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In The Shadows

The hunter and the hunted, a never-ending cycle...


1. In The Shadows

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He immortal, fleet of foot,

Suffering wretchedly a tainted thirst.

A predator's mind, in the shadows,

Condemned forever to walk the earth.

Civilizations come and go,

These creatures still stalk their prey.

Waiting, watching, in the shadows,

Forever fearing the light of day.

The hunter of the darkness, watching, waiting,

Rulers of the untamed night.

Shrouded in the darkness, in the shadows,

Eyes glinting red in the dark moon's light.

The hunter and the hunted, a never-ending cycle,

Watch them hunt under the dark night sky.

A glowing pair of eyes, in the shadows,

Leaving without a good-bye.

Written by Princeps de Obscurum