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Fates Mark

"58 years after the new millennia, two sisters alike in blood and beauty, will meet for the first time. Marked with the same symbol and yet their seemingly polar opposites. Both will have extraordinary powers, both destined to become vampires through lovers venom. They, and they alone will have the power to restore order to the chaos made by the twins' empire" Isabella Marie and Serenity Renée, were sisters but they never knew it. Renée Swan, their mother, never told anyone about Serenity and immediately separated the two. At the age of 15 Serenity, known as Ren, died in a horrific car fire. Isabella, known as Bella, got married at 18; her and her husband died in a tragic car accident shortly after their wedding. But thats what their family thought. Both became vampires. After Isabella was changed by her true love, a weird mark appeared on her right hand. Three years before Serenity was changed by her love, a strange symbol appeared on her left hand. Almost 50 years after Bella was changed, Serenity and Isabella meet. Photobucket This story can be found at: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4783717/1/Fates_Mark

I only own what i have created in my head. Stephanie Mayer owns most of everything (except Ren and her clan)!!!!! and my only wish is for everyone to review!!!!

3. Meeting the Collins

Rating 4/5   Word Count 827   Review this Chapter

Bella's POV

A glorious three story mansion towered over us. The red brick and wrap around porch made it rival all of the Cullen's houses combined. The mansion sat in the center of a beautiful meadow where flowers poked through the tall grass that rippled in the wind.

Only the sound of the wind blowing through the leaves was heard. You would think you would hear footsteps or talking coming from inside. Our house was almost never quiet.

"It's so quiet," Jasper whispered, echoing my thoughts. Everyone nodded in agreement.

"Can we just get this over with?" Rosalie asked. "This silence is giving me the creeps." Emmett wrapped his thick arms protectively around her.

"I wonder why they have sound proof walls," Alice stated as she danced toward the door.

"Sound proof?" I asked.

"Yeah, that’s why we can't hear anything coming from inside the house."

As soon as Alice laid her fist on the door, it opened. Lily was standing holding the door open for us. Her wide smile greeted us. "Hi guys! We're so happy you made it." She chirped. She grabbed Alice's hand and pulled her in side. "Come on in. I have lodes to tell you and show you…" Her chattering voice faded into the distance of my mind. She seemed a lot more like Alice this she did this morning when we first met her.

Now that we were inside, I could hear soft music, someone walking upstairs and paper sliding against paper.

The room Lily led us was a large living room. Its ceiling was high and the west wall was one large glass window. While I examined the room we all had settled down into the three white couches. Sitting across from me was a man. He was bent over reading a thick book.

When Lily plopped down next to the guy and poked him in the side, he closed his book and poked her back. He brushed his dark brown hair out of his butterscotch eyes.

"William, this is Emmett and Rosalie, Jasper and Alice, and Edward and Bella. Everyone this is my big brother William." as Lily went through our names William nodded politely.


"Is that all your going to say William?" Nick's voice startled me. I hadn't noticed him come into the room. "Anyhow, Bella, do you have a picture of your human parents?"

"Erm…Why?" I was really confused. Why did he need a picture a Renée and Charlie?

"I want to check something."

"What are you up to Nick?" William asked.

"Nothing," Nick said innocently. "Come on Bella, I know you have a picture in your wallet."

"How would you know that?!" Did he have x-ray vision or something?

"Alice showed me, this morning." He said nonchalantly as he snatched the picture from my hand and held a frame up to it. What was he doing? "Hmm, that just what I thought. Lily, look I told ya so. Here look." He said as he finished examining the picture and handed them to Lily.

"What do you mean, just what I thought?" Edward asked. He couldn't see what was going through everyone's minds because I blocked everyone's powers.

"How did Alice show you this morning that I had a picture in my wallet?" I asked.

"What's with the pictures?" William asked.

"Telepath," Nick answered. Before he could elaborate--

"Nicolas Andrew Collins!" Someone shouted from the upper levels of the house.

"Ut-oh" Nick whispered, paralyzed.

"What did you do this time?" William questioned but before Nick could answer, someone had thrown him to the ground.

"How many times have I told you not to steal my stuff? How many times have I told you not to touch that picture in particular?" A girl stood over Nick with her back to us. She held out her hand for the picture. Something black was illustrated on her hand but I couldn't get a good view of what it was.

"Ren." William said the girls name as he approached her. "We have company." The girl turned and shoved the hand I was looking at in her pocket. She looked very embarrassed. She had a heart-shaped face, prominent cheekbones, a thin nose and a narrow jaw with a pointed chin. All her features were enhanced by her long chocolate brown hair that curled slightly at the ends. She was obviously younger than me. She looked familiar, like I'd seen her in a dream of a dream. Her eyes weren't butterscotch like the rest of her families, they were silver.

"I'm terribly sorry," She apologized. Her voice was silky and soft. "My temper can sometimes get the better of me and it didn't help that Nick stole my picture." She glared at Nick who had gotten up, and then she smiled sweetly. "By the way, my name is Serenity Swan but please call me Ren."

Swan? It must be just a made up name. There was no way possible Charlie…