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My Idea for Breaking Dawn: The Ultimate War

The werewolves refuse to allow Bella to marry Edward and become a vampire. They are willing to do anything--ANYTHING--to stop that from happening. More barriers threaten to keep Bella and Edward from acquiring their ultimate happiness and they must once again fight for what they want--what they NEED.


7. Chapter 7: Negotiations

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Time passed in a blur and before I really came back to what was going on, we were stopping in front of the Cullens' house. Once we stopped, I jumped out and ran inside, closely followed by Alice. I felt like screaming for him when I got in the house, but I restrained myself, realizing how childish and ridiculous that would sound. Especially if he wasn't back yet. My heart was pounding nervously in my chest.

"Edward." It was barely a whisper, yet from the living room, his voice called, "In here, Bella."

"I practically ran in and sighed, relieved, "You're back!" I ran into his arms and buried my face in his chest.

His arms wrapped instinctively yet numbly around me, to return my hug. "Mm-hm." I could tell he was having difficulty controlling his temper, but I couldn't care less. He was back--where I could see him and hold him and be there for him--that's what mattered!

I pulled away to look at him to see his face was expressionless, but he was the master at hiding his feelings and most importantly, at controlling his anger towards Jacob. "Are you okay?" I asked, softly, tracing his features lightly with my lips and fingertips.

At first, he simply closed his eyes and let me do this; but then he took my face in his hands, pulled back slightly, looked me in the eyes, and said, "Are you seriously asking me that?! I'm not the one who was dragged around against my will by a pathetic, reckless, immature werewolf!" He stopped talking to regain his composure, but he couldn't stop the growl that involuntarily escaped him.

His irritating internal debate between protecting me to the best of his ability and "doing what's right" frustrated me greatly. He should not be in this situation, but as always, with my uncanny attraction to danger, I put him here.

Damn it, when would I stop needing him to save me? When could I save him? If Jacob hated me now and wanted to hate me--fine--that didn't matter. But, Edward did not deserve this treatment. And for that I physically HATED Jacob. How DARE he hurt the man I not only love, but literally cannot live without?! I wished I could protect myself for once and that the Cullens didn't have to keep putting their butts on the line to keep me safe. And most definitely, not Edward. Seeing his pain and resentment made me hate myself. It was my fault that he considering breaking the treaty.

I stifled a sob and buried my face into his neck. His arms tightened around me and I sighed, in relief and uncertainty. I kissed his neck before pulling back and pleading, "Can you please go punch Jacob now?!"

He smiled, his crooked smile, "I wish. Carlisle already told me not to. I promised I'd play nice."

"But, I'm asking you...go beat the hell out of the brat and let me watch." I begged, anxiously.

He chuckled, "Oh, you do make it sound amazing...but if I disobey Carlisle--" He shook his head, unable to go on.

I whined, "Fine! Just know, if I'm laughing in my dreams tonight, you'll know why. So far...in my head...I'm loving the previews." I pictured different scenarios of Edward and Jacob fighting; Edward always winning.

I chuckled darkly and he shook his head, "Damn...I wish I could see them." We both smiled and he hugged me closer and kissed my head.

"Just know that you have my approval if you want to kill him...no complaints."

He chuckled again and rolled his eyes. "I'll take that into consideration. Now, let's get you home before Charlie comes over here with a nuclear bomb....His patience is wearing thin these days."

I groaned, "Ugh, kill me now!" He glared at me and I said, "What?! Oh, unclench, I was being sarcastic!"

He shook his head and led me out to the volvo.

Minutes later, we pulled into the empty driveway and I groaned, "Ugh, I don't want to go in."

"Aw, come on! Charlie's not due home for another three hours."

"Mm..." I smirked sheepishly, leaned over, placed my hand on his chest, ran it up and down slowly and seductively--or what I hoped was seductively--lingering on his six-pack and his line of symmetry, and I leaned in to press my eager lips against the stone cold skin of his neck, and kissed it several times, trailing my lips across the flawless skin of his collarbone and throat, before murmuring softly, "What could we possibly do for three hours?"

I trailed my lips up to his trembling lips and he was struggling to breathe as he returned the kiss. I very clumsily crawled into his lap, refusing to break the kiss, and as my tongue entwined with his, he tightened his arms around my waist passionately, and leaned me against the steering wheel.

He leaned in even further to deepen the kiss, but he pulled my head closer so that there was no space between us. I whimpered into his mouth and began sucking on his lower lip, desperate for this to continue. But, as usual, Edward kissed me softly one last time before pulling away and saying, breathlessly, "Not here."

I was too delirious to retort. I rested my forehead against his lips and exhaled shakily, tightening my arms around his neck. "I'm sorry." I murmured, "I can't help it."

He closed his eyes, "Don't be silly, Bella; I'm just as much to blame as you are." There was a moment of silence before he whispered, "We better go inside."

I nodded weakly, " 'Kay," and he opened the door and carried me out easily.

I nuzzled his neck and he tightened his hold one me. "You can set me down now if you want." I teased him, as he walked up the walkway to the front door.

He grimaced and I chuckled once, "Kidding. I would never let you set me down." He smiled, his crooked smile, and said, "Unfortunately, I have to set you downa nd run the volvo back."

"No!" I complained, tightening my arms around his neck, clinging to him for dear life.

