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Edward Cullen is a human. Bella Swan is a vampire. This is their story. It's only my second fan fiction, people. Please feel free to criticize it.

I'm not really sure where I'm going with this... I think it'll be long, though.

1. Love at first sight

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I hate it when, in stories, days start out normally. Main character wakes up. Main character eats breakfast. Main character goes to school, expecting a normal day. That’s pretty much what happened to me that day – and it turned out to be the day that would change my life – my eternity, actually. I hope. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

There was actually something new scheduled to happen that day. If you live in a small town – as I do – news pretty much travels quickly. We’d all heard about how there would be a new girl moving to town. Isabella Swan would be my age – seventeen. She was supposedly related to Police Chief Charlie Swan, although she would be getting her own place to stay. That was somehow legal.

Anyways, she was coming to school that day, and that was all I knew. Alice kept predicting that something big would happen that day, but I didn’t really believe her. Even though she had the uncanny ability to guess correctly, I thought she was exaggerating that day.

I got to school late because Rosalie had been very slow in the morning, trying to get her hair just right. Alice had fretted over a small eyeliner smudge, or something of the sort. My brothers and I had learned long ago not to pay much heed to our sisters. Well, their girlfriends. My sisters. We had piled into the Volvo, and I had driven to school impatiently. To my surprise, Mike Newton was waiting for my brothers and me by the edge of the parking lot. He didn’t usually talk to us.

“Have you seen the new girl yet?” he asked, his pale face aglow with excitement under his spikes of light blonde hair. “Ben said she’s gorgeous.”

“We just got here,” I murmured, sighing in disappointment as Emmett found a group of his football friends and disappeared. I knew it was only moments before Jasper ran off to find Alice, and would leave me alone with Mike. Sure enough, we caught site of a group of her friends and he was gone. “Have you seen her?” It was awkward for me to make small talk. I wasn’t particularly social, compared to my sisters and Emmett. Jasper and I were very similar in that way, but at least he had Alice. I just had far too many girls trying to fawn over me. I wasn’t interested.

“No. But Ben says she’s not really into anyone yet, so I’m keeping my hopes up. I mean, I’m pretty okay if you compare me to Ben, right?” He unconsciously ran a hand through his hair and straightened up as a group of girls walked by us. None of them was a new girl.

“Sure,” I said, not really listening. “Although, if I were you I would hold out for Jessica Stanley. That girl is already all over you.”
He seemed surprised. “Really?”

How to get rid of him? “Yeah, Alice said that she was definitely interested. Hey, Mike, I’m sorry, but I’ve got to run. I have Government first hour, and I really don’t want Jefferson to have a reason to get mad at me for being late.”

Mike shrugged, still seeming shell-shocked. “Sure. I’ll see you later, man.”

I nodded absently, and turned around in the other direction. I really just wanted to get away. I was running late, though.

For some reason, I couldn’t focus through class that day. I kept thinking about what Mike and Alice had said – both how Isabella was supposedly incredibly beautiful and how Alice expected something big to happen today. If I were to put two and two together, we would hit it off instantly. I knew it was improbable, although… No, I couldn’t let myself think about how other girls reacted to me. That was irrelevant.

I was slightly annoyed with myself when I realized that I had been dwelling on the idea of myself and a total stranger falling in love. I wasn’t that shallow. I definitely knew better. And Alice wasn’t always right. But something kept telling me – Isabella would be special.
Ben Cheney leaned over to talk to me in English. Sometimes I wondered if people only did that to feel charitable. Or if they felt they had to, because of who I was related to.

“Have you met Isabella yet?” he asked, seemingly oblivious of the fact that Angela Webber, two seats down, was staring at him with a strange mixture of adoration and frustration. She liked him, I thought. She wanted him to like her, and not Isabella. She thought it was totally unfair, but she wouldn’t say anything because that would be completely out of character for her.

“No,” I whispered back, hoping that the teacher wouldn’t notice.

