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Edward Cullen is a human. Bella Swan is a vampire. This is their story. It's only my second fan fiction, people. Please feel free to criticize it.

I'm not really sure where I'm going with this... I think it'll be long, though.

8. Slumber Party Part 1

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I made Edward lock the doors before he even started the car. I knew it wouldn’t do anything – there hadn’t been any real danger in the first place – but I knew if I acted panicky, he would settle down. And he needed to settle down. I couldn’t stand another moment of listening to his heart thump out jaggedly mouthwatering rhythms. Especially not when I was alone. In a car. With him.

He fit the key into the ignition with shaking hands as I tried to concentrate on something other than him, other than the judgment I knew would be in his eyes when I looked at him. I overreacted tonight. I’d been so busy thinking about the other bad things out there that I didn’t stop to think about what I was doing, to check and see how much danger Edward really was in.

And then I saw the blood.

The car started moving, and he looked over at me cautiously. “Bella?” I folded my hands tightly together in my lap. If I could squeeze them as strongly as the thirst that threatened to overpower me, I’d have an outlet for my frustration, for the fire in my throat.

The tension was unbearable. I tried to lighten the atmosphere without needing to breathe another breath of the pungently aromatic air. “I didn’t know you were gay, Edward.”

He stared at me with wide eyes. I saw his eyes flicker to the blood that stained my shirt, spattered my hands. The blood I was trying my best not to lick off my skin. “Gay?” he asked again.

I rolled my eyes, forcing a smile. “Edward – that was a gay bar you were at.”

He slammed down on the break and looked at me incredulously. “A gay bar?”

“Yes, Edward. A gay bar. Where gay men go?”

He started the car moving again, saying nothing. But then he saw me watching him intently – too intently, perhaps – and grimaced. “I’m not gay, Bella. I got lost.”

That explained it a little better. But I couldn’t help cracking a smile anyways. “Couldn’t tell from how much Mike Newton talks about you.” Actually, Mike did talk a lot about Edward, but it was never very positive. I remembered that from the little bit of Mike’s ranting that I actually absorbed.

“Does he?” Edward said vaguely. I’d have given anything to know what he thought of me at that moment. “Because he talks a lot more about you, I’d be willing to bet.”

“Touché,” I murmured.

“Do you want me to…take you back to the hotel, or something?” Edward asked, after a pause.

I hadn’t really had a plan. I just needed to get away from there. But staying with him until that point didn’t seem like a bad idea. It gave me more time to calm down, to stop thinking about going back there and finding the blood again. I wasn’t sure I could take that. “Sure,” I said.

“Do you have a way to get home?” he asked.

After all this time, he was still concerned about me? He’d just seen me rip a man’s head off. For God’s sake, didn’t the boy have any decency? “Yes. I’m all set.”

“Okay.” He pulled into the lot of the hotel and I followed him out of the car.

“I think I’ll walk you in, if that’s okay.” I just needed to stop thinking about the alley. Maybe being in a bright, clean setting would clear my mind. And it wasn’t as if I wouldn’t be circling the hotel all night, keeping an eye out for real threats. I might as well go in and get it over with.

“You don’t have to…”

I put my hand over his mouth, but just briefly because I heard his breathing pick up, heard his heart start racing. “I want to. It will make me feel better.”

He gave me a strange look, like he was reading past the façade I tried to keep up. He probably was. I’d been far from acting like “myself” all night. But he got out of the car and I followed him inside, sticking to his side like a vulture.

I noticed the bellboy eye me appreciatively, but ignored him.

Edward led me upstairs – we took the elevator, which was hellish – and paused when the doors dinged open. “Are you, um, coming?”

I hesitated for a split second. I shouldn’t. I should get going. I’d seen him safely inside, and that had been my mission from the start. But someone else made my decision for me, when a young woman with a soft, kind face, airy, gingery curls, and a bathrobe, walked out of her room and saw Edward.

She gasped.

Now that I thought about it, he looked pretty bad. His clothes were torn up and dirty from his fall, some of the blood hit him, too, and his hands were scraped from the stones underfoot.

Then Mrs. Cullen saw me.

“Oh my goodness,” she said, clutching the top of her robe shut more securely. “I think you both had better come explain yourselves.”

Grudgingly, I stepped off the elevator. “Hello, Mrs. Cullen,” I said, as smoothly as I could, laying on as much charm as I could in hope that she’d be distracted from the way her son and I looked right now. “I’m Bella Swan.”

“Yes, I know. Charlie Swan’s daughter.” She barely noticed, looking around distractedly. “Carlisle!”

