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Fates Mark

"58 years after the new millennia, two sisters alike in blood and beauty, will meet for the first time. Marked with the same symbol and yet their seemingly polar opposites. Both will have extraordinary powers, both destined to become vampires through lovers venom. They, and they alone will have the power to restore order to the chaos made by the twins' empire" Isabella Marie and Serenity Renée, were sisters but they never knew it. Renée Swan, their mother, never told anyone about Serenity and immediately separated the two. At the age of 15 Serenity, known as Ren, died in a horrific car fire. Isabella, known as Bella, got married at 18; her and her husband died in a tragic car accident shortly after their wedding. But thats what their family thought. Both became vampires. After Isabella was changed by her true love, a weird mark appeared on her right hand. Three years before Serenity was changed by her love, a strange symbol appeared on her left hand. Almost 50 years after Bella was changed, Serenity and Isabella meet. Photobucket This story can be found at: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4783717/1/Fates_Mark

I only own what i have created in my head. Stephanie Mayer owns most of everything (except Ren and her clan)!!!!! and my only wish is for everyone to review!!!!

2. Two people

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Ren's POV

I stared intently at the mark on my left hand. A crescent moon placed precisely in the center of a thin V, two stars clinging to each other at the tip of the moon. It was amazing how I suddenly got this mark when I was changed. I didn't understand what it meant but I was the only one who'd this had happened to.

My hand curled into a fist. I hated not knowing. It has been almost 55 years since I was changed and I still hadn't figured this symbol out.

"Still staring at it, love?" Strong, cold arms wrapped around my waist. William, the one who changed me, my true love always knew what I was thinking, even though he couldn't read minds.

"I can't figure this damn thing out. But sometimes I get the feeling that Nick knows something about it."

"He doesn't know anything about it. Stop worrying and get ready for school. I'm going to go make sure that Lily and Nick are ready." he moved away from me as I picked up the bottle of ivory coloured cover-up and cotton balls. I couldn't go around school with a "tattoo". There would be questions asked as to why I got it and what it meant.

I had just finished screwing the cap back onto the bottle when I felt a sharp poke in my side. I looked down to see Lily's finger poking my hard skin. We looked at each other and started laughing high musical laughs. I sunk down onto the floor, she fallowed me.

"You know that that will never tickle," I said smiling widely and looking into her eyes.

"I know. Why can Nick and I only be freshman? You started school as a sophomore!" She wined

"Because I couldn't have passed off as a freshman last year and I don't think either you or your brother wanted to be in 7th grade last year." I sighed knowing that she wanted to be a junior like William and I. "We should be on our way."


We got to the school in five minutes. Before we got out of the car I turned and looked at Nick and Lily.

"You have to remember that I'm your mother's best friend's daughter. My mother died when I was 10 and I came to live with you guys. And William's and your parents are across the ocean studying the freak earthquakes in Italy."

"We know, now can we go get our schedules?"

"Go ahead," William said. They ran off in the direction of the main office. After a hug, William and I separated and headed towards our classes.

Bella's POV:

We arrived at the school in the tiny town of Mio, Michigan. It reminded me of Forks from what I had seen. Thankfully it wasn't raining today, just cloudy. My family and I got out of the shiny Ford Expedition. It looked like the only new car here except for a light blue Volvo convertible.

"There's another vampire family here. I can't tell if they're like us though," Alice whispered to all of us. Edward took my hand as we all started walking, at a human pace, to the main office. We opened the doors and a burst of warm air hit us. Standing at the desk, where the secretary should be, were two identical looking vampires. They must have been twins.

The girl had shoulder length black hair that curled at the tips. The boy had cropped short black hair. They suddenly turned around when they heard us enter. I sighed in relief when I saw their eyes, golden honey like my families. They were both beautiful though they looked like they were only 12. Their mouths fell open with awe when they laid their eyes on me. It must be because of my eyes. I thought. My eyes were different then everyone else's. They were silver.

The girl opened her mouth to speak. "Hi." was all she managed. Her brother was still staring at me, like he knew something about me that I didn't. Edward tightened his grip on my hand. I then felt a wave of calmness in the small room. Jasper had calmed everyone down.

This time the boy spoke with a creeping smile tugging at his lips. "Hello, my name is Nick Collin and this is my sister Lily. Erm," He paused and looked at Edward. I fallowed his gaze. He seemed to know that Edward could read minds, and he was telling him something. Edward only nodded.

The secretary came back holding two pieces of paper and handed them to Lily. Nick had turned back to his sister. "We should get to class." He said pulling her behind him as they left the room.

Once we had gotten our schedules all six of us left the office, and went to class.

Once we got outside after school Emmett turned to Edward. "What the hell was that little kid saying to you this morning?!" He almost yelled. A few people stopped and stared at us. As we piled into the Expedition, Alice was driving; I noticed that the Volvo was already gone.

"They want us to come and visit them after school. He gave me directions to their house. I agreed. But there were some things he hid from me. He didn't show the face or name of the other female in their house. He also was keeping something very significant that he had read in Bella. It's almost like he has two connected powers. I want to find out more about these Collin's"

"He can't read my mind, can he?" I asked.

"No, love." He said kindly then he turned on Alice. "You're hiding something, too!" Edward pointed accusingly at her then started to rub circles in his temples. I placed my hand on his shoulder to calm him.

"Sorry, it's for the better. Tell me where they live." Alice smiled wickedly.