“She’s amazing,” Ben said, almost reverently. “I think you should ask her out.”

I was stunned. “Me? Why me?”

Ben shrugged. “I think the two of you would be really right together. I’m not exactly sure why.”

That seemed like it would be the only answer I would get out of him. Now I was really anxious to get to lunch. I hadn’t had any classes yet with Isabella, but the way people made her sound… she was a goddess. It was wrong of me to be so curious, to want to stare at a complete stranger.

I walked into the cafeteria with Rosalie, who was strangely silent. “Everything all right, Rose?” I asked her. I had a sneaking suspicion – a horrible fear of something that might be wrong. All the boys weren’t talking about her today, as they might usually. They were talking about someone else, a shiny new toy. They were all horribly interested in Isabella Swan instead of her.

“No.” She spoke through clenched teeth and took an apple for her lunch tray with a bit more ferocity than was actually required.

“Uh-oh.” Emmett appeared behind us, wrapping an arm around his Rosalie. “Rosie’s mad.”

“Why?” Jasper asked, appearing out of nowhere. “Is it because everyone is talking so much more about Isabella Swan than about you today?”

I guessed, being blood siblings, that he was entitled to know her so much better than we did. I had suspected it myself, but I didn’t think Rose was actually that superficial. She scowled at Jasper. “I don’t really care,” she sniffed, as Emmett stroked her hair. “I have Emmett. I don’t need everyone else’s attention.”

I turned away, disgusted, and went to join Alice at our usual lunch table. As a general rule, we sat alone. We had only moved here a few years ago, and I got the feeling that people didn’t like us that much sometimes. Sure, Emmett was a jock. Rosalie was pretty much the center of every boy’s X-rated fantasies. Alice was… Alice. But we still didn’t quite fit in.

“Hello, Edward,” she said, not looking up as I sat down beside her. “She’s sitting over there, if you hadn’t noticed.”

“What?” I unscrewed a bottle of lemonade, confused.

“Bella Swan.”

“Isn’t it Isabella?”

She turned to me, licking strawberry juice daintily from her fingers. “She prefers Bella. I think you should go talk to her.”

I followed her gaze across the room, to where a brunette girl sat, all alone. She was breathtakingly beautiful. She stared down at her food from under her long, dark lashes. She only had an apple and a can of soda sitting in front of her. Both were untouched. Her expression was vacant – her perfect lips pulled down into something resembling a slight frown. She rested her head in her hand, and her hair spilled over onto the table.

I felt instantly drawn to her, and not just because she was so perfect. It wasn’t her gorgeous figure, her tiny waist that drew me in. It wasn’t her pretty face, though I could see why that would intrigue so many of the other boys here. No, I just felt this really strong urge to get to know her.

“Actually…” Alice’s voice was frustrated. I looked at her questioningly. “Maybe you should leave Bella alone. I don’t know why. I just don’t see things… working?”

I had a brief image of Bella’s heavenly face going black with anger and hatred. And then everything was back to normal. “I saw that,” I murmured to Alice.

Her eyes wide, she looked at me. “It was so much clearer than normal,” she said. She sounded frightened. “Usually it’s just a feeling. I saw it.”

“I did too,” I reminded her, taking another sip of lemonade. I didn’t really care about this vision. I wanted to go talk to Isa – no. Bella.

“No, Edward.” Alice wrapped her tiny hand lightly around my wrist. “It’s not worth it. You’ll see her later today.”

“I will?” Bella looked up, and her deep, dark eyes distracted me from whatever Alice was trying to say.

“Snap out of it, Edward. Yes, you will see her later. Next hour, I think.”

Next hour? Biology. The class where the only empty seat was right beside me. I looked over at her again, and saw her looking at me. Or maybe it was Alice.

I pulled my head down onto the table, feeling embarrassed, confused, and conceited. “Alice, what’s happening to me?” I muttered into my arms. “I don’t even know the girl.”

She giggled a bit. “Edward… I think it’s called love at first sight.”