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Edward Cullen is a human. Bella Swan is a vampire. This is their story. It's only my second fan fiction, people. Please feel free to criticize it.

I'm not really sure where I'm going with this... I think it'll be long, though.

19. Jealousy - Extra Scene

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Bella has always taken care of me. Even when… others didn’t make it, Bells always had it in for keeping me alive. To a certain extent, it made me feel selfish, knowing that I’d made the cut and other, equally deserving people hadn’t. I tried to ask her once. She told me I survived because I was special to her. I wasn’t sure if being special was such a good thing, morally.

But my doubts faded every time I was near her. She was so beautiful, so strong. So self-assured. And I took pleasure in being special. She told me she loved me, and I believed her. Why shouldn’t I? She’d never given me a reason to doubt her. Ever.

Consequently, I wasn’t worried when they first came for me. I told them – “Bella will be here soon. And she’ll come get you. You shouldn’t make her angry.” I felt childish. It was too easy to slip back into those old shoes, to believe that one strong person could fix everything. I wanted her to save me. She never ignored what I wanted.

They’d laughed at me. Their condescending faces were familiar ones that had haunted my dreams for decades. They hadn’t changed one bit. Just like her. “What are you going to do,” they mocked. “Call Mommy?” And they laughed, their beautiful, horrible voices that raised the hair on the back of my neck.

Memories. Pain. Loss. Really, I hated them. I wished I could be the one to kill them. They were crossing the line, and I deserved my revenge. But I knew when to hold my tongue. So I said nothing,

Chuckling, they hauled me away. I didn’t fight them. I knew I was nothing but bait – I didn’t need to be unduly concerned. Bella would come. And she would save me. I did not doubt that. She’d never let me down before.

Now, though, two weeks had passed without a sign of her.

One of them, a female, smiled at me cruelly. Rachel, her name was. I shivered as her teeth glinted, all to aware of what those teeth had done.

“Still nothing, Charlie?” It was amazing that such an angelic voice could belong to such a devil.

I said nothing,

She walked – or, rather, glided – up to me and touched my chin, forcing me to look at her. “Would you like to see her?” she crooned. ‘Would you like to know where she is?”

I stiffened. I wasn’t a child, and she didn’t need to treat me like one. I’d been taught not to give into their powers, their persuasions. It was all a lie. They only said what they said because they hated us.

Rachel misinterpreted the face I made. Cooing, she stroked my cheek. I flinched. “Look, Charlie. Look at your Bella now.” She forced me to look. In the middle of the room stood a life-sized image of Bella.

But it wasn’t just Bella. She held someone tightly to her, burying her face in his mess of copper hair, looking worried. As she pouted, she said something to him that I couldn’t hear.

I recognized the boy – Edward Cullen. He looked at her without fear, his eyes warm and his arms comfortably wrapped around her waist. He looked almost as worried as she, and asked a question.

She gripped him tightly, staring sternly into his face. She said something very serious, and he opened his mouth as if to protest.

Then slowly, tenderly, she leaned closer, cutting him off. And she pressed her lips to his forehead.

I went numb.

Rachel lifted her hand from my cheek and the image of Bella faded slowly. “Does it hurt, Charlie?” she asked sweetly. “To see that your Bella isn’t everything you’ve dreamed? All your threats. Empty, aren’t they? Oh, but surely she hasn’t forgotten you. She just got… sidetracked.”

“Bella will come for me,” I said mechanically. What was it that she’d always told me? That they were liars. I shouldn’t believe anything they said. But I felt empty. No, not empty. Angry. Not at them. I was angry at Bella. What was she doing with Edward Cullen? Why did he get to be the one in her arms, while I was stuck here?

Even after Rachel left, I saw Bella and Edward very clearly. Just that one image. Her lips on his forehead. Gentle, comforting. Supportive. I’d been Edward once. Showed how much I mattered.

Doubt, fright. I felt all sorts of things, now, that I’d never had to feel.