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My Idea for Breaking Dawn: The Ultimate War

The werewolves refuse to allow Bella to marry Edward and become a vampire. They are willing to do anything--ANYTHING--to stop that from happening. More barriers threaten to keep Bella and Edward from acquiring their ultimate happiness and they must once again fight for what they want--what they NEED.


44. Chapter 44: Cleaning Up

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Edward took his time breaking one of the most amazing kisses we have ever shared and I actually whimpered in protest.

He tried to pull his head back, but I pulled his head back to mine so that our foreheads were touching and our lips were mere centimeters apart.

"We've got to stop sometime, love," he breathed, with a small chuckle.

"Mm-mm." I said, stubbornly, "No, we don't...we've got forever."

He reached up to caress my face and smiled, "We have a family, you know."

"They've got forever too. See, they've all had decades together--we have had what, a week? I'm not even near through with you yet."

He grimaced appreciatively, "Ooh...is that a promise or a threat?"

I chuckled and kissed him again. He intensified the kiss and we were on the verge of getting into it again when he pulled away with a low growl and said, huskily, "Damn it, Bella, why do you have to be so difficult?"

"For the same reason as you. I just can't let things go."

"Yeah..." he chuckled slightly in irritation, "I've noticed. But, come on...just a little more?" I pressed my lips to his neck, wrapping my arms around him and adjusting my weight on top of him, climbing into his lap.

"I think we kind of pushed it after the last 50 'just a little mores' ago."

"Yes, and we need to break our record."

He made to protest again when I adjusted my weight against him again, tightening my arms around him as I did so, and kissed him, softly at first, teasing him a little bit.

Right as he was about to give in, deepening the kisses even more and tightening his hold on me, I pulled away and said, "Yeah, you're right; we should probably stop."

I made to climb out of his lap when he growled again in protest and flipped me around, laying me down and lunging himself at me. "Like hell!"

Then, his lips eagerly met mine and I arched my back to deepen the kiss, now tracing the contours of his back and chest muscles with the palms of my hands and my fingertips and the back of my hands.

He trailed one of his hands down the length of my body to my leg, cupping his hand around my knee and then sliding it around to the inside of my knee, caressing the skin there. He slid his now trembling hand up the back of my leg, to the inside of my leg, which began trembling at his touch.

My breathing hitched inevitably as he now trailed his hand across my skin to the hollow of my thigh, which he began massaging passionately with his fingertips, before digging his nails into my hip.

I had no idea when he had began kissing my neck, but I finally realized that I was taking in desperate gasps of air through my now free mouth, and I shaking my head from side to side, deliriously, mumbling his name weakly.

He laid the side of his head against my breasts as he caught his breath while he used his other hand to trace a line down in between my breasts to my stomach, which I sucked in involuntarily, chuckling softly.

He chuckled too and then used his index finger to trace the shape of my belly button. Then he raised his head, looked at me while smiling his crooked smile, and placed his hands on either side of my waist, as he slid down me and lowered his parted lips to suck gently on my belly button.

He trailed his lips up my stomach to my chest and neck, sucking on every inch of skin that he could, tracing his hands up my back to clutch me even closer to him as he did so.

He sighed into my mouth as he reached my lips, moaned my name, and then kissed me, immediately caressing my lower lip with his tongue, before sliding it into my mouth, and entwining it with mine.

Then, right as I opened my legs, preparing myself for what I knew was to come, he jerked away from me, pulling me away from him by my shoulders and then stood up and said, "We should probably get this place cleaned up." Then, he walked away from me, leaving me in a breathless, confused state, struggling to figure out what had just happened.

It took me a while to recover, my head still whirling, and the room still spinning. Oh, God...sometimes...I really hated him for what he did to me.

I struggled to make any sense of what was going on as he now hovered over me, offering me his hand. "Bella? You okay?"

"Huh?" I choked out, looking at him, but not really seeing him, all things considered.

He helped me up and gestured to the rest of the room. "This is the very least of it. Most of the damage is downstairs. We need to fix it or Alice will have a fit."

I looked around and sure enough, the room was totally destroyed thanks to us:

The light was hanging by a couple of wires onto the ceiling, flickering on and off, and the mirror was totally shattered, shreds of glass covering the floor and counter and even inside the shower.

I looked down and noticed I was stepping on the glass, but it wasn't piercing my skin. I shifted my weight on my feet, making the glass break even more under my weight, even though I was barefoot.

Some of the cupboard doors were completely torn off and broken, while others were simply broken off their hinges...

The door to the bathroom itself was broken off its hinges and a hole had been punched through it and the doorknob had been broken off--by who, though, I didn't know.

The room was wrecked--holes through the walls, through the cabinets, the shower curtain was torn off and was in shreds, a chunk of the counter was broken off.

