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My Idea for Breaking Dawn: The Ultimate War

The werewolves refuse to allow Bella to marry Edward and become a vampire. They are willing to do anything--ANYTHING--to stop that from happening. More barriers threaten to keep Bella and Edward from acquiring their ultimate happiness and they must once again fight for what they want--what they NEED.


8. Chapter 8: Rage

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I was frozen in fear; did Charlie see Edward leave? "Yeah, I'm home." I struggled to keep my voice steady.

Charlie walked into the living room and I forced a smile. "Hey....You're home early...how was work?"

He shrugged, "Boring as ever. Nothing's really up, and I had to talk to you, so I left as soon as I could, which in this town, is almost always immediately. Did you have fun?" He asked, sounding uninterested.

I smirked; he hated making small talk, but deemed it necessary to overpower his nerves. "Fun?" I asked, not knowing what he was referring to.

"Yeah, with Alice."

"Oh, that. Right." I tried to cover up my loss of memory for the lie, but failed miserably. He didn't notice, though; or he was just avoiding an uncomfortable situation; I couldn't tell.

"Get much done?" He asked.

"Quite a bit." I said, not believing my own words.

He nodded, "Getting nervous for the big day?" He asked, sounding hopeful, as he crossed to the couch to sit beside me.

"No." I assured him, firmly, "Not at all."

He looked disappointed and let out an irritated, "Hm."

I sighed, desperate for this agony to be over. It was worse than any slow and violent death imaginable. I would much rather deal with the pain of being changed into a vampire right now--in fact, I was hoping that my unidentified guard was down and that somehow Edward could hear my telepathic pleas to come and save me from the situation.

"Alice brought you home?" Charlie asked, almost accusingly.

I was insulted. "Yes, Dad. Edward's still camping."

"He's lucky." Charlie said, through clenched teeth.

I flinched at the harsh anger in his voice. "What's your problem with Edward now, Dad?" I asked, trying to control my irritation.

Charlie shrugged and said, sarcastically, "Oh, besides forcing Jacob to take your truck back and telling him to stay away from you, I have no idea."

"WHAT?!" I said, incredulously, "NO! Dad, Jake stole the truck and made me walk home from La Push. Or run rather." I showed him my wrists angrily.

Charlie stifled an irritated snort, "It's not his fault you're such a klutz, Bella."

I glared at him and said, angrily, "Your precious Jacob did this to me, Dad. He's really gone insane. I'm worried about him."

"Funny, he said the same thing about you."

My head jerked up, "You talked to him?"

"He told me about Edward trying to force him to take the truck back. Just because you're marrying him does not give him the right to just treat Jacob like that. That truck is yours! And he not only gives it back; he threatens Jacob, forcing him to stay away."

I screamed wordlessly out of rage and stood up, "This is all Jacob! He's lying to you! You have to believe me! He's turning this around on Edward!"

"I have a hard time believing a word that comes out of Edward's mouth anymore, Bella!" Charlie said, rising to his feet too, "Don't be ridiculous! How can you let him treat your best friend like that?"

"BECAUSE! Believe it or not, Jake is not my friend anymore!" I yelled, unable to stop myself. Charlie flinched and stiffened up again. "Ask Carlisle, Dad, he'll tell you! Edward was gone! This is Jacob's fault. He's trying to turn you against Edward. Please don't do this."

"The wedding is OFF, Bella." Charlie said, firmly, struggling to keep his voice down.

"No, it is not. You have no say in this." I argued.

"I AM NOT LETTING YOU WALK DOWN THAT AISLE!" He yelled, now trembling with anger.

"YOU DON'T HAVE A CHOICE!" I yelled right back. "Nothing you say will stop me. I already told you, I don't give a damn about your approval. I am marrying Edward, end of story. I don't care what you think!"

Charlie glared at me and I rolled my eyes, "FINE! If you're going to do this, I'll be moved out by morning--have a nice life, CHARLIE!" I spat as I stomped up to my room.

"DON'T YOU WALK AWAY FROM ME!" He yelled, stomping after me. By the time he got to my room, I was already packing my things and throwing them into a bag, clumsily, because I was shaking so hard with anger.


"WATCH ME!" I yelled, through the hysterical tears of anger that were blurring my vision. I blinked, causing my tears to stream down.

"Like hell! I am NOT losing you too!" Charlie said, lowering his voice, but it was strained, cold. He began taking stuff out of my bag and throwing it onto the floor.

"DON'T TOUCH MY STUFF!" I yelled, putting it back in.

"Bella, you cannot do this! I am your father, for crying out loud!"

I closed up my bag and tried to get past him, but he blocked my path. "GET. OUT. OF. MY. WAY!" I yelled.

"No!" He stretched out his hands to block me and I screamed, "GAH!! You are so frustrating; why can't you just be happy for me?!"


I looked past Charlie to see Edward standing behind us, cautiously. "Edward!" I pushed past Charlie and ran to hug Edward. He hesitantly returned the hug and said, softly, "It's okay; everything's going to be okay."

Charlie turned on him, "YOU...STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER!"

"KNOCK IT OFF, CHARLIE!" I yelled, angrily.

"Bella, don't..." Edward pleaded, in a slightly louder voice.

"NO, EDWARD!" I lowered my voice, now that I was talking to him, "He has treated you like crap for so long and I am sick of it. I'm tired of him treating you like this. If he can't accept you, then he can't have me either."

"Bella--" Edward trailed off, shaking his head.

"No." I said, firmly, "He either has all of me--including you--or none of me at all."

"Bella, don't do this." Edward warned.

"DON'T TELL HER WHAT TO DO!" Charlie yelled.

"SHUT UP!!" I yelled at Charlie. There was a moment of silence before I shook my head and said, miserably, "I can't do this. I'm DONE. Let's go, Edward." I pulled him down the stairs by his hand, for once, me practically dragging him.

Charlie followed closely behind. "Isabella Marie Swan, you get back over here right now; I am not done with you!"

"Well, I'M DONE WITH YOU!" I slammed the door behind Edward and myself, before saying, through tears, "Come on; let's go."

He knew not to argue with me right now, so he merely helped me into the volvo and we drove off.