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My Idea for Breaking Dawn: The Ultimate War

The werewolves refuse to allow Bella to marry Edward and become a vampire. They are willing to do anything--ANYTHING--to stop that from happening. More barriers threaten to keep Bella and Edward from acquiring their ultimate happiness and they must once again fight for what they want--what they NEED.


43. Chapter 43: Shower for Two

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Edward slammed me up against the wall, holding me by my waist, and I slid down the wall, as he locked my wrists in place against the wall above my head with one hand, and brought my leg up with his other hand to hitch it passionately around his hip.

I was breathing so raggedly that had I been human, I would've passed out without a doubt. It was insane how much I wanted him in this very moment. I was burning in the flames and endless fire of my desire and endless passion for him--a fire that could never ever die.

I moaned involuntarily as he pressed his weight further against me and crushed his lips to mine, clutching me to him as if for dear life.

I smiled against his lips and raised myself up on his hips, supporting my whole body weight on his waist, using the wall as support as I pressed myself even closer into him, making him whimper as well.

"So...is that...a yes?" He asked, breathlessly, as I began kissing his neck and chest.

I smiled again. In response to his asking me to give in, I had merely attacked him, throwing him back onto the couch and kissing him fiercely, and breaking the couch as a result, both of us completely ignoring Alice's existence, yet alone her interruption.

"Yes," I growled, as he picked me up and laid me down against the banister. I had to hold onto the ball at the top of the banister to support myself as he removed the rest of my clothes.

My eyes were closed and I was shifting my weight in ecstasy as he suddenly disappeared without warning. "Edward?"

My eyes jerked open in shock, but he was already back, strattling either side of the banister, as well as me.

"Where did you--"

"Shh, shh, shh...did you know?..." he lowered himself slowly on top of me as he spoke, torturing me endlessly, "That blood...is considered...an aphrodisiac?"

"Oh, really?" I said, suggestively, as he raised his finger which was covered in blood. "How did you--"

"Shh." He traced his finger around my lips and down my jawline and throat, tracing it off my throat with the tip of his tongue. "Mm..." he sniffed in deeply, exhaling shakily, "Oh, God, yes..."

I held my breath as he continued this, the scent of the blood combined with my unbearable arousal making me completely incapable of concentrating.

"Oh, God...I love you," I managed to gasp as he smirked and traced my jawbone with his lips, sucking off the drops of blood and then kissing me, licking the blood off my lips.

I lost the ability to even think as he did this and did not regain it until he stuck his finger in between my lips, allowing me to suck off the remaining blood.

I hoisted myself up, using the ball again, struggling to do so, and took in desperate gasps of air as I shifted myself against him passionately, desperately...

God, I could not do this...how could I do this? I was going to die--God, was I going to die! What the hell was he doing to me?

I made to remove the rest of his clothes only to find that they were somehow already removed. What? When the hell did that happen? Did I do that? Damn, if I was going to be blacking out during the best parts of this what the hell was the point?

"Edward, how the hell did--"

"Superspeed, love," he purred, his lips now at my ear, as his hand traced the length of my waist.

"You know, while that is a handy ability...some things are actually... a hell of a lot better...when done...slowly." As I spoke, I caressed his hips with my inner thighs, clenching and unclenching my thighs against him as he began moving up and down against me, making me lose the ability to react in any way, shape, or form.

"Oh, dear...oh, my dear."

"Yes, my love...how true that is." He said, now running his hand up the inside of my leg, which began trembling at his touch and he had to steady my involuntarily twitching leg in his iron grasp.

"Patience, patience," he whispered, now against my lips. "All in good time."

"The hell with that!" I said, irritably, kicking the end of the banister in my impatience, sending the entire banister crashing to the ground, now nothing but a pile of splinters of ruined wood.

"Holy--" he began as I rolled him over, slamming him down in the debris and strattling him.

"It's time I don't have." I said, pulling him closer to me by his hair, kissing him so intensely that I thought we would both just explode into flames.

I jerked his head back and began sucking on the skin of his neck, down his Adam's apple, to his chest, which I completely smothered with my lips.

After a while, he apparently could no longer take it, as he picked me up and carried me upstairs to the bathroom.

Before we could make it to the bathroom, though, I started kissing him and slammed him against the wall by the stairs.

He tried to turn so that I was now against the wall, but I merely returned the gesture. This process repeated, us kissing fiercely, slamming each other against every wall available, destroying so much furniture and so many walls that I was positive the damage would be almost beyond repair.

We finally made it to the bathroom and somehow managed to get the shower turned on, but the actual taking the shower was quite a challenge, considering all the distractions, but we managed to do so.

Minutes later, I was pressed up against the shower wall with water cascading down me and Edward exploring me in ways I never thought possible...

"I--I--I--" I broke off, screaming his name in ecstasy as he smiled against my breasts, and continued the unbelievable process of memorizing them with his lips, tongue, teeth, and God knows what else, I was too delirious to notice.

"My baby," he murmured, now trailing his lips down to my stomach, and then back up to my lips. "My babies." He said, placing his hand on my stomach and smiling as he kissed me again and pressed me against the other wall.

This began the very long and indescribable process of a beauty I never dreamed existed.