"Whoa," I said, softly, my eyes widening in shock. I took a step forward and the light fell onto the ground, breaking with a loud shatter, making me jump slightly.

Edward snorted at my reaction and said, "I know. It's a disaster."

"It was...so worth it, though." I said, with a smirk.

"Touche." He said, with a chuckle.

"How are we even going to begin to fix this?" I said, appalled at how much damage we had caused.

"One step at a time. You know, the faster we get it done..." he wrapped his arms around me from behind, rested his chin on my shoulder, and kissed my shoulder softly, "...the faster we can..." he kissed the side of my neck, "...get back to..." he went over and kissed the other side of my neck, "...where we left off."

I raised my eyebrows, and said, "What do we need to do?"

He chuckled against my neck, "Thought you might say that. If we do this in superspeed, we'll get it done a lot faster."

"Yeah, okay, that works for you...but not so much for me."

"Why not?"

"Oh, I don't know, maybe because I can't fix holes in walls...and broken lights...and broken mirrors...and broken doors..." I gestured to the objects as I spoke, now growing frantic.

He smiled and caressed my face, "Breathe, love. I think you'll be the first vampire to ever pass out due to hyperventilation...or at all, for that matter."

I wasn't hyperventilating; was I hyperventilating? "Shut up," I said, rolling my eyes, making him laugh.

"Sorry. No offense."

"Well, some taken." I said, insulted, "You know how sensitive I am when it comes to my damn clumsiness. It's not like I meant to be a klutz, you know, I was just born like that."

"Yes..." he spun me around in his arms, pulling me against him, "...and that is one of the very first things that made me fall in love with you."

"Oh, thanks a lot, that's comforting."

"I said one." He reminded me, "I found it...quite endearing."

"Funny, you didn't seem to find it so endearing when you'd get pissed at me for the tiniest little thing, like tripping."

He was struggling not to laugh as he said, "Doesn't mean it wasn't endearing. I liked the fact that you needed me so much. I liked playing the role of your knight in shining armor...I loved being the one to take care of you and ensure your safety. I just...didn't want your safety to be jeopardized in even the smallest of ways."

I smiled, "You know, I still do need you, right?"

"Almost as much as I need you." He emphasized the word almost, much to my irritation.

"Will you stop that?" I said, annoyed with his stubborn refusal to accept the truth. That I was the one who was nothing without him--not the other way around.

"Not in a million years," he said, with a smirk.

"Damn it," I muttered, knowing that was literally a possibility.

"See, told you you'd regret being with me forever."

"That's not what I regret. I just...resent the fact that you are so utterly perfect and great, yet you refuse to see it."

"Well, hello, Kettle, black looks good on you." He said, raising his eyebrows in surprise.

I rolled my eyes, "You're an idiot, you know that?"

"Actually, I do, that's why I ask myself every single day why you fell in love with me."

"Why don't you look in a mirror and see what true beauty is; then you'll get your answer."

"I don't have to; I can just look at you," he said, childishly.

"Oh, my God, it's like dealing with a child."

He snorted, knowing that he was winning this, with his damn life experience, he can best me at anything and I hated that.

"Just once...can I find one thing...that I can do better than you? Just one. That's all I want."

"You are better than me, love. Everything about you is better than me."

"Do you think you're helping the situation any with this?" I demanded. "You even freakin' comfort me better than I comfort you."

"You don't have to do anything to comfort me. Your very existence and being here with me, loving me, is the very epitome of comfort and love and peace and...perfection for me. See, you want to be better than me, but the truth is, you can't see that in reality, you are the perfect one. And, I fall far behind you in all categories."

"Okay...since I'm so perfect then...how am I supposed to help you clean up this mess? Anything I can do to help you won't be much."

He shrugged, "Then, just stand by and watch. I don't need any help."

"No, but I want--"

But, then he was gone, cleaning up the messes we had created in superspeed, so fast that I could hardly keep up with what he was doing, even though I too possessed that very speed.

I heard him downstairs cleaning up everything within minutes, coming back up, and appearing right before me.

"Done." He said, proudly, "Clean-up's done."

I smiled and shook my head, "You're insane."

"I might be insane...but, you're the one who loves this insane man, you know."

I smiled, "Yes, well sanity is highly overrated. I prefer a little of the extraordinary and beauty and...insane in my life."

He smiled and said, "How about we get dressed and then go for a little walk? You have to see the rest--it is absolutely gorgeous."

"Just like you." I said, with a smile.

"Actually, I chose it because it was perfect...just like you. And, you deserve nothing less than perfection."

"And, perfection...I got." I said, casting him a smile, "Beyond perfection. Perfection doesn't even come close to describing my life with you."

He didn't answer, but simply stared at me intensely, and I could tell he was trying to read my thoughts, considering the intensity with which his eyes burned into mine.

I leaned in and kissed him softly, before saying, "Now, let's go for that walk."