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Edward Cullen is a human. Bella Swan is a vampire. This is their story. It's only my second fan fiction, people. Please feel free to criticize it.

I'm not really sure where I'm going with this... I think it'll be long, though.

6. Weekend Trip

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When I got home, Charlie’s Cruiser sat in the driveway. I took a deep breath, glad I’d made myself go hunting during lunch. Of course, after my talk with Edward.

Shaking the thought of him from my head, I pulled my car smoothly around Charlie’s and jumped out into the rain, dragging my book bag with me. He waited for me inside, flipping through the channels on my TV.

“You’re such a man,” I said, sweeping down to peck him on the cheek. His scent sent a knife down my throat, but I ignored the pain.

He jumped, and I heard his heart race. “Jesus, Bells, you scared me. You gotta give me some warning, kay?”

I chewed my lip. I really shouldn’t do that to him anymore, I knew. He wasn’t as young as he used to be. The thought made my eyes sting, but of course, no tears came. Smiling for him, I settled down on the couch beside him, my head on his shoulder. He felt nice, warm. “Sometimes I think you only come for my TV,” I accused lazily.

“There’s an idea.” Charlie laughed lightly, switching off the flat screen. “But clearly you don’t have enough self-confidence. I miss you, Bells.”

My smile became slightly forced. “I miss you too, Charlie. I hope things are going to get more normal soon. I can almost guarantee that. But… not for a little while, still.”

“How was school?” he asked, chuckling at the mundane question. My answer never changed, and he knew that. It hadn’t changed in about forty years.

“Do you really have to ask?” I sighed, leaning my head over the back of the couch, staring at the door in front of me. It looked no different upside-down than it did right side up – it was still a door, keeping me here, keeping me from all the conflicting things outside. Or was it keeping them out?

“Guess not.” He stared at me for a moment. “You seem stressed.”

“Just a little.” I couldn’t even say what stressed me out so much. It couldn’t be Edward Cullen. That was preposterous. I thought of Edward as nothing more than a boy who asked too many questions and smelled far too mouth-watering for his own good.

“Crap,” he said, under his breath.

“I can still hear you, you know,” I told him, still not looking away from the door. I know that, were I still human, the blood would rush to my head, and I would be dizzy when I sat up. I sat up, almost wishing for the dizzy, vague feeling – a distraction. From what, I couldn’t say either. “Just spit it out.”

“It’s just going to stress you out more.” He looked at me with genuine concern. It made my heart hurt. I was supposed to be the one taking care of him, not the other way around. I was the indestructible one. He… was just the same, fragile Charlie I knew and loved.

“I don’t care. Tell me.”

“You wanted me to keep an eye on the Cullens for you, right?”

I stopped breathing.


I forced myself to nod. The last thing I wanted to hear about right now was anything that shared the same name as Edward Cullen, but I supposed I did ask him. “Go ahead, Charlie. I did ask you. Why?”

“I had a short chat with Dr. Cullen’s wife today.” His face grew appreciative at the memory. I could tell he liked her – not like that. He appreciated her. But I didn’t have time to listen to this.

I nodded impatiently. “Esme. Go on.”

“She said that they’re all heading up to Port Angeles this weekend, for Dr. Cullen’s work. All of them except for two of their kids – Alicia and Jasmine? Something about a shopping trip.”

“Alice and Jasper.” I could see why Charlie would find that weird. Jasper was a guy’s name. “I think they’re kind of… an item.”

His eyes widened. “An item? But they’re siblings.”

“Adopted siblings.” I sighed, thinking about my conversation with Edward. Then the meaning of Charlie’s words sank in on me and I jumped off the couch, landing halfway across the room in a split second. “Port Angeles?” I demanded, trying to keep my voice level. This was bad. Very bad. I couldn’t put Charlie in danger of watching me get angry, though. I had to be as far away from him as possible. The thought of him getting hurt…

“Yes,” he said, barely above a whisper, his eyes wide. I could tell I frightened him.

“And they’re splitting up?” I put more effort into speaking normally. I couldn’t stand to see him repulsed by what I was, and I didn’t want to terrify him either.

“Yes,” he repeated, more normally. “Why?”

I forced down the growl that rose in my throat. “I’m going to be away for the weekend. But I’ll come home and check in with you, I swear. I don’t want to leave you alone, or anything.” I barely concentrated on what I said, my mind racing through lists of options, cross-checking names and places against my memory.

“Bells? I can take care of myself. I am a forty-five year old man now.”

I threw him a smile and then went back to my lists. “No, seriously. I’ll get Katie to stay with you. You like Katie, right?”

“Sure,” he said, turning faintly pink. It didn’t really bother me that he found my friends attractive. So did I.

“Great. That’s one less thing to take care of. I’ll have Max go after…” But I didn’t finish the sentence aloud. There was only so much that Charlie needed to know, and that’s what he liked – being on a need-to-know basis.

I’d have Max go after Alice and Jasper – he’d have no problem following them. And then I’d take Port Angeles myself. I didn’t trust anyone else to do the job. I wasn’t quite sure why – I knew that many were as good of fighters as me – but I had to take this job. I just had to.

Charlie stood. “I guess I’ll take off, then. You seem busy.”

I glanced at him apologetically. “You don’t have to go. I could call for pizza or something…” What was it that mortals liked to eat? I wasn’t sure…

“No, I really should take off. I’m watching the game with Billy tonight. I really just came over to tell you about the Cullens.”

I came over to hug him. He still seemed so small, so fragile in my arms. “I’ll be back by Sunday night, I promise.”

He patted my arm. “I trust you. Take care, though, Bells. I don’t like you running around all alone out there.”

“I won’t be alone.”

“Okay.” He pulled himself out of my arms. “Love you, Bells. Drop in Sunday, if you want.”

I followed him to the door. “I love you too, Charlie.” I stood, watching, as he walked to his car. I watched until he drove away. Then I closed the door again, and leaned against it, shutting my eyes like I could shut out reality.

I had a long weekend ahead of me.