He said, apologetically, "I'll be right back. I just need to be able to leave unnoticed the second Charlie comes home."

"Why?" I asked, impatiently.

"Because I refuse to leave a second sooner than I absolutely have to and Charlie can't know I was with you. He thinks you were spending the night with Alice, Rosalie, and Esme, making wedding plans, while I was out camping with Emmett, Jasper, and Carlisle. We had to find some way to keep you there overnight."

"I spent the night?!" I asked, incredulously, "How long was I out?"

"Almost a whole day...I was a wreck....I almost feel bad for taking it out on my family." He didn't look the least bit sorry.

I grimaced, "Wow...I must have gone through a lot...and to think I used to love the sun." I shrugged and chuckled shakily.

"What?" He asked, setting me down.

"What are we going to tell Charlie about my truck?!" I asked, trying to control my nervous anxiety.

He shrugged, "The truth: Jacob took it back. He did, technically."

I scoffed and rolled my eyes, "Charlie won't believe a word of it. To him, Jake is this king that can do no wrong....He'd probably find a way to blame you."

"He can't. I was camping, remember?" He reminded me.

I closed my eyes, "So much for the truth. This is such a mess! What did I get myself into? Why did I have to go see Jacob? It just made matters worse." I buried my face in my hands and sighed, angry with myself.

Edward pulled me into his arms and held me for a second, rocking me back and forth, before saying, "Your intentions were good, Bella. You needed closure. You only want his happiness and he threw it in your face. He doesn't deserve a friend as amazing as you. You are too good for him. You're too good for everyone, but I'm not complaining....You settled for me."

I rolled my eyes, "I didn't settle, Edward. I need you. See, with all the pain I've been through losing Jake, none of it comes close to the pain I felt when I lost you. I wish I can have both my best friend and you, but I can't, so I chose the best choice. It was never a question of who I loved more; I knew the answer to that. I've always known that the love I feel for you cannot be found with anyone else. And definitely not with Jacob. Even if you didn't come back, I could never feel for him the way I so desperately love and need you. That would've been settling. I simply had to choose who I could live without if it came down to it, and I knew that I could never survive without you in my life. I knew that if I wanted to be truly happy, losing you would never be an option."

Edward shook his head, "But, you need Jacob, too. Bella, I hate him. I physically hate him. Every second I spent with him, I had to concentrate all of my energy on not killing him. I want to kill him. Now more than ever." He lightly traced the bruises on my wrists and I watched his fingers move across my skin with such intensity, it was as if I was memorizing the exact movement of his fingers.

"I never liked him," his voice began trembling, but I never though him capable of hurting you like this. But, who the hell am I to judge, right?"

"Don't!" I scolded, breaking away from the entrancing spell of his fingers, "Don't you dare beat yourself up over this. I don't blame you."

"I know you don't; and that's what is so damn FRUSTRATING. To you, I am this perfect god who is flawless and utterly remarkable, but the truth is, you're describing yourself. Bella, I am so far from perfect. I have made so many horrible, horrible mistakes in my life, but the worst of all of them was breaking your heart." His voice cracked slightly at the end and pain distorted his angelic face into one that I couldn't bear to look at for the guilt of knowing that I was making him look like that.

"And, you...not only forgive me; you take me back, agree to marry me, and resort to eternal damnation to be with me forever."

"I wouldn't have it any other way." I assured him, "Edward, you don't understand...I not only need you to survive...I need you to be completely happy, no matter how much I get hurt. If you broke my heart a zillion and one more times, I wouldn't care; just so long as you are the very happiest you can be."

"I can't be happy if you are hurt, Bella." He said, firmly.

"Then, I have nothing to worry about, do I?" I asked, with a shrug. "Edward, please...don't do this for my sake; I'm not worth it."

He looked at me angrily, "I cannot believe you just said that! Bella, you are ridiculous! How dare you?! You don't see yourself the way I do. I wish you could. You see yourself as pathetic and weak, but I--I look at you and I see...everything. I see beauty, strength, humility, compassion, love--and not just love, Bella. I see the most exquisite kind of love in existence. You are the reason for my existence--I am because you are. There is no Edward Cullen without Isabella Swan. There never was. To me, that is priceless...you are priceless. I look at you and I see the world--my world...I see the person that I want to be."

"Oh, Edward..." I trailed off, afraid to go on, because I had shed enough tears in the past lifetime and I did not plan on shedding anymore. Though, it was a very unlikely possibility that I would make it without shedding anymore tears.

I reached up and kissed him fiercely, pulling myself closer to him. I stood on tiptoe and raised my shoulders to his jawbone to deepen the kiss.

He backed into the couch, still holding me, not breaking a single kiss, and he sat down and pulled me onto his lap. He did so in such a loving, gentle, tender manner, that I could no longer stop the tears that flowed freely down my cheeks.

Edward moved his hands to my face and held it as he began kissing the tears away. "I love you," I managed to gasp, and in response, he kissed my lips one more time before going down and kissing my neck and shoulders.

Several minutes later, he pulled away, and said, "I better go. I'll be back." He made to get up, but I held his hand firmly in both of mine.

He looked down at me and I smiled sadly, "Please hurry."

"I love you." He said, softly, before caressing my face and kissing me one more time. Then, he left and seconds later, I heard the volvo speed away, followed shortly after by Charlie's voice:

"Bella! You home yet?!"