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Broken Forever?

Bella Swan has a secret, one that is breaking her inside. One that causes her pain to think about, and worry. One that she cannot reveal to anyone, and continues to break her heart each second. When she moves back to Forks to 'spend time with Charlie and Emmet' her family, and 'to see her old friends - Alice, Rosalie, Jasper and Edward'- she is still unhappy, still not revealing her secret. They can tell there is something different, something wrong, but what is it?ALL HUMAN.

I do not know, nor am I, Stephanie Meyer.

2. Reunited

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 1440   Review this Chapter

Edward's POV

I was in my volvo. Charlie had a buisness trip to attend to, he'd be away for a month, or longer. He said he wasn't sure because his new case was a hard one. Charlie was a lawyer, one of the best. Emmet wanted to come but we all knew what would happen. He'd see Bella and even if she was only a tinsy bit unhappy, he'd immediately demand to know what happened. So we'd agreed I was to go with him, incase he did. When it came to Bella, Emmet's instincts as her older brother came in fast.

So here I was, of course Alice, Jasper and Rosalie wanted to come but Emmet didn't want to scare her with a large crowd. He even turned down Esme! I suppose Emmet had a point, were I her brother, I'd want the same.

Emmet's POV

Bella was coming to Forks. I didn't understand why she was unhappy. I knew Renee wasn't the most careful mother, and usually it was Bella who looked after Renee, but Renee always made sure Bella was happy. I wondered what had happened.

It had been ten minutes since the plane Bella was on had arrived. She still hadn't come. Both me and Edward were awaiting her arrival. "Make sure you don't upset her." Edward told me.

Edward had been the closest to her, back when we were kids. He always knew how to comfort her when she was upset. When Edward found out Bella was leaving Forks, he didn't take it well. It was probably one of the first times we'd seen Edward cry, and definately the first for me. Alice, Rosalie and Jasper all shedded tears as well.

Edward's POV

Out of the plane stepped a pale figure, the face contorted with pain, the arms touched each other tightly, as if that would keep the organs in place. A single tear fell from her deep chocolate brown eyes, landing in her mahogany hair.

It was then I realised who this mourning figure was. Beside me Emmet was coming to the same realisation. It was his sister Bella Swan, whom neither of us had seen in 6 years, since she was 11.

The years had done her good, not emotionally, but physically. At 11, she had been beautiful, but now, at 17, she was angelic, enchanting, even more so Rosalie. It was strange, I was usually in control of my temper, but wanted to, right now, to demand to know who did this to her, to hunt whoever it was down and kill him, torture him to death. From Emmet's expression, he wanted to do the same.

Emmet's POV

I could not believe this was Bella. This was my sister. She did not deserve to be unhappy, she deserved the opposite, to be happy. I wanted to know who did this! I wanted to know now! I was about to run up to her, to demnand to know who did it, when Edward spoke, "I know how you feel, Emmet. I feel the same, but we can't, not now, at least. Look how much pain she seems to be in at the moment, can you imagine, were we to ask, how much much more she'd be in?"

"I suppose. God Edward, you sound like Jasper!"

"Bella!" we ran to her. It was surprising, how Edward was usually the fastest, yet I reached her first. My need to see her must have won, given me speed. Hearing her name, and seeing us, Bella quickly composed her pained face into a mask, showing no emotion. I engulfed her into one of my famous bear hugs, spinning her around with no effort. It conerned me that she was as light as a feather. It turned into a group hug when I finally set her down, but still not letting go.

"Hello Emmet, Edward." She greeted us, in a voice that seemed to be strained as if she were making an effort to conceal the amount of pain she was in.

This was serious, not my usual sister who laughed at all of my jokes and pranks, always smiling, full of radiating happiness. Bella, my sister was in pain. Pain caused by someone else, yet she was suffering because of them. If I could, I'd demand to know who had done it, but in such a fragile situation, with my delicate sister, it would just make things worse. Even I knew that, and I was supposed to be the idiot out of our friends.

"It's great to see you!" I screamed.


I thought perhaps being back here in Forks, with my old friends would help me feel better, and it did make me feel loved, meeting my brother and Edward, but I had to act even more, put on expressionless faces, hide my pain. It was slightly worse when you thought of that. I hoped my friends would be able to help me, but I felt awful, dirty, after that week. Nothing could make me feel better, believe me, Renee tried everything.

I knew Emmet's brotherly instincts were kicking in, and he wanted to kill whoever had done this to me, but a human, no matter how strong, would always lose against a vampire. I hoped James hadn't realised I'd left Pheonix, if he had . . . I don't want to think about it.

"So, how was Pheonix?" Emmet asked me.

"Good." What a lie.

"Have a boyfriend?"

A topic he had to pick, something unavoidable, something every older brother would ask his sister when she came back and he hadn't seen her in a while. I hoped he didn't notice the tears that threatened to over flow, or the expression on my face, or the way I flinched slightly, before I quickly composed my face, but from Edward and Emmet's glance at each other, I knew they saw it. I wondered what they thought of it, hoping to distract them, "Yes." I saw them exchange a glance, feigning coldness, I said, "It's really cold! Want to go in the car?" I asked, my act back on.

"Oh . . . um . . . Sure." Emmet looked a bit baffled by the change of subject. He never had been the brains of the family, that would be me, but Edward seemed a bit suspicious. Great, just what I need. People on my case, trying to find out what's wrong.

"So . . . You and Rose together yet?"


"How long for?"

"We've together for four years."

"Cough it up," I held up my hand.

"Awk! I was hoping you wouldn't remember!"

"Remember what?" Edward asked, interupting me and Emmet.

"Oh, before Bella left for Pheonix, as you know, I really liked Rose, so she and I made a bet. I bet I would have Rose in two years, wheras she bet it would take longer. Turns out Bella was right." He took out his check book, writing a check for a hundred dollars.


"Yes my dearest sister?" He was obviously hoping I wouldn't realise.

"You've forgotten an 0."

"Dammit!" Defeated, he made it 1000.

"Thank you."

Though I was feeling depressed, being with my old friends, made me remember happier memories, from when we were young and unknowing, from before I'd left Forks. I hoped Lauren Mallory and Jessica Stanley had left, they were annoying gossipers, full of themselves too.

The ride home was a comfortable silence, although I was confused when I saw a yellow 911 turbo stading by the door with a giant ribbon on it, "You got a gift for Alice?" I asked.

"Nope!" Emmet grinned.


"Wrong again!" Edward sang in a sing-song voice.

"Jasper?" I asked uncertainly.

"Wrong!" Emmet shouted.


"Incorrect answer." Edward screamed.

"My dear little unsuspecting sister. How can you be so clueless?" He spoke dramatically, pacing around the long driveway that led up to the Swan mansion. "You're coming home, you're 17, you need a welcoming home present!" He knew I hated gifts. "We know you hate presents so we just got you a small one, and just one!"


"I'm not taking it back, we've already paid for it." I would have argued but Emmet was even more stubborn than me, and that's saying something! "So, want to take it for a test drive?"

"Sure!" He tossed me the keys, and I got in the car. I reversed out, and started driving (fast) down the road. I loved the car and the cheerful colour of yellow it had been coloured. I checked in the rear view mirror, when I slammed on the breaks, after seeing two figures in the back seat.

I screamed.