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Edward Cullen is a human. Bella Swan is a vampire. This is their story. It's only my second fan fiction, people. Please feel free to criticize it.

I'm not really sure where I'm going with this... I think it'll be long, though.

22. Some Explaining

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Angel Chapter 21


"Bella?" I looked at her anxiously as she sniffed at the air. If it wasn't me and my decadent blood, who or what was she smelling?

Her eyes snapped open and she smiled abruptly. "It's just Carlisle. Come on, Edward."

"Carlisle?" I climbed out of the car and she led me up the front steps. "Why?" Carlisle worked late today. There was no reason for him to be home now.

She frowned. "I don’t know, Edward. Please calm down and lt me handle this."

"Handle this?" What the hell did that mean? Was there something TO handle?

She put her hand on the doorknob and frowned when it turned - already unlocked. We let ourselves in quietly, and found Carlisle lying on the couch, watching us warily. My heart skipped a beat when I saw how pale he was, and how wide his eyes were.

"Edward? Bella?"

"Carlisle, please forgive our intrusion." Bella took off her coat and smiled warmly at him. "We were blood typing in Biology and Edward fainted at the blood. I thought that it would be better if he came home instead of sitting out the whole school day."

"Yes," he said vaguely. "That's probably wise." His eyes darted from Bella's face to mine, and back again.

"Do you want to come upstairs or something?" I asked Bella, after an awkward pause. What were you supposed to say in this situation? I wanted to get Bella alone so that I could keep questioning her.

She hesitated. "Okay."

"Wait." Carlisle sat up and frowned at us. "Bella, could I speak with you for a moment?"

I stopped breathing, but she shrugged, unfazed. "Of course." She crossed the room and sat. I sat beside her and looked at Carlisle nervously.

"Bella..." He seemed to be groping for words. "Bella, I don't know what's happening. I feel like this is all some deja-vu, like I've been through this all. I keep trying to remember, but I can't. I need some answers."

"I'm sorry, Carlisle, but I'm afraid I have none for you."

"Bella, tell me."

"Tell you what?"

He started to raise his voice. "Bella, I'm not kidding. I know you. Why do I know you?"

Her eyes widened slightly. "I haven't the faintest idea."

"Bella, are you the angel?"

All three of us froze, and then she started to laugh - bitterly. "Is that what you call me? An angel? I would call that mixed up priorities."

"Bella, please. I am begging you. Tell me."

I was surprised by the way Carlisle confronted Bella. He seemed to have no fear of who or what she was. I wondered if he knew. But he had to know! How could he not? He was remembering her very much the way I was learning to see her.

Bella licked her lips, hesitating, and then sighed.

"Carlisle, it's me. Bella Swan. I was roommates with your best friend Charlie at Dartmouth. I dated you off-and-on, but it never really lasted. You didn't notice her at the time, but there was a gorgeous, starry-eyed architecture student with her eye on you the whole time - Esme. I was there with you when you went through medical school - you took me to your dissection once because you were afraid that you needed backup. I told you it wasn't a good idea, but you didn't listen to me. You vomited all over the pink sweater that Charlie gave me that Christmas. You were amazed when I didn't laugh at you."

Carlisle had dated Bella? That struck me as a little odd. He was my... dad. And she was the girl - vampire - that I knew I loved. I guess she hadn't aged at all, but Carlisle had. That was weird. Really weird. I looked between them, wondering if they still had... feelings for each other. They couldn't. Carlisle had Esme now, right?

Carlisle's face was screwed up with concentration, his eyes far away as he worked to understand. So, he wasn't ogling Bella. Good. But why couldn't he understand?

Bella's voice grew more serious. "You probably don't remember any of what happened then, but especially not what happened after. In March a man approached you. He said that he was a scout from a medical center down in Georgia, and that you would be perfect for his program. His name was Robert. You went with him, even though I begged you not to go. You never told me what happened on your weekend visit, but you came back white-faced and terrified. You told me that you never wanted to see him again, but that you weren't sure you could evade him. Again, you refused to tell me why.

"I talked to you, then. I confronted you myself. I told you that I knew all about Robert - that there was a reason that I didn't want you with him. He and I went back a long way. I told you everything that night, Carlisle. And you believed me. After that you trusted my judgment more. You and Charlie were both in danger, and I was working hard to keep you both safe. There were a couple close calls, but things always worked out in the end. Until May."

She closed her eyes and sat very still for a moment, breathing deeply through her nose. I glanced at Carlisle, who watched her carefully, closely, almost as if he were in a trance. He did not rip his eyes from her face. He was almost as pale as she was. I stared between the two of them, wondering, morbidly curious, until Bella's eyes opened again. When she continued talking, her voice was flat and void of emotion.

"In May I was out hunting. I was only going to be gone for a few hours. It was routine. It was nothing to worry about. But Robert had been watching us more carefully than I had thought. He came for you when I was gone. Luckily Charlie was out, but you weren't so fortunate. He took you away that day. It took me almost a week to find you, and when I did it was almost too late. It started out that you were bait for me, but he wanted you too, almost as badly. When he grew tired of waiting, he was going to take you. I only barely got there in time to save you."

"How did you do it?" Carlisle asked hoarsely. He had his eyes closed now, his mouth pressed into a hard line as he remembered what Bella's words painted for him.

"I'm like him, Carlisle." Bella stared at him uncertainly, wondering if her words would be enough. He shook his head blankly. "I'm a vampire."

His eyes snapped open and he gasped. I jumped to my feet, sure that he was going to faint, but Bella held out her hand to warn me, to still me.

"He needs a moment, Edward. It's all coming back to him."

"Oh God. Oh God." His mouth was open in horror. He traced the long scar on his right arm , looking at it with new eyes, seeing it for what it was (I wasn't sure I wanted to know). His fingers shook, and he dropped his hands, leaning forward into his knees and moaning. "Oh God, Bella."

"I'm sorry, Carlisle." She looked at him, stricken, like she wanted to go to him but she was afraid of what he would think of her.

"Why are you back?"

She hesitated. "Because he is, too."


She nodded miserably, and he ran his hand through his hair. "Shit."

"Carlisle?" I asked uncertainly. I wasn't sure quite what just happened, but I knew it was bad. Very bad.

"Robert has Charlie," he said tonelessly.

"Who the fuck is Robert?" Great. They had their own little understanding thing going. But I was still just ignorant old Edward, stuck here in the dark. I wasn't even alive when they had their thing. God, this was convoluted.

"Robert is -" Carlisle started.

"A vampire." Bella cut him off almost angrily.

"What does he want with Charlie and Carlisle?"

Carlisle opened his mouth, but then looked at Bella. Some sick understanding seemed to dawn on his face, and she gave him a tight smile. "Do you -" he started.

"Yes." She said it coldly, curtly.

"Oh." He glanced at me with none of the fatherly compassion I was used to. He seemed a little scared, a little annoyed, and all too understanding. But I saw no sympathy in his face.

"Robert is a vampire that I have known for a very long time. He wants something from me, and he wants something from Carlisle, and he knows that he can get to me through Charlie." Bella paused, suddenly upset.

Carlisle reached a hand out to her un solidarity. She took it, squeezed it once, and let go, smiling bravely.

"I'm so sorry, Bella."

I sighed. I had a feeling that no matter how much I asked, they would still find things to confuse me. Was it even worth it?

I reviewed what I knew:

1.) Carlisle, Chief Swan and Bella have all known each other for a very long time.

2.) Carlisle, for some reason, did not remember any of that until just now.

3.) Bella was a vampire. Obvious.

4.) All the rest of us were humans. Except for that creepy Robert guy.

5.) Bella had very deep feelings for Charlie - they had some sort of relationship.

6.) Robert, for whatever reason, wanted Carlisle and Bella.

But that was about it.

"Bella?" I ventured.

"We have time for questions later, Edward," she said wearily, getting to her feet. "Time is short for the important things. We can get to the trivial details later."