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Edward Cullen is a human. Bella Swan is a vampire. This is their story. It's only my second fan fiction, people. Please feel free to criticize it.

I'm not really sure where I'm going with this... I think it'll be long, though.

5. Quien Es Ella?

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I stood outside, my breath coming in short, visible puffs of steam, as I stared after Bella Swan. How sad was it, that this was the closes we’d come to having a conversation? I desperately wanted to ask her if she had a problem with me and, if so, what it was. But that would be rude of me. And Emmett would never get off my case. Neither would Alice. I somehow doubted that Rosalie and Jasper would care quite so much, but knew they’d join in the fun of teasing poor, innocent Edward, too.

The bell rang – I could hear it from outside, even. Begrudgingly, I trudged back into the warmth. I had Biology next, which scared and excited me. And then scared me all over again that I was excited.

I literally almost ran into Mike Newton at the intersection of two hallways.

“Sorry,” I muttered, having run into my second person in ten minutes. How awkward.

“Hey m an, this one’s on me.” Mike punched my shoulder amicably. I tried not to wince. He fell into step with me, and we walked to Biology in companionable silence.

I assumed it was companionable. Did it count as being companionable when I desperately wanted to ask him about Bella?

Bella didn’t come to class until literally the very last second before the bell rang. Her hair was windswept, and she seemed to have more color in her cheeks. Slightly. I wondered how long she’d stayed outside.

She swept into the seat beside me without glancing at me, shaking back her magnificent mahogany tresses in a majestic movement.

Mike Newton glared at me from across the room as Bella snapped a hair band around her fresh pony tail. The look on his face was incredulous, but directed at me. It was the kind of look that said, “What the hell, man? How are you not affected by that? If it were me, I’d have asked her out by now. You prude. Are you even human?”

I turned around quietly.

Mr. Banner started passing out slides for today’s lab, and Bella flashed me a tight smile – one that did not show any teeth. “Long time no see, Edward.”

“I really am sorry about that.” My stomach began to tie itself into knots, and I felt my face redden again as her half-smile widened into a friendly grin.

“There’s nothing to apologize for.”

Dazzling Bella. She made me dizzy.

“Thank you Mr. Banner,” said her voice. I blinked, and saw Bella set our box of slides on the lab counter between us. I realized I hadn’t paid any attention to the lab directions, but she did seem to be in a good mood. I decided to take my chances.

“Um, Bella, I think I may have missed it when Mr. Banner gave us directions. What are we doing?”

Unexpectedly, she narrowed her eyes and she slapped a slide onto the stage of the microscope. “Examining prokaryotic reproduction.”

Again with her growling voice… I glanced at the slide quickly, then bent over my lab sheet and began to write. Bella stared at me with an unfathomable expression in her golden eyes.


After class, on my walk to my locker, somebody shoved a folded piece of paper into my hand. I unfolded it in Spanish class.

Edward, read Alice’s cramped, spidery writing.

Carlisle just texted. He has a conference in Port Angeles this weekend – he’s leaving tomorrow. Jazz and I are going shopping, but Emmett, Rose, and Esme all said they want to go with him. He says you should come, too, and I agree. I have a good feeling about this. I couldn’t tell you why, but I am absolutely positive. Go.



I refolded the note and tucked it back into my binder. Port Angeles… why not? I didn’t really have a social life to speak of. If Alice had a good feeling about this, then why the hell not?

It might even serve as a distraction.

From Bella.

“Mr. Cullen?” Mrs. Sanchez called. “Please, pay attention. How do you say, ‘Who is she?’”

“Quien es ella?” I said automatically.

The question loops in my head. Tomorrow can’t come soon enough.

Quien es ella… Quien ES ella?