A young man with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a perfect physique stepped out of another door. “Yes, Esme?” Then his eyes landed on us. “Oh. This is interesting.”

Slowly, as if they heard all the nonexistent commotion outside, Rosalie Hale and Emmett Cullen came out of their rooms, too.

What was it with these Cullens? All of them were inhumanely beautiful for mortals. I couldn’t help but to think how perfect they would all look as vampires, especially Rosalie. And… Edward.

“Why don’t you all come into our room,” Dr. Cullen offered, stepping aside to hold the door open. “I think you both have a bit of explaining to do.”

I shouldn’t have come. Why didn’t I just stay outside? This was going to be bad, I could tell. “Dr. and Mrs. Cullen, I am so sorry,” I began.

Mrs. Cullen laid her hand on my arm. “Hush, Bella. It’s fine. And please, call me Esme.”

I shook her off anxiously, following Emmett into his parents’ bedroom. Rosalie and Emmett moved to sit on the couch. Edward flopped down on the bed, looking drained. Esme went over to sit in the desk chair. I stood awkwardly, not really belonging here, as Carlisle closed the door.

“Who gets to start?” he asked mildly, coming into the room and sitting on the edge of the desk, right beside Esme.

“I’ll start, Dr. Cullen. It was all my fault.”

He raised a pale, slender eyebrow at me. “How is that?”

I needed a story, and I needed one fast. “I was out walking, and I got lost. I wouldn’t have minded if I hadn’t been alone. I only just moved here, so I don’t know Port Angles very well. It was getting dark, and I knew I was in a bad part of town. But Edward was there, and he helped me get away safely.” Better to make it sound like I was the damsel in distress. Then Edward was the hero of the story, and I wasn’t the monster.

“How did he do that?” Emmett said skeptically. “Edward?”

Shit. Did I really know so little about his character that I would make such a huge blunder?

“It’s called an adrenaline rush, Emmett,” Edward sneered. “They’re fairly common. You should Google it.”

“Maybe you should Google the likelihood of you having such a big one that you can save a girl like Bella,” Emmett snapped back.

“Enough!” Carlisle shouted. They both stopped instantly.

The power he welded over his adopted children amazed me, especially since he couldn’t have been ten years older than them.

“It sounds like you did a very brave thing, Edward,” Esme said soothingly. I had no problem imagining her as the kind of mother who baked cookies and let you cry into her apron at the same time. “You saved a life tonight.”

My insides writhed with guilt, but I said nothing. Instead, I shot a quick look at Edward, who looked at me with wide eyes. I desperately wanted to know why he covered me. Although, I thought, eyeing Emmett, he might have just wanted to save face.

“Do you have a way to get home tonight, Bella?” Esme asked, turning to me.

I froze. I didn’t want to lie to this woman. Something about the mere idea made me feel horribly guilty. “Um, not exactly.” What could I tell her? I planned on running laps around her hotel all night? I didn’t see that one going over too well.

“Why don’t you stay here?”

Because I can’t stand another minute of being with Edward. “It’s fine, really,” I insisted. “I can find a way home.”

“Absolutely not. That is out of the question, dear.” Esme tried to look fierce, but she was too sweet even to come close. I couldn’t turn that down, could I?

“Esme,” Rosalie said huffily, “there’s no space. Emmett and I are in a room, you and Carlisle are in one room, and I don’t think you want Bella to sleep in Edward’s room.”

“Emmett can move into Edward’s room and, Bella, you can sleep with Rosalie.”

“No!” Emmett, Rosalie, and Edward all shouted.

“I’m not sharing a room with her,” Rosalie said nastily.

“I wouldn’t want anyone to think I’m gay sleeping with my brother at night,” Emmett said, winking at me.

I looked away, mildly perturbed.“I can just sleep on the floor, or something…” I offered awkwardly.

“Edward can sleep on the floor in his room and Bella can have the bed,” Carlisle said definitively.

Emmett raised his eyebrows at Edward suggestively. “Letting the lady sleep on the bed. How kind of you, Edward.”

Rosalie smacked him, snickering. “Poor Edward. He got the bad end of that deal. What bummer.” They both made their jokes too quietly for Carlisle and Esme to hear on the other side of the room. But I heard them, and so did Edward.

The tips of his ears turned delicately pink. “I’m going to put on my pajamas right now, if that’s okay.” He hopped off the bed and stalked away, still flushed.

As Rosalie and Emmett got to their feet and started out after him, Emmett stopped to whisper into my ear. “Careful with that Edward, Bella. He’s quite the lady’s man.”

Then he, too, left. I turned to Carlisle and Esme, who smiled at me encouragingly. Shaking my head, I left the room to go find Edward.