasn't exactly planning on this being Entertainment Tonight for Alice."

"And, it's not. Bella, please, you have to believe me. I assure you...please...please...come on, Bella, please."

He kissed my shoulder in between each phrase, hoping to distract me.


I closed my eyes and allowed him to do this for a while, figuring out what I wanted to do.


I was no longer listening to him. I was now weighing out my options, deciding what we should do. And it all came down to one thing: Edward.

Edward, Edward, and Edward.

I could not do this to him. I could not put him through this...I had to...I just had to...