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Hate Me, Angel

We all know that Rosalie hates Bella. But how far is she willing to go to get rid of her? Is she really prepared to break Edwards’s heart for the sake of jealously? Obviously! This IS Rosalie we’re talking about.


1. Chapter 1

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I can not believe that this is happening, I can’t believe that She would go this far! I mean, I always kind of knew she would never like me the way Alice does, never like a sister but I though that maybe we’d grow used to each other. That she’d get used to having me around. To having me in her family. I never thought that this would happen; it never even crossed my mind. Never mind that it was me she was hurting, I couldn’t stop thinking about Edward. Would he be okay? Would he hurt himself? Kill himself?

God, I hope not. I love him so much that I sometimes think I’ll spontaneously combust. I actually manage a smile, just thinking about it. His name lights up my head and my soul, my heart is somersaulting just thinking about his crooked smile, those perfect angel lips on mine. I sigh, I know I’ll properly never see him again. I know that. I just wish it wasn’t true. I wish I could just hear his angelic voice, musical and perfect, just once before I leave this world.

If you’re confused at the moment then I guess I better clue you in. Rosalie kidnapped me. I’m god knows where and almost dead. I’ve lost too much blood to still be alive.

I thought she’d get used to me, I thought maybe she’d try, even if it was just for Edward.

But no, she gave me to Victoria and made her promise to kill me. Not like she wouldn’t have without the promise. I’ chained to a wall in the dark, she’s taunting me with a cell phone.

My cell phone with Edward on speed dial one.

She’d left it on a stool in front of me so I could see it but couldn’t reach it.

Groaning in frustration, I try to reach out again. By some far fetched miracle my hand finally closed around its black, smooth surface.

Quickly I ring Edward’s number, my hands are shaking as I dial the numbers to my love, hoping to reach him before I’m unconscious but I know it’s not long until I faint or worse. I listen to the ring and almost immediately, Edward’s cool, smooth voice is talking to me, concern and fear in his voice.

“Bella? Where are you? What’s going on?” he demands

“Edward…” I sigh, letting my eyes close momentarily, “she set me up, Rosalie sold me to Victoria” I manage hating how weak my voice sounds.

The murderous roar that follows my whispered sentence is scary and I worry for his family. I can hear shouting on the other side of the phone.

“Edward, Ed…I love you, remember that, I love you” and then darkness descends on me, consuming me like a cavern of monsters. Devouring me. The voices on the phone next to my ear slip away and though I know that they still shout out to me, I can’t hear them anymore. I can’t hear anything apart from my heartbeat…and even that seems to be fading.