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The Secrets We Keep

What if Charlie found out about the Cullens? From Charlie's point of view.

So I kinda just wrote chapter 1 and made a quick outline for the rest of the story. In this story, assume that Jacob did not run away, but became more vigilant in his attempts to stop the wedding, and that is where the story begins. This is only my second story, and my first that will have chapters. Please let me know what you think!! PLEASE! The rating is a precaution. Don't think I'll need it. Happy reading!

2. Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Edward pulled his car up to a large, white house. As I got out, I could see how big it really was. It was among the largest homes I’d ever seen. But I wasn’t surprised. Edward’s family was headed by a doctor, after all. By the time I got both feet on the ground Edward was already helping Bella out of the car. He treated her as if she were a piece of glass, as if he were afraid he’d hurt her. Edward took Bella’s hand and turned to me. He let out a breath he’d been holding and jerked his head toward the door. It was then I realized the two figures waiting for us.

The first I knew, it was Dr. Carlisle Cullen. The second, the beautiful woman standing close to him, I could only assume was his wife. They looked tense as we approached. It was Edward who spoke first.

“Charlie, you remember my father, Carlisle. And this is my mother, Esme.”

“Yes, its good to see you again, Carlisle. And nice to meet you, Esme.”

“Thank you, Charlie, its good to see you again, under better circumstances.” He was referring to the fact that most times I saw him, someone was dead or dying. I was glad, too, but I couldn’t help but feel that this occasion wouldn’t be any better. Esme turned to me, smiling.

“Welcome to our home, Charlie. Its good to finally meet you.” She turned to Carlisle and her smile faded, as if she suddenly remembered the occasion for our meeting. Carlisle looked at her, nodded, and spoke quietly.

“The rest of the family is inside. Shall we?” He opened the door and held it for us. I stepped inside, and walked into the house. At the bottom of the stairs stood the four other members of the Cullen family.

Alice I already knew. She smiled slightly, and gave a small wave to Bella and I. The blonde boy with his arm around her I could only guess was the Hale boy. The other blonde was probably his sister. She was glaring at me, making me even more uncomfortable. Then I looked at the remaining Cullen. He was a very large young man. Would probably make a killing playing football. I reminded myself not to get on his bad side. Edward made introductions again.

“Charlie, this is the rest of my family. Alice you already know. The others are Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett.” He gestured to them as he said their names. I nodded. I didn’t know what to say. It was probably rude to say Ok, why don’t you get on with it and tell my why I’m here. Edward must have felt the same way though, because he gestured for me to take a seat. “You’re probably wondering why we brought you here, Charlie.”

“As nice as it is meeting your family, Edward, I don’t think that’s why I’m here. So please, tell me.” I sighed as I said this. Bella came and sat next to me. She looked like she wanted to be here right now as much as I did. Her head hung down and she leaned forward, elbows on her knees. As I waited for Edward to continue, Carlisle surprised me by speaking first.

“I’m guessing you’ve heard some rumors about our family, Charlie,” he said. “Edward brought you here tonight so we could set the record straight.”


“We aren’t like a regular family, as you can see. Esme and I seem to be too young to be raising five teenagers.”

“Yes, that’s for sure.” I laughed at that. He didn’t.

“What do you think of old stories, Charlie? Do you think that stories are based on truth and embellished to be entertaining around a campfire?”

“I suppose so.”

“I understand you’ve heard of one particular Quileute legend. The one about the wolves and the cold ones.”

“Yes, they tried to get me to believe that you were the one from the story. I told them they were being ridiculous.”

“Yes, but what if they weren’t, Charlie?”

He paused his explanation here. What was he talking about? How had he known about the Quileute story? Or that I’d heard it, only an hour or so before? I didn’t remember Edward telling him that. It seemed like he wanted me to believe the story was real. What, is Carlisle crazy? Edward made a sound that sounded like a snarl. His eyes were angry as he spoke to me.


I was getting impatient. “No, what, Edward?” I threw my arms up in the air as I said this.

“Carlisle isn’t crazy.”

“I didn’t say he was, did I? I don’t remember saying so.”

“I know what you’re thinking, Charlie. And I am telling you that Carlisle is not crazy.”

I froze in my seat. I had not said that out loud. But he knew. He knew I thought it. Bella, for the first time since we left our house, choked out a sentence.

“Dad, the Cullens are v-vampires.” As soon as she said it her hand flew to her mouth.

I laughed bitterly. “No. This is not funny. Hasn’t this joke gone on long enough?”

“It’s true, Charlie,” Carlisle said. I was angry now.

“No. There are no such things as vampires. You can’t possibly expect me to believe that you are vampires.” I had a thought. “You know what? Humor me. You want me to believe you? Prove it. Show me a vampire trick.”

Edward stood up and walked toward me. He refused to look at me. With a flick of his wrist, he ripped the arm off the couch I was sitting on. He dropped it to the floor, and strode back to his original place across the room. I was speechless. I looked at the damage he had done, and couldn’t help but imagine for a second that there was truth to what they were telling me. No ordinary teenage boy could do that.

“How did he do that?” There was barely any volume to my voice, but they heard me anyway.

“Just one of the abilities of our kind,” Carlisle answered. I turned to my daughter.

“You knew about this? You knew about them, and what they are…what they do…and you…you…and Edward?” I didn’t know what to say. I was feeling so many things at once. I let anger rule them as I stood up.

For what seemed the millionth time since my daughter came to live with me I didn’t know what to do or say. So I walked out the door into the darkness without another word.