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Hate Me, Angel

We all know that Rosalie hates Bella. But how far is she willing to go to get rid of her? Is she really prepared to break Edwards’s heart for the sake of jealously? Obviously! This IS Rosalie we’re talking about.


2. Chapter 2

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Someone is shouting.

So loudly that I can’t hear myself breathing. I…I can’t FEEL myself breathing.

Well, that’s kind of scary…and creepy.

Am I dead? As in dead, dead? Not vampire dead? That must mean that Edward didn’t fins me, but if he didn’t then who am I hearing?

I can’t make out what the voices are saying. I can’t even recognise who’s talking.

One of the voices is right in my ear, that’s pretty annoying…but I can’t frown, I can’t feel my body.

Do I have a body?

Or am I just some kind of spirit, floating around in space with other annoying spirits?

Ugh, I hope Mikes not here. That would be hell.

The shouting is dying down now, thank god!

“Bella” I instantly knew who’s voice it was this time, there was no shroud of mystery, no confusion as to who is with me.

Edward…my Edward.

Nothing matters apart from my Edward, the whole world could go to hell if I have Edward and I wouldn‘t care.

“Bella! Bells, love, PLEASE come back to me” he lets out a ragged sob and clutches me tighter. But I can feel it…so I must have a body. But I know I’m not breathing…or maybe I’m just not feeling myself breathing when really I am! Um…okay I’m confusing myself now.

Say I AM dead. Hmm. Well, that’s cheerful.

But I know I can’t leave Edward with all the sadness, with that pain that I could hear in his voice…his musical, magical voice…hey! Bad Bella! No! think of how to wake up, not of how deliciously gorgeous Edward Cullen is…those perfect features…

A shudder suddenly tears through my body and I hear Edward cry out in relief.

“Bella, Bella honey? Honey, please, thank you!” he’s full out sobbing into my neck now. But it sounds like happy sobbing so although it still bothers me, its better then unhappy crying.

“Edward” I try to say but it comes out as a whimper. Unintelligible. Not recognisable as a word.

“Its okay, sweet heart, its okay, I’m here, I won’t leave. I’m here” he whispered soothingly into my ear.

“Edward…we may have to change her, she’s lost too much blood, gone through too much trauma…she may not survive otherwise” I heard another voice whisper, distressed. I hear, my vampire boyfriend hiss, full of anger and pain. My heart hurts to hear that pain, that sorrow and grief.

“S’kay…” I manage to whisper, my voice more understandable then before.

“Bella, Bella, Bella” He whispers, his voice now saturated with love, “Bella, are you sure?”

“’course I am” I smile goofily, feeling someone inject something into my blood, most likely a pain killer “I love you”

Edward sighs and I feel him lift me up.

“Okay He says, I can hear the smile in his voice even though I can’t get enough energy to open my eye lids.

“Ha! Not likely! Do you really think I’m going to let that happen? You’re even dumber then I thought!” a new voice rings out, a voice that fills me with dread, a voice that fills me with fear.