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A toast to the happy couple

The family's and friends wedding toasts to Bella and Edward.

i know the title sucks!

2. Carlisle, Esme and Rosalie's toasts

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We were all chatting amongst ourselves when Carlisle stood up and rose his glass of wine he wasn’t really drinking.

“My son, Edward has always been a bit of a loner. While Alice and Rosalie are out shopping, and Emmett and Jasper are wrestling, he’s by himself reading or listening to music. Then Bella comes along. When I come home he’s happier than before, and I am grateful for that. He has more of a purpose now. He’s not a loner anymore. When he brought Bella home, we were ecstatic to meet her. Thrilled to meet the woman that stole our young mans heart. And she ended up stealing all of our hearts too, in the end. She is an amazing girl and never ceases to amaze all of us. And Edward is a very talented young man, and I’m proud to call them my children. A toast to Bella and Edward, the young couple!” he finished sitting down and smiling at us. I smiled back and mouthed him a ‘thanks’.

To no one’s surprise Esme stood up.

“Edward has always been the odd man out. He has always been the black sheep of the family, though were all a little strange. Then he met Bella and his life changed. He has more bounce in his step. More rhythm in his whistle.

When we met Bella, to be honest I didn’t care if she had a third eye and webbed feet, she still would’ve been the honest to goodness young girl that stole my little baby’s heart. Edward is happier now, and it makes my heart leap to see him happy.” She said smiling down at us. “A toast to my little baby and his sweetheart!” Esme actually seemed a little tipsy too. Though it’s not possible. I hugged her and she kissed Edward on the cheek.

To everybody’s surprise Rosalie stood next.

“I haven’t really accepted Bella as my sister. I haven’t given her a fair chance. She is really a nice girl and obviously must be more than that to have one this one’s love.” She said playfully smacking Edward in the back of the head.

“And Edward has always been my favorite sibling. He had the same darker sense of humor that I have. He preferred his sarcasm rather then Emmett’s jokes, that lets face it, just aren’t funny.” She said while Emmett pouted nest to her.

“They both are really good people and deserve each other. They belong together and nothing stands in their way, now. I want you two to have an amazing life together! A toast to the bride and groom!” she said coming over and hugging me lightly. She smacked Edward again and then hugged his shoulder.