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Getting Ready

One Shot. Bella gets ready for her Wedding. It's my first go easy on me.

This is my first story so please review and tell me where to improve. I probably need it!

1. Getting Ready

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I woke up and looked at the time; it was only three in the morning! I was really exited! Today was my wedding day! I got up and washed. I took extreme care when brushing my teeth as I couldn’t leave a spot. Once I had finished in the shower I wrapped a towel around myself and stepped out of the bathroom in my hotel room. Alice was stood there beaming with Rosalie standing next to her. They both looked really happy.

After changing into a dressing gown they took me to the table and laid out a small but satisfying breakfast. I ate reluctantly because my stomach felt as if it was full of butterflies and could not possibly fit in any food.

Alice pulled me over into a chair and told me to stay put while she got my dress out of the bag and laid it across the bed. Rosalie handed me some white underwear and turned to help Alice set out all the instruments of torture they could imagine. I changed and they sat me back down. Alice immediately set to work in my hair while Rosalie bent down to sort out my makeup. I felt like a doll as I sat there with someone pulling here and someone pushing there. I could feel my hair going up then back down again as Alice experimented with different hair styles. Alice was working at vampire speed while Rosalie was a lot gentler as she was working with my face.

About two hours later I felt them stand me up and Alice picked up the dress.

“Dress time!” She pointed out. I sighed and let the two help me into the dress. I did need help as it took Alice ten minutes to do up all the little bits of my dress- At vampire speed! They then did each others hair and makeup and I helped whenever I could but I wasn’t much help. They kept telling me to stand still. Eventually we were all dressed and covered in makeup and hair products but I did have the least makeup.

I was then allowed to look in the mirror. I looked at the woman standing in front of me. Was it really me? I tapped my leg lightly through the dress and the woman standing on front of me did exactly the same thing. There was a white rose in the hair that was up in a clip. The hair at the front of my head flopped down in stunning ringlets. I used a small mirror to see the back of my hair. The hair that was up was in the clip was also in ringlets. I then looked at my makeup. It was gentle- just thick enough to bring out my features. I felt more beautiful than ever before in my life.

The three of us walked out to the waiting car to take us to the church just down the road. The journey felt like forever as I realized what I was doing but I didn’t care anymore. This was Edward’s day and I would make sure that he enjoyed it.

When we got there we walked to the entrance and Charlie beamed at me.

“You look beautiful, Bella!”

I linked my arm in his as the doors in front of us opened. Alice and Rosalie led us through as the music started.

This was it. This was my wedding.