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A toast to the happy couple

The family's and friends wedding toasts to Bella and Edward.

i know the title sucks!


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Then Jasper came to stand.

“I’ve come to know Edward as a very sarcastic and yet all around nice guy. He is my brother and I love you, man. And Bella, I you are a girl that lets nothing stand in the way of what you want. You have emotions like no one else and that won’t ever change, let me tell you!

But you two have shown me something I never thought existed- Beauty and the beast. Bella being the fragile, young girl that has flawless features and a fantastic personality. Then Edward the destructive, angry misunderstood man that somewhere deep down has a heart of gold. You guys truly are a fairy tale- to beauty and the beast, everyone!” he finished. Jasper was right. We were a fairy tale.

Next was Emmett. Oh, no.

“Edward was a freak. Lonely, little boy let me tell you. Then you hear about the new girl and school that everyone thinks is all hot and stuff! Edward doesn’t give her a glance. But it turns out they have science together! Small world, huh? Well Edward is an idiot and has no life so he of course ignores her. Eventually they end up close. He actually left our lunch table with my mashed potato mountains to sit with her, by there selves! I tell him that he’s crazy. Then I meet the little klutz. Falls all the time non stop always getting herself hurt. Then Edward being the idiot with no life again leaves her! He’s all depressed and sad and pathetic….I have to force him to eat, for god’s sake! Then he goes on back and everyone is all happy! Yeah! But one day, Bella comes home saying she broke her hand, punching a dog in the face! Hahaha! Funny stuff, let me tell you!” he laughed. “Emmett are you drunk?” Edward asked. He just laughed. “To the lonely little boy and the klutz! Edward isn’t as focused as chasing me through the woods with a pair of scissors anymore! Whoo, good times! Chaz Michael Michaels!” that was how Emmett finished his lovely speech.

Oh boy, Alice was next.

“Bella is my sister. Edward is my idiotic brother, with a huge ego. Any way, I love you guys and I want you to be happy. And I’ll tell you if you’re going to have a fight.” She said as she winked.

“Edward has some interesting views on life, and Bella always puts him in his place, and were all thankful because you’re the only one he listens to! Well that’s all. That’s me- short and sweet! A toast to the happy couple!”