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A toast to the happy couple

The family's and friends wedding toasts to Bella and Edward.

i know the title sucks!

1. Charlie, Renee and Phil's toasts

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We were at the reception. Our wedding reception to be exact. We were just getting around to the toasts. Charlie stood up and toasted us-

“Bella, when you moved to Forks I thought you would be the same little girl I used to know. But boy was I wrong. You have become a beautiful young woman and have met an excellent man. When you first brought that boy home, I thought he was a keeper. Then you decided you hated it here and left, after going out with him- once.

Then he left you. You were devastated and I was worried. You…weren’t Bella. You met a good friend and that gave me and you hope. Very much hope, on my side. You looked happy again. But anyway, I come home from my old friend’s funeral and you are gone. Off to L.A to save Edward from some vague danger.

I wasn’t happy at all when I heard he was back. I thought he would break your heart. Again. But he hasn’t so far, and I’ve come to trust him as your husband, actually. He is a very respectable man and you made a fantastic choice! I love you Bella. You’ll always be that smiley little six year old girl that had a missing front tooth and always seemed to bring home some sort of flower. Anyway, a toast- to Mr. and Mrs. Cullen, everybody!” Charlie ended his toast by hugging me and shaking Edward’s hand. He hid it very well, but I actually saw a tear drop go down his cheek.

Next to give a toast was Renee. She stood up and rose her glass.

“My little girl is very smart. She was probably the most intelligent five year old there was! She has guided me away of some interesting schemes and for that I am thankful. She has always been the parent in a way. When she moved to Forks I was worried about her. She wasn’t as comfortable with Charlie, as with me, no offense Charlie.” She laughed. I heard Charlie mumble ‘none taken’.

“Anyway, I was scared. We email everyday and I hear she has a new boyfriend. I’m curious. She doesn’t tell me much. Just that he is gorgeous, clever and absolutely brilliant. I’m in Florida when I get a call from Charlie saying Bella went home. I go home as fast as I can. I come home to find her in the hospital. Then later I hear she’s left heartbroken. I fly out to Forks and find her nearly dead with depression. She is pale and lifeless. It worries me endlessly. She won’t come home though. Apparently he comes back. There happy though, and I’m happy she’s happy. Then I get a call that she’s engaged. Ha! And so here we are…..” she trailed off.

“So here’s a toast to Bella and Edward!” she yells, a little tipsy. But that’s okay, a wedding is the perfect scene to be a little tipsy.

Then to my surprise, Phil stands up and clears his throat.

“I really don’t know Bella or Edward that well, but I know Bella is a very sweet girl. She always calls her mother and I to check in, and puts up with Renee’s insanity.” He laughs.

But she has a wonderful life here, and I’m incredibly happy for her. And Edward, is just the kind of man, I would want my step daughter to marry. So a toast to the newlyweds!” he says. It was sweet of him to give a toast. I really didn’t know him well either.