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Edward Cullen is a human. Bella Swan is a vampire. This is their story. It's only my second fan fiction, people. Please feel free to criticize it.

I'm not really sure where I'm going with this... I think it'll be long, though.

7. Attack

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Carlisle unloaded Rosalie’s last bag from the trunk of his Mercedes and we stared at the small mountain of clothing in astonishment. “Rose…” he warned. “You’re carrying some of this in, you know.”

She just laughed, and Emmett flexed his muscles. “It’s okay. Em can take care of it for me.”

“I can’t believe this.” I seized my solitary bag and followed Esme into the hotel, unable to stand another minute of their useless banter. It had been going on since we got into the car – everything from Rosalie’s stilettos to whether or not steroids were moral. I just… couldn’t take it.

Honestly, I hadn’t been able to stand anything in the past twenty-fours. I hadn’t seen Bella in exactly that long. I knew I was hopeless, but some part of my male adolescent mind couldn’t tear itself off her. Damn hormones were making me crazy. And I’d sworn that I wouldn’t be as bad as any of the sheep-like boys at our high school. I didn’t plan to be as flamboyant as Rose and Emmett, or as flirty as Alice and Jasper. But something about Bella made me absolutely crazy.

In a way, I was kind of glad that Alice wasn’t with us on this trip. She read me far too well – better than most of the others did. She would understand all too well that something was up. She’d probably even guess what it was. She did tend to be more observant.

Esme noticed my preoccupation. “Edward, dear?” she asked, catching my eye in our reflection on the elevator wall. The lighting and the all-around mirrors made me slightly dizzy.


“Everything okay?” Her reflection’s eyes narrowed with concern.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I think I might go for a walk, after I put my stuff away.” Just to get away… or something. I needed to be alone. Some distraction Port Angeles was. Seemed like leaving Forks didn’t get my mind off her.

She pulled me to her in a gentle, one-armed hug. I hugged her back awkwardly, not really into the embrace. It felt empty.

The bell on the elevator dinged and I hurried out into the deafening silence of the padded hotel hallways. All hotel hallways have that same heavy, thick, overbearingly-warm-in-an-attempt-to-feel-cozy atmosphere. I enjoyed the way that the wheels of my suitcase made deep grooves in the thick eggshell carpet.

Esme handed me my door key silently, knowing me well enough to realize that I needed to be alone. I found my room quickly and let myself in, switching on the lights.

The room was, as far as hotel rooms go, relatively large, comfortable, and bland. The queen-sized bedspread was green. The carpet was brown. The chairs and walls matched with leafy paisley patterns. It was fairly unremarkable. I rolled my suitcase into the corner and took off without saying goodbye.

I took my car part of the way – I’d driven here in with Rose and Emmett so that there was room for Carlisle, Esme, and the bags in the Mercedes. I didn’t drive far, though, because even in the chill of mid-November, the air was beautiful.

I got out of the car and started walking.

I hadn’t realized how late it was getting – my watch only read seven o’clock, but as winter inched ever closer, the sun darted further away. The little game of the seasons entertained me – like a game of cat and mouse – but it made for a hellishly dark walk.

I tried to stick to the areas of Port Angeles that I knew well – I knew the bookstore, I knew the little Italian restaurant I would have stopped at if Rosalie hadn’t demanded we go out for Chinese before leaving, I knew the little dress shop that Alice talked me into going to once, before she decided that Port Angeles’s shopping was not comparable to the shopping she could get in Seattle. But somehow, after wandering too far down the boardwalk, I found myself hopelessly lost.

I didn’t mind it so much at first. As a rule of thumb, I didn’t get lost. I had a better sense of direction than most of my siblings, so, unworriedly, I turned back and tried to retrace my steps. It wasn’t so easy. I’d wandered through a few alleyways – they seemed intriguing when I saw them. But as reality began to sink in on me, I wished I’d stayed at the hotel. And my cell phone was still in my bag.


I quickened my pace. It was completely dark now, which scared me. But I saw a light up ahead, and I jogged towards it, stopping dead in my tracks when I saw three people standing in the light. Even from fifteen feet away, I could smell alcohol.

“Hey,” one of them slurred. A guy. He had a deep, boozy voice that made my heart start going a mile a minute.

I didn’t turn around, but began to back up slowly. Very slowly.

“Hey, don’t run away,” a shorter, fatter man said, throwing a bottle at away. The sound of breaking glass echoed down the alley, and beer splatters darkened the wall. All three men turned towards me.

One of them was tall, narrow, and graceful. Another – the one who’d spoken first – was medium height, medium build. Then there was the stout one. I couldn’t make out their faces in the dark, but their silhouettes staggered drunkenly in front of the dim light of the bar.

“I was just leaving,” I said, my throat dry.

This kind of thing didn’t happen to boys. It was girls who got raped in dark, deserted alleys. Not… boys. They must have had some other intentions. Which didn’t make me any happier.

“Come on, we weren’t gonna do anything but show you a bit of fun.” The tall one laughed raucously, and I stepped back again. Too far. It was too dark. I tripped over an empty cigarette box and fell over, banging my head on the grimy, uneven cobblestones.

They laughed harder and moved to close the gap between us. I tried not to hyperventilate, because if I didn’t panic they wouldn’t see me as a threat. Right?

But my head spun, and I could feel myself struggling to hold on to consciousness. Until something happened that jerked me awake instantly.

With a piercing screech, a new figure appeared out of nowhere, flying over my head and barreling into the men. I caught a glimpse of long dark hair flying out behind the figure, the outline of a perfect figure and a gorgeous body. Then the person – thing –growled, snapping at my attackers, who shuffled back from her, breathing hard.

I pulled myself to my feet and stood against the wall, barely daring to breathe as the girl pounced over and over again, slamming the men into the wall.

Then one of them screamed horrendously, and I barely closed my eyes in time as a head detached from a body and rolled across the alley. And blood spattered the walls.

“Oh my god,” a familiar voice whispered. “Oh god.”

It couldn’t be. Not Bella. No. My terrified mind was making up things under stress. That had to be it. But then I heard a sob, and was positive it was her voice.

I opened my eyes cautiously, to find her pressed up against the wall, staring at the body crumpled at her feet. The other two men didn’t dare to move as she watched the corpse. The bloody corpse.

“Blood,” she breathed.

“B-Bella?” I stuttered.

Her eyes flashed to me, glowing brilliantly. I thought for a moment that they looked red, but then they turned pitch black. “Edward.” She didn’t say my name like I was used to – condescendingly, tolerantly, silkily and perfectly. She said it flatly, like she teetered on some ledge, afraid of falling, afraid of making too sudden a movement.

So it was her.

One of the guys on the ground chuckled nervously and she pounded the wall angrily. “Edward, get me out of here,” she said, the trembling in her voice barely repressed by her self control.

“What?” I squeaked. This was a nightmare. This had to be a nightmare.

"Move your scrawny gay ass and get me out of here!” she screamed, whirling on me. I didn’t see my Bella in her face. I mean, I didn’t see the Bella I knew in her face. I saw someone clinging desperately to the final vestiges of sanity, looking for an escape.


“I’m not sure where my car is,” I managed.

“I’ll take you. Just… try not to let me come back here…” She growled. “To these monsters.”

Shuddering, I peeled myself off the wall, taking a cautious step in her direction. She clenched her fists, but took a few deep breaths. They had to be calming her down, right?

“This way, I think,” I said shakily.

The men on the ground stared at us silently as Bella stared at me, breathing slowly in an out, clenching and unclenching her fists. Then she nodded and followed after me